The Night Guild

43. The Night Guild

You will recall, for a moment, that in the beginning of the book, I stated then, while discussing the Night Teachers, that I would return to them later and go into greater depth and detail. Therefore, I have donated this topic to the in-depth examination of the Night Teachers in their realm. I discussed earlier in the book, the realm in which they live.

You will remember that the Night Realm (Causal Realm) was the home of the Perfected Night Magician. This is the region of the Night Teachers, the Perfected Humankind. Yet, the Night Teachers also work and reside in the lower dimensions. You will recall that the Night Guild is the organization dedicated to the service of the Will of the Night Spirit. It is dedicated to using the Power, Wisdom, and Energy of the Night Spirit in whatever way is required to further promote that Will. The membership of the Night Guild is as vast and varied as the stars that make up the Universe. There are members that work in Realms and Spheres of Light and Energy far beyond your imagination. I spoke in the last topic, of those members who are the Night and Planetary Night Spirits. These are the Great Beings that are the Night Spirit and Life of the planets and suns of the Dark Sun system. There are even Magickal Beings who are on an even higher magickal level then these Great Ones. What you will become the most familiar with, and your interest lies with in this topic, are those Great Ones who are the Night Teachers.

The Night Teachers, as you will remember, are those members who work directly with the magickal evolution and progress of Earth and its inhabitants. What kind of Beings are they really? Well, they are in reality very much like you. They are like you because they have walked the same roads that you walk. Many have lived before on Earth facing the same trials and testings you face each day. They have lived many lives and finally overcome the cycle of life and death on Earth. They are free of all Earthly karma. They are the Elder Brothers and Sisters of Earth. In the Night Guild are the Invisible Directors and Governors of the countries, states, provinces, and large cities on Earth. There is a Guild Member for each of these geographical regions, and a World Director over all of them and the planet. The World Director is Germain. His last incarnation on Earth was as the Comte de Sainte-Germain. There are many other offices held within the Invisible Government. I cannot give you their names nor regions that they rule over because they are too busy dealing with the world and its population and problems to actually teach. You should not call upon the World Director or any of his hierarchy. They serve only the indwelling Night Presence of the Planet and would find any interruption or disturbance troubling. What does concern you is a branch of the Invisible Government that does deal with you directly. This is the office of the World Teacher. The office of World Teacher is currently held by the Night Teacher Merlin. It is His task to plan the magickal education of the inhabitants of Earth. If it is necessary to establish a new teaching then one of their own members is selected to establish it. The World Teacher may elect to go into the world or may select an apprentice to go. This is indeed a great honor for the apprentice so selected. The members of the Night Guild who work under the direction of the World Teacher are the Night Teachers. You will recall that the Night Teachers deal directly with those who have traveled far enough on the Night Road and truly want to become Night Magicians. Let's have a quick review of the relationship between the Teacher and apprentice.

You will remember that the initial contact between yourself and the Teacher is very minimal. This contact only comes about when you have been accepted on the road of Night Magick. In time, and with self-perseverance, the relationship between yourself and the Night Teacher deepens, until you become the Teacher's apprentice. Then you come under Her/His direct supervision and instruction. You become as Mother/Father and Daughter/Son. Yet, you ask yourself the same question, who is your Night Teacher?

To answer this questions, leads you to the Seven Forces of Life. The Seven Forces of Life are the seven basic types of forces, characteristics, and vibrations that can be found in life. There are seven basic types of people, and within their Inner Nature, these Seven Forces can be seen at work. For each type of person, there is one of the Forces that strongly predominates over the others. The Seven Forces of Life are the seven predominate ways that a person may find expression in life. In you, there is a predominate Force and characteristic that makes up your Inner Nature, and it is through expression of this trait in life, that you find satisfaction and happiness. You would even find this true for the Night Teachers. They find predominate expression through one of the Seven Forces of Life. The Night Teachers have achieved, though, perfection and mastery in each of the Seven Forces, and have the seven basic characteristics balanced evenly within their Inner Nature. Yet you will find that One Force and characteristic is predominate over the others. It is from this Dominant Force that the Night Teachers choose Their students and apprentices. The Night Teacher chooses Their apprentice based upon like vibration. The Teacher and apprentice can be found traveling the same road of expression in life. The Teacher and apprentice are on One of the Seven Forces of Life. This is the predominate Force and drive of their lives. As I said earlier, there is a Night Teacher who is the Channel and Focus for each of the Seven Forces. You will find in Her/Him the Supreme Perfection and Expression of the Force. They are the Gateway for the Force from out of the Infinite, into the finite. We will call Her/Him the "Keeper of the Force", and shorten it to "Keeper". There are seven Keepers, and they are each Teachers of apprentices. There are also many Teachers who do not function as Keepers, but nonetheless, receive apprentices based upon the Force predominate in both their lives. The real key, in the selection of the apprentice, is harmony between both the Teacher and the student. Let's examine the Seven Forces of Life, and their Keepers, and then meet a few other Teachers of the Night Realm. You will begin, then, with the First Force.

The First Force is the Will and Power of the Night Spirit. You find it, exemplified and exalted, in the personage of its Keeper, Asmodeus. The Keeper Asmodeus is a Night Teacher in whom flows the True Power of the Night Spirit, under the Direction of the Magickal Will. He is a stern but kindly Teacher, asking only the very best from His apprentices. If He were to appear, in person, to an apprentice, He would appear in an Indian attire, that is, turban and robe complete. To be His apprentice will require the strongest of will to persevere through all trials and testings. The apprentice, in whom the First Force dominates, is a self-ruler. The apprentice prefers to have self-rule and independence over their life. The worst thing, the apprentice feels could happen is to have to work for another. This would be pure misery. They are the kind of individual, who takes the initiative and sets the course. They are of strong will and the ruler in life. They will make the queen/king, statesperson, or governor of the physical world. They will seek freedom through mastery over self and the world around them. This is the way of the Teachers and apprentices of the First Force of Night Power and Will.

The Second Force is the Wisdom of the Night Spirit. It finds a special place in the Being of its Keeper, Kali. In appearance, to Her apprentices, She appears as an Indian (India). She is a very kind and loving Teacher. She helps bring to Her students, the perfect example of Night Consciousness. As a Magickal Teacher, She tries to help Her students grow in magick and expand their Inner Vision, so that they can see things as She sees them, and understand things as She understands them, and above all, to have the Wisdom of the Night Spirit to respond to things as She would respond to them. Her expressed desire is to see Her apprentices take flight, on their own, into the Night Realm, and soar as the Great Magickal Owl.

The apprentice of the Second Force is the student of life. They are the kind of person who will learn by studying all of life around them. They will gain their freedom from life and death on Earth, by observing and learning from all that goes on around them. This is how they will gain illumination and enlightenment, and soar into the Night Realm. They are the philosopher and poet. These are the Teachers and apprentices of the Second Force of Night Wisdom.

The Third Force is the Energy of the Night Spirit. There is no one, who could better embody this Force, then its Keeper, Baal. As a Magickal Teacher, He seeks to impart to His apprentices, an Energy that is unknown in the world. An Energy that is purely and wholly of the Night Spirit. He teaches of an Energy that is totally impartial and a balm to heal all wounds. His guidance sets the apprentice free of any limitations. He teaches the apprentice to be free of dependance upon another's judgment, and above all, another's will.

The apprentice is the true disciple of the Night. The apprentice gives their all in energy to the Night. They see no differences in the races of humankind but know them all as the Children of the Night Spirit. They are totally devoted to bringing all the world back under the Night Spirit. To returning the world back to Yin. This is the way of the Teachers and apprentices in the Third Force of Night Energy.

The Fourth Force is the crossroad of the Night Forces of Life. You have seen that the first Three Forces, and the way that they are expressed in life, are wholly that of the Night Spirit. They have their center of expression in the Magickal. As you will see shortly, the last three have their expression and unfoldment on the material plane. The Fourth Force is, therefore, referred to as the Crossroad of the Night Forces. It is the Force of Balance, Dignity, and Purity.

This Force finds its expression through the Mighty Keeper, Lilith. She is a very stern Teacher, but at the same time, has a very warm and loving sense of humor. She is very demanding of Her apprentices to always do their best, and pushes them hard in all they do. Under Her tutelage, the apprentice cannot fail but to grow magickally. Her Presence is very powerful and noble, and once She visits Her apprentices, they will never forget Her.

The apprentice of the Fourth Force always tries to achieve balance in all they undertake. They are the excellent arbitrator. They have the wonderful ability to see all the sides of an issue. The only problem, here, is that the apprentice can be faced with indecision because of this very ability. Therefore, it is very necessary for the apprentice, no matter the Life Force they're on, to develop all of the Forces to the greatest degree of perfection and balance possible. The apprentice seeks freedom through the perfection and purity of their Inner Nature and the outer world. It is their way, to achieve perfection, through the balance of both the magickal and physical worlds. This is the way of the Teachers and apprentices in the Fourth Force of Night Balance, Dignity, and Purity.

The Fifth Force is that of Knowledge. The Keeper of the Fifth Force is Dagon. This Force finds itself in great expression throughout the world. The Keeper Dagon instructs the apprentice in the ways of knowledge that are to be found in the deep study of the ways and laws of nature. He teaches that it is through the study of the Earth, and the learning and understanding of its concealed knowledge, that you as an apprentice can find your Inner Freedom. The Keeper Dagon is a mighty Teacher and whose ways follow very closely to those of Nature. If you want to know more about His Nature, then you must study that of the Earth's. The apprentice of the Fifth Force seeks to find knowledge in the world. The problem is that many students become lost in the seeming rigidity of Earth science. The ordinary person of this Force is your scientist of today. But, the apprentices of this Force must go beyond what seems the scientific knowledge of today. They must study the ways of the Earth and all of nature, and from that study will come their Inner Freedom and Night Consciousness. This is the way of the Fifth Force and its Teachers and apprentices.

The Sixth Force is the return to the Way of Energy. The Sixth Force is that of Devotion to the Night Spirit. This is a very powerful Force and is embodied in its Keeper, Lucifer. The Keeper Lucifer teaches the Force of Devotion to His apprentices. He brings into their being the true and burning feeling of Devotion to the Night Spirit. He conveys, into their world of feeling, the devotion necessary to complete the journey to their Oversoul. He brings, to their Inner Vision, the energy and power that is behind everything in the world of nature and form. He shows them the power and energy that is behind all things, which is the Night Spirit. The Keeper Lucifer is a very Radiant and Magnificent Being. He is filled with an Inner Yin Light and Radiance that comes from the Exalted Devotion found within Him. He is a very patient Teacher as are all the Teachers of the Night. The Keeper of the Sixth Force has a true understanding of all His apprentices.

The devotion practiced by the apprentices allow them to find happiness in all that happens to them in life. They except all that comes into their world knowing that, whether it seems good or bad at the time, that it is all for their magickal growth. They have true belief and trust in the Night Spirit. They know that all their needs will be met through the agency of the Night Spirit. This is the Sixth Force of Devotion to the Night Spirit and its Teachers and apprentices.

The Seventh Force is founded in creativeness through the Night Spirit. The Seventh Force is the Beauty and Action of the Night Spirit. This Force is found in rare and exalted form in its Keeper, Hecate. The Keeper Hecate imparts to Her apprentices the Energy and Beauty that is found in all of the Night Spirit's Creation. She teaches them how to create using the Power and Will of the Night Spirit. She makes of them Magickal Channels for the Creative Power of the Night Spirit to flow through. She shows them that within all of the Night Spirit's Creation, flows Its Night Spirit, Beauty, Power, Will, and Action. She is a very beautiful and wise Teacher. She finds in all of Her apprentices the Magickal Beauty and Action being expressed. She helps all Her apprentices to find within them the Touch of the Magickal Artist.

You see, then, the type of apprentices found under the Seventh Force of Beauty and Action in the Night Spirit. The apprentices of the Seventh Force are very sensitive and refined individuals. They are the artists and artisans of life. Through them flows the Creative Power and Will of the Night Spirit, and by the action of their steady minds, feelings, and hands, which are in tune to this Power, come the rare forms of creativity to the world. The apprentices truly worship the Night Spirit in nature. They find in the power and beauty of nature, their Inner Self. There is no greater communion that can be found by them, then that within the Night Spirit found in nature. The apprentices are able to look upon the beauty and power of a sunset over the ocean, a wooded landscape, or mountainous scene, and feel, absorb, and become that very power and beauty. They can even go further, by expressing that very essence of the Night Spirit in painting, sculpturing, composing, writing, or craftsmanship. The apprentices, through their talents, can bring to others the power and beauty they feel which is captured in a work of art. The Seventh Force has also been said to find expression in the rite or ceremony.

It doesn't matter whether that rite be of a magickal nature, or that of the coronation of a Queen/King, all rites are rooted in the Seventh Force of Beauty and Action of the Night Spirit. For example, let's look at any rite that can be found in this book. What do you see?

In each rite, you find that all the acts in combination with each other form a true creation of art and beauty. The acts, gestures, and movements of the Night Magicians officiating and participating are very graceful and add to the overall picture being painted. You have incense, candles, altar cloth, background draperies perhaps, pictures of your favorite Teachers, and music in the background. You then have the majestic and beautiful words of the invocation added to the whole. The sum of all these different things add up to a beautiful and majestic work of creation. Thus, you find many apprentices who are of the Seventh Force involved in rites. They obtain to great magickal heights through the instrument of the rite, whether they are the participant or officiant. This is the Seventh Force of Beauty and Action of the Night Spirit and its Teachers and apprentices. You have now examined the Seven Forces of Life and the Keeper of each of those Forces. Let's look, for a moment, at a few of the Night Teachers not yet mentioned.

Of the First Force we have Azazel, Leviathan, Santanas, and Amon. Of the Second Force we have Lucifuge Rofocale, Belial, and Azael. Of the Third Force we have Endor, Abraxas, and Balan. Of the Fourth Force we have Astaroth, Nisroch, and Bensozia. Of the Fifth Force we have Agares, John Dee, Bifrons, Belphegor, and Alocer. Of the Sixth Force we have Moloch, Astartes, and Marie Laveau. Of the Seventh Force we have Aleister Crowley, Armida, Cagliostro, Baphomet, and Eliphas Levi. This is only a sampling of the many Night Teachers of the Seven Night Forces. If any of these names happen to appeal to you in that special inner way then perhaps they are your Teacher. Or you may have one who is not listed here. Then through meditation, Astral or Mental Projection, or in some other manner you will come to know your Night Teacher. I assure you that when the time is right you will become an apprentice of a Night Teacher. Remember, to always study and work with the Night Teachers. You must always include them in the ways and activities of your life. You are a member of the Night Guild, when you have entered upon the Night Road and aid the Night Teachers in the magickal evolution of life on Earth. To aid the Night Teachers you must learn to use the Night Powers.