Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why does it take Phil so long to write back?
    • To begin with I have a full-time job in the work world. I am a single parent. I have significant health issues and please don't ask why I don't just heal myself. You will learn those reasons in the autobiography. But I do eventually write everyone who sends me a serious request if your e-mail address is still valid.
  2. How NOT to get an answer from Phil?
    • Write in that silly, mystical, poetical, style that takes forever to read and makes you wonder if you really understand what they are saying. Write me in plain English.
    • Ask me if I believe in Night Magick, come on, I wrote the book.
    • Ask me to prove that Night Magick works. If you have read even the beginning of the book, then you understand that it is up to you to study, practice, and make it your own.
  3. Do I need all the tools?
    • Yes, you should have all the tools. But they don't all have to be in physical form for you to get started. Physically, you need a rope to mark your circle, clean clothes used only for practice, altar(adjust the size if you need to), and a special place. Indoors, outdoors just doesn't matter. For the rest of the tools go to Topic 40, Creative Visualization, and use this technique to create the remainder if you can't create them physically. As time, money, circumstances change, you can give your astral tools a physical form.
  4. Can I use music, incense, or something special to me in Night Magick?
    • The Book is a guide. The idea is to fire the imagination, to fire the mind and Soul. By all means use music, incense, or whatever if it will boost your practice of Night Magick. Just give meditation first to anything you add to your practice.
  5. How can I find other Night Magicians?
    • Go to It is ran by Night Magicians I trust and is a good place to ask questions and meet others who are in Night Magick. Just remember the opinions expressed there belong to those who expressed them. Always weigh everything you read through meditation with your NightSoul for its value before you use and/or accept it.
  6. Is there a printed copy of Night Magick I can buy?
    • No. You are free to download and print out a copy for yourself. I am investigating a way to make printed bound copies available and if this happens you will see it announced on the web site.
  7. How did Phil come by all this knowledge and who is he?
    • This is for the autobiography. But let me tell you this much, Night Magick is not karate. It is not one of those Eastern Sects, where the value of the teaching is based on who the teacher is. It is not important who I am. What is important is what you get out of Night Magick. You and you alone must judge the value of Night Magick and its worth to you.
  8. Is it ok to add other forms of magick or such to my studies of Night Magick?
    • It depends upon how you go about adding these other teachings to your current studies. It seems that many are looking at other teachings because they aren't getting the instant gratification they would like from Night Magick. You have to be careful with what you add to your studies and where you add those additional studies. For example, I know of a case where someone went and began studying a form of chi in a popular book and applying it to his chakras. Thus opening them up without caution. Next, he began reading another popular work on astral traveling and began having a form of out-of-the-body experience. Seemed like great progress except he attracted a lower astral form that attached itself like a leech. It began to influence his thoughts and feelings to his detriment. Guess what? There was nothing in any of these books about warnings. You can't publish books in the popular new age market with such concepts. He did find warnings and how-to handles in the one author's on-line web site. Guess what? All this was in the Night Magick book. Just not in the glitzy, new age, rush, rush get instant gratification style.
    • Night Magick was written in a step-by-step, topic-by-topic, building one skill upon the next skill method. Designed so that you could become a Night Magician safely. The book was created with the idea that most of you will never have the opportunity to actually learn Night Magick in person from a qualified teacher. So, before you add any other forms of magick to your studies, or any other ways of doing the same thing I have already written about, go deeply into meditation with your Night Soul and make sure it is the right thing to do.
  9. Is it ok to use an electronic copy (floppy/CD) of the Night Magick book on my Night Altar?
    • Yes. I think it is fine. Just print or write out the sections you need for the ceremonies you perform.
  10. How soon will work continue on Book II - Tales from Darloka?
    • Sorry but the book is on hold indefinitely.

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