Night Flames

45. Night Flames

And the Night Flames blazed before the Living Throne of the Eternal Darkness, who are a part of Its Living Night Spirit, and by Its Will the Flames went forth into formless matter and there was Creation.

These are the Night Flames that you are about to study and use. As the Night Flames are a part of the Eternal Night, so they are a part of your Oversoul. As with the Night Powers, when you live in the Consciousness and Will of your Oversoul, so you too may use and create with the Night Flames. You are going to study the general nature and use of the Night Flames, and then examine each Night Flame individually. Finally, I will discuss how you can invoke the Night Flames and use them in your world. If you are ready, let's begin your general instruction of the Night Flames.

The Night Flames you will be studying are the Black, Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Silver, and Rainbow Flames. You may have noticed right away that the majority of the Night Flames are named after a type of color. If you will review some information about colors, for a moment, you will see the difference.

You will remember that light is a type of energy. Colors were a product of light. The energy of colors was of a passive nature, and was effective by inducing a sympathetic reaction on what they were used. Night Flames have their origin in the Eternal Darkness. You will find that the use of the Night Flames is a very active process. The Night Flames are very active energies, which cause a change to take place according to the nature of the Night Flame. The Night Flames are effective in changing people and the world. There are many other uses for the Night Flames, and their discussion will be reserved to the study of each individual Night Flame. Each Night Flame has its particular properties and uses. Therefore, let's begin by studying the first Night Flame, the Black Flame.

The Black Flame of the Oversoul brings into the world the Purity and Perfection of the Night. If you wish to create the conditions of purity and perfection in a person or world condition, you can do so with this Flame. For example, if you find that there is a state of imperfection existing in something or someone, that needs help in being erased, this would be the Flame to use. If you find a Yang condition or person using the Yang energy then this Flame will change the balance to the Night. By using this Flame you can maintain the Eternal Night Balance. This is the Black Flame.

The second is the Violet Flame of Transmutation. The Violet Flame is the Flame of Transmutation or Change. The Violet Flame transmutes Yang energy back into Pure Night Energy. If you look at yourself, for example, what kind of person is it you see at the end of the day? You find a person who has been saturated in the Yang energy of the world. People and conditions have constantly, throughout the day, been filling your world with harmful energy. You feