Astral Aura, Color, and Exercises

23. Astral Aura, Color, and Exercises

Around you, shaped like an egg, is the electromagnetic energy known as the aura. Each body produces its own aura. The most studied aura is the product of the Astral Body. I will discuss the astral aura, its relationship to colors, and exercises for seeing and strengthening the aura.

The aura surrounds your body like an egg with the point at the feet. In the average individual the aura extends approximately twelve to eighteen inches around the body. As you develop magickally the aura enlarges. The electromagnetic energy is perceived by the Night Eye as color.

In the Astral aura, these colors reflect the emotions which make up the individual. The colors of the aura generally extend up to the eyes with the halo region just beyond that. Out of the top of the head extends a fountain of energy in the more advanced soul. This halo region is the strongest region of energy and is the easiest to see using your Night Eye. On the outer fringes of the aura is the Auric Sheath.

This is a skin-like film and completely encloses the aura. On the auric sheath, which can be compared to a translucent screen, the subconscious mind projects a variety of thought pictures. On this screen can be seen images of thoughts and even past life images. Before you learn to see the aura, let's look at what the auric colors reveal about people.

To begin with, some of the colors seen reflect current emotional expression. For example, anger will flash into the aura as a deep, dark blackish-red. This color will generally last only as long as a person feels the emotion, although residuals of this anger will remain for sometime. The second kind of colors seen reflect long standing emotional states. You'll remember in the last topic that the emotional energy produced by your Astral Body was a magnetic attracter for similar energy.

For example, if you become angry a great deal, then this energy tends to concentrate in your aura. The concentration tends to increase for surrounding anger energy is attracted to the anger energy already in your aura. Thus, you will see a heavy concentration of blackish-red in your aura which remains there over long periods of time. It won't dissipate so long as you continue to create this energy. This applies to all kinds of emotional energy.

There are seven basic colors in the aura. They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. All the colors and their shades indicate a particular emotion or something about the character of an individual. Take each color and try to learn as much about it as it pertains to people. Some things you will learn about colors will come from your experiences over the years. Colors can first be broken down into two main groups. The red, orange, yellow group are full of energy. They represent people who are vibrant. These are people who are extroverts. They are the worlds' socialites. The second group, green, blue, indigo, and violet are the introverts. These are the quiet, less social people. They are more concerned with their interests than those of the world.

The color red rules the physical world. It is the color of Earth's fertility. It is the color of activity and creativeness. When seen as a clear, bright red in the aura it signifies people who possesses the attributes of ambition, leadership, sociability, and strong character. It indicates force, vigor, and vitality in people. They will have a strong sex drive. They will be pioneers. They will love adventure and have a great need for new friends and new things. These are very aggressive people. This does lead to some problems.

Red makes people very impulsive. They are apt to be abrupt and impatient in all things. They are very earthy in their ways. This is the person with clear, bright red in their aura. But there are many modifications to the color red that can be see in the aura. Dark red indicates a deep passion or emotion within. A person who is sometimes domineering and brash. A light red indicates irritability, nervousness, and one who is excitable. A bright red flashing on a black background indicates extreme anger arising from hatred and malice. A brick red is for conceit and reddish brown is for deceit. A dark scarlet is for the strongest, sensual love. A coral color pink is for immaturity in teenagers; childishness and insecurity in adults. A clear, rose pink is for a friendly, selfless loving person. The people who have red in the best and clearest colors are leaders of the world. They are one-pointed, high spirited, and seek after what they want on their high driving force. These are people of high energy and a color you could use some of in your aura. This is the color of creation.

The color orange is related in some ways to the color red. The color orange is formed by the blending of the red and yellow colors. It is the color of vitality. When this color is found in the aura it indicates people who are in good health and full of vitality. Orange indicates that they are considerate towards others. They are the humanitarian. It can further indicate people who are creative, even to the extent of genius. This is a social person. Again, you see the red nature of this color. These are people who like to get along with others and be liked in return. They like to lead an adventurous life. They look for events in their lives which offer excitement. They are lovers of freedom and look forward to all that is new. Shades of orange represent many things.

A dark orange indicates one full of self-pride. A brownish orange represents one who is lazy. It could also indicate someone who is subject to kidney trouble. If muddy and cloudy orange is present in the aura it indicates a person of low intellect. But yellowish golden orange in the aura shows self-control and efficiency in all things. I have indicated what orange can mean when seen in the aura. Let's go a bit further and see what orange induced into your aura through meditation can do for you.

The color orange is a color which can induce change into your system. It is an energy for dealing with problems which can be changed to a more positive situation. For example, let's say you have an inferiority problem. You always feel unmatched towards any problem. You perhaps have a low opinion of yourself and never feel able to deal with life. The orange light can change this attitude. It can make you feel free of limitations. It will add zest and optimism in your life. Orange helps to induce change into your thinking processes so that you can assimilate new ideas. It also induces stability in your thinking. As you will recall, orange is made up of two colors. The first was red and the second is yellow.

Yellow is the color of the mind. It signifies all there is in relation to intelligence. In the aura, a bright, clear yellow represents good mental capabilities. This color is very prominent in the halo region. An excess of this color denotes people who spend almost all their time after mental pursuits. These people have very quick minds. They are able to realize their mental capabilities. They have a desire to help other people through the products of their mental abilities. They do tend to be shy and slightly introverted. They control their anger easily. They are the concrete thinker. They deal in hard physical realities. This is a good color for scientists and professors. If the colors are of a softer, paler shades, then this is good for the writer, artist, and all creative workers. Diffused yellow, in the aura, indicates people who are tactful, cheerful, and use discrimination in all they do. They do not worry about mundane things. They are generally happy, friendly, and helpful to others. If the yellow is muddy, mustard yellow it shows craftiness. A grayish cast to the yellow shows mental cunning. A greenish yellow aura it indicates jealousy. Pinkish yellow shows astuteness in people. A dingy yellow shows cowardice and reddish yellow shows mental, moral, and physical timidity. Yellow induced into the physical body leads to the regeneration of the human cells keeping the body in beauty and health. Yellow effects the Astral Body by inducing a state of emotional well-being. It further helps the mental capabilities by sharpening them and improving the memory. It will make the mind quicker and able to more easily assimilate new material. Yellow qualities help to produce the next color.

