Night Centers and the Physical and Etheric Bodies

17. Night Centers and the Physical and Etheric Bodies

In the Eastern languages the Night Centers are known as chakras. Night Centers are located in each type of body that you have, from the Etheric to the Mental Body. They are, in appearance, small whirlpool-like vortices of concentrated energy. The Night Centers are responsible for a number of functions. They are conveyors of the Night Force from higher dimensions to the lower ones. They act as step-down transformers taking the higher energy and lowering it to meet the requirements of each body. They further function as message centers. They connect each dimension from the higher ones to the lower with an internal form of communication keeping your entire system of bodies in rapport with each other. They have other functions but these will be covered in later topics. You are presently going to look at two bodies, the physical and Etheric, and the role of the Night Centers to each. Let's look at the physical body first.

In the physical body there is a corresponding organ and/or gland to each of the Night Centers. The lowest of the centers is at the base of the spine and relates to the gonads. The second of these centers is located over the area of the spleen and is associated with the spleen/pancreas. The third Night Center is located over the navel area or the solar plexus and corresponds to the adrenal glands. The fourth is located over the heart region and relates to the thymus gland. The fifth is located in the throat area and relates to the thyroid gland. The sixth Night Center is located in the brow area and relates to the pineal gland. The seventh Night Center is located at the top or crown of the head and is associated with the pituitary gland. What is interesting and important to observe is that the organs make up the endocrine system.

These glands produce a substance called hormone which is spilled into the blood stream to regulate every cell in the body. These glands further effect the growth and development of the physical body; the way you feel; and even the way you think. The endocrine system is regulated by the nervous system. Here there is an important parallel. For every Night Center there is a nerve center that corresponds to it too. These nerve centers are closely related to the glands they regulate, which are those of the endocrine system. This leads us to the Night Centers, Etheric Body, and their relationship to your bodily control.

The Etheric Body is produced by the electromagnetic energy generated by the physical body. The Etheric is an exact counterpart to the physical body. The Etheric Body interpenetrates the physical body and extends from a half inch to four inches around the physical body and can be seen by the Night Eye as a whitish blue light. The Etheric Body is the lowest body where the Night Centers can be found. The Oversoul influences the body through the transmission of Night Force through the Higher Night Centers which continues to be stepped down till the energies enter the Etheric vortices which in turn affects the nerve centers, endocrine system, and the body overall. They are all interrelated. The two Night Centers which directly effect the well-being of the physical body are the lowest two.

The lowest center found at the base of the spine contains the Earth Fire. In the Eastern religions it is called Kundalini. I will discuss this Energy in a later topic but for now I will discuss the intake of Earth Force, a less concentrated form of the Earth Fire. Those who have ever lived in a high-rise apartments and worked in similar offices may recall feeling very tired and run down. This is due to lack of direct contact with the Earth. It is essential for humans to remain in contact with the Earth. When the body makes direct contact with the Earth, the base Night Center is then able to absorb the Earth's energy. Everyone should take time to get outdoors in direct contact with Mother Earth and absorb that vital energy. In a later topic, I will present a rite to help keep the Earth energies high in yourself. The second Night Center concerned with your well-being is located over the spleen/pancreas and absorbs the pranic force generated by the Sun. This is the second energy necessary for the well-being of your physical body. An adequate intake of this energy will give you good health. It will give you vitality, youth, and a zest for life. As was mentioned earlier, the Etheric extends beyond and around the outline of the body approximately a half to four inches. It is bluish grey to bluish white in color. When a person is in good health the Etheric will be strong in appearance and extend several inches beyond the outline of the body. In poor health or when one is low in energy the Etheric will be close to the body and hard to see. How do you see the Etheric?

Etheric sight is the best way to begin to see magickally. Since this energy is of lesser vibration than that of auric energy it will be easier to see with the Night Eye. For a moment, let's discuss exactly what is the Night Eye and then the mechanics of how it operates.

The Night Eye and its existence have been known since the time of the Ancient Ones. In the Eastern languages it's referred to as the "Third Eye" . The Night Eye is a magickal organ that when activated allows you to see the higher dimensions. The Night Eye is also capable of enlarging microscopic particles till you can see them. This is very similar to the microscope and its function. For most, the Night Eye is closed and blind to the higher realm, but through the techniques and practices in this work you will learn to use and see through the Night Eye. The mechanics of the Night Eye will be discussed in greater depth in a later topic. For now, the Night Eye is related to the sixth Night Center and the pineal gland. When they are functioning under your voluntary control then you are able to see magickally. Knowledge of the exact mechanics is not necessary in order for you to see through the Night Eye. What is necessary is knowing the techniques for opening and using the Night Eye and then plenty of practice. Therefore, let's perform some exercises to begin its development.

To convince yourself more fully that there really is an Etheric Body begin with the following experiment. One night as you are in bed, lie on your back with your feet spread apart. Then slowly bring your feet together until you can feel them touch each other. When you feel them just touch try and see if you can put them together any closer. You will be surprised to find that you can. This distance is the area occupied by the Etheric. You can also do this with another person. Try touching the other person on an area of bare skin. The neck and head area is the best. Touch them with one finger very lightly and then slowly remove the finger to about one inch away. The person will not be able to tell the difference when you are touching and when you are not. Now that you are more fully convinced that there is an Etheric, let's move on and see it.

It will be easier if you get another person to help you. Have that person stand against a neutral background, the best color is white, and have them relax and breathe deeply. The lighting is very important. The light should be behind you and positioned such that it will not produce a shadow on the subject. The lighting should be dim. You should now position yourself away from the subject about six to ten feet and sit or stand in a comfortable position. Relax and breathe deeply. Look at the subject and let your eyes relax. Do not concentrate on seeing anything. Look beyond the subject as if looking off into the distance. The subject's Etheric Energy will extend around the outline of the physical body. If you are alone you can still practice seeing the Etheric.

Have a mirror positioned in front of you such that you can see the upper body outline. Have behind you a background of neutral color. Do the same as outlined above as if you had someone before you. In all the work, outlined above, do not become discouraged if results do not occur the first time. Be patient and know that all is, and will, work for you if you but try. No one can become a Master Night Magician without great practice and perseverance. So you, too, can be a Master of Night Magick if you will but practice and persevere. You leave the Realm of the Etheric and Magickal Sight to enter into the Realm of Magickal Sound.