The Night Magician's Meditation

15. The Night Magician's Meditation

The Night Magician's Meditation is the beginning level at which you will begin to awaken your Inner Self. It is an exercise that is essential to your magickal growth. In the beginning stages of meditation, your sense of awareness will take place from your physical awareness, but as you grow your conscious awareness will move into your Oversoul. There are many benefits that can be derived from meditation.

Meditation will greatly benefit your health. The body will become inwardly calm and tranquil. The practice of Magician's Meditation can help to eliminate ulcers and other physical problems due to stress and tension. What meditation can do for you physically it can also do for you emotionally.

You can achieve a state of emotional tranquility and stability never before thought possible. No matter the confusion going on around you, you will be able remain steady and firm as a rock. It will develop your ability to concentrate and to expand the workings of your mind.

You will be able to achieve true telepathic communication with those of similar magickal standing. Your memory will be vastly enhanced. Ideas from the Higher Mental Realm will come to you. From the Mental Realm, you will be able to contact and obtain information from the Akashic Record. This Record I will speak of later. You will be able to know the past, present, and future probabilities for yourself and for others. You will be able to gain a true understanding of your life and why you are here. There are preparations and precautions to take prior to meditating.

First, you must watch the food you eat. You must avoid fried foods and spicy foods close to the meditation period. Do not eat just prior to meditating for a full stomach can be quite discomforting. You will then need to set a quiet period aside each day. This period should be at the same time each day if possible. Early morning or late evening will be the best time. You should feel refreshed when you meditate so wash up prior to commencing. Now that you have taken care of your bodily needs it is time to set the proper atmosphere for meditation.

Retire to your Magician's Study and be sure that you can not be disturbed for say a half hour. Put on your robe, light your incense, and sit down in a very comfortable chair. Do not light your candle for the flickering will tend to distract you. Once you have done this you are ready to begin the Magician's Meditation.

Close your eyes now and place the Night Pillar around you. Follow this with Night Breathing. Now select the type of meditation. There are actually two ways of meditating, and they differ by your conscious directive. The first way of meditating will have you direct your thoughts on a particular subject. For example, the subject can be on strength. You will want to look at the different types of strength. Try to understand how strength develops and how you can become stronger. You can go on to becoming Pure Strength and the qualities needed in your life to be Strength. As you continue to look fully at the subject of strength and understand all that there is about it your conscious thoughts will slowly be overshadowed by your Oversoul, and you will be given true enlightenment on Strength, or any subject you should choose. The second way deals with entering the Silence of your Oversoul.

Here you will not choose a topic but remain in a state of silence and complete Openness to the Indwelling Oversoul. You must remain completely free of thought. You must not enter into this meditation with cares or worries but surrender them into the care of your Oversoul. As you advance into the meditation you will become aware of Its Presence. You will feel Its Energy. Here the Oversoul will choose the subject of importance and instruct you directly. Remember, "to be Silent and Know".

Having chosen the type of meditation, turn your attention to within yourself and give open recognition to the Oversoul within. If you feel a slight sense of shaking or a raising of the heart beat do not let it bother you. It is a good sign that what you want is taking place. Remain very relaxed and allow your thoughts to drift on the subject. Do not overtire yourself. If at first you can only do five to ten minutes then that's fine. Do not push for results. The results will come in their own good time. Meditate only as long as you feel comfortable with it. After you have finished don't get up and plunge back into the work-a-day world. Take it easy and allow yourself a few minutes or however long is necessary to adjust to a faster pace of living. In Magician's Meditation, you slowed your rate of living considerably. Strive to attain but be patient for the results to happen. You will not attain all you can be overnight but someday the Night will be yours. There is nothing greater you can do for your quest on the Night Road than the sincere practice of Night Magician's Meditation. In Night Magician's Meditation you studied a method of changing your conscious vibration and attuning it with the Oversoul's Consciousness. Now you are going to explore the very depths and heights of the Realm of Vibration.