Green is the color of Earth. It is the garment that clothes the Goddess/God of Earth. This is the color which symbolizes balance, harmony, and abundance. In the Night World, this is the color of balance and harmony. In the physical world, it is the color of success and prosperity. If this color is a pure, emerald green, with just a touch of blue, it is the color of healing. This color can be found in the aura of doctors and nurses. Green is also found in the auras of teachers. Green in the aura generally indicates people of peace and harmony. They are the good neighbor and active in all community projects. They are people who have a strong inner faith in themselves and humankind. It is a color representing generosity and sympathy towards all of humankind. If there is a light green present it shows prosperity and success. A middle green denotes adaptability and versatility. An excess of green indicates people who are very individualistic and independent. Clear green denotes sympathy and dark green indicates deceit. Olive green shows treachery and a double nature. Next we have blue.

Blue is the color of the Sky World. This is the color denoting peace and calm. In the aura, the deeper the shade of blue the deeper the nature of the individual. Blue is a good color regardless of its darkness. Pale blue is an indication of people who are trying to grow emotionally. They may be struggling with who they are and what they should do in life. As the blue deepens so does their emotional maturity. They are closer to knowing who they are. They are closer to seeing the true purpose of their life. They are people who are more dedicated and work harder in life. The deep shades of blue indicate people who have found their quest.

They are people actively involved in their quest. They know their purpose in life and actively seek to complete it. They are totally immersed in the magickal quest. People with blue predominate in their auras are generally very calm individuals. They seek the contemplative life and friends of like nature. They are not akin to the social set. They can be very temperamental when their calm is disrupted. They are easy people to get along with and are very thoughtful. They are sensitive people towards their surroundings and other people. They enjoy times of intimacy with close friends and love the quiet and solitude. In the aura, a deep and clear blue indicates one of pure magickal devotion. A pale and etherial blue shows devotion to a noble idea. A bright blue shows one given to loyalty and sincerity. The sixth color is indigo.

Indigo is the color of the true seeker on the magickal path. They are one dedicated to the magickal quest and only the magickal quest. People with indigo predominate in their aura are the ones who aim at the stars and succeed for they combine the ideal with the practical. They have developed a magickal maturity which will carry them unto their ultimate goal; the goal of Night Consciousness. The final color to study is violet. Violet is the highest vibration of color that can be seen in the aura. The souls who have this color in predominance are very rare indeed. They are supersensitive and will hold to their ideals even at the cost of personal suffering. All the great works of art owe their realization to the souls who have this color in their aura. Violet is the stimulator of ideals and provides nourishment for the brain cells in the upper brain which gives greater magickal understanding. They are people of a mature, well- rounded personality. They are strong in character with sound judgement in all things. They have excellent mental abilities and strong reasoning capabilities. They have the highest sense of personal integrity. People are strongly attracted to them. They are introspective and temperamental. They can be easily irritated because of their sensitivity. They enjoy the refinements of life, but can easily forego these and endure the most austere of lives, if it will serve their purpose in attaining their goals. So far, I have said a great deal about the colors of the aura itself. This won't help you, if you can't see them.

To be able to see the aura you will need to go back to the topic on seeing the Etheric (Topic 17). If you have been studying and practicing seeing the etheric, then you will soon be able to see the Astral aura. The aura is not easy to see. The colors in the aura are of a much higher vibration than the energies of the Etheric, and this requires that you have greater development of the Night Eye. It requires that you do not become impatient and give up. The lower colors, those from red to yellow, will be the easiest to see. The higher colors may elude you for some time. Do not forget that you can also see thought images or in other words pictures projected onto the auric screen. The procedures for seeing the Astral aura are identical for seeing the Etheric.

It is best to begin with a period of meditation before trying to see the aura so that you will be in the highest of magickal states and awareness. All of this will take time and practice on your part but the effort is well worth it. You will help your magickal development and learn more about people. You will come to know people for what they truly are inside when you can see their auras. The second exercise involves strengthening the aura.

To strengthen the aura, you must first cross your wrists and your ankles. This will complete your bodily circuit and prevent your energies from being dissipated. You must also slow down and deepen your breathing. A few minutes of Night Breathing would be excellent. You should then see added energy flowing down your silver cord, from your Oversoul, adding tremendous Power to your aura. This will aid you when dealing with others who try to exert their own aura against you. This often takes place between people in business who are negotiating a contract between themselves. It will also aid you in trying to see someone else's aura along with your own. If you are trying to view another person's aura, and they are practicing with you, have them do this too. You will find you can see it much easier and more clearly. The progression of the colors from red to violet marks the road of a Night Magician's journey.

You must develop the highest qualities and characteristics of each color. Ultimately, you must master each. Through mastery of the qualities embodied in the colors and their energy added to your aura, you will see yourself progressing towards Night Consciousness. As you learn to see your aura, you can identify the colors and the character they represent. If they are not of the highest standard then you can work for their improvement. Again, strive to achieve mastery over self. Embody within yourself the highest qualities of the colors. The next subject is intricately related to auras and colors. It is the Higher Night Centers.