The Astral Body and Exercises for Emotional Control

22. The Astral Body and Exercises for Emotional Control

On each realm of life that the Oversoul lives on there is a necessity for a vehicle made up of that realm's essence in order for the Oversoul to find expression in that realm. The vehicle you are most familiar with is the physical body. It is made up of dense physical matter. You know from earlier discussions that there is a large amount of space between all the molecules of the physical body. Interspaced in the physical body can be found the Astral molecules which make up the Astral Body.

In the Astral Realm, your Astral Body and all the Astral surroundings are as solid and real to you as is your physical body and surroundings, when you are in the physical realm. The Astral Body is much more refined, and vibrating at a higher vibration, than is the physical body. The Astral Body has the same identical form as your physical body. When you are in the Astral Realm though, your Astral Body is very beautiful and without imperfections. There are no signs of ageing as there are in the physical world. The Astral form is very beautiful and the face is of exquisite beauty. There is no ugliness or lack of harmony in the Astral. The Astral Body exists simultaneously with the physical body and all other bodies as well. While you are in the physical body, the Astral Body is the body through which you feel. It is the body through which the Oversoul impresses and communicates with you.

At night, when you sleep, it is the body through which you experience dreams. Dreams are often distortions of your experiences in the Astral Realm. The Astral Body is the body of emotions. The Astral Body can be likened to an emotion magnet. When you express an emotion, you actually charge the surrounding Astral material with that emotion. You have experienced this happening.

For example, when you have gotten someone angry, you can actually feel the atmosphere around that person become alive with anger. You have also seen this when someone expresses love for another. The Astral material which surrounds you and the physical world is made up of charged Astral Energy. For the Earth, this energy is of a dense nature.

There are all kinds of emotional energies which make up the astral material around the Earth. These energies range from love to hate. On the Earth you can have inharmony and discord and harmony and accord. This is what is meant by dense. You can express any emotions while on Earth.

When you express an emotion, such as hate, the energy which is of like quality in the Astral is attracted to you. You can see that your hate, added to the greater hate which is surrounding you only makes your hatred more intense. You can then become consumed with hate, so much so, that you may lose control and seriously hurt through that hate. Long after the hate seems to have left you, it still remains within your Astral Aura. The slightest thing can trigger again this hate reaction and more hate energy will be generated. This is what happens from a lack of emotional control.

As I've said, the world as a whole is made up of many kinds of emotional energies. The energies are there to use and express with control. Without control, you become a pawn for domination by the emotional energies surrounding you. You must begin by learning to refine your Astral Body. To learn to place it under the control of your Oversoul. Let me introduce some exercises which will help you gain self-control.

Begin by deliberately slowing yourself down. When you drive on the road always let the other person go first. Slow down when you drive. If you will drive the speed limit, or five miles an hour below it, you will be passed by all. When you walk do it slowly. Let others enter a building or room ahead of yourself. The idea is to slow down. This is the first exercise and the next involves your use of meditation. When you are in meditation, visualize a cleansing energy moving through your Astral Body and Night Centers. See that energy cleansing all emotional energy and replacing it with the Night Force. Visualize bliss, peace, and ecstasy filling your entire being. Next, visualize any act which you know produces an out- of-control emotional response within yourself. See that event occurring and you remaining in perfect control. Do this with all events and slowly you will gain control. Learn to disassociate from an emotional world of chaos.

The world rids itself of an over abundance of chaotic energies through natural means. These include such events as hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, floods, and violent storms. They are the world's safety valves when the human emotional energies become too much. You can help to prevent these occurrences by correcting your own energy production. In meditation, you can visualize the entire world and do for it what you did for yourself above. See that cleansing energy fill the world. See the emotional energies of humankind balanced and in order. If you will do this daily the world will become a more stable environment. This is your first step on the Road of Water Magick. Your next involves the Astral Aura and its relationship to colors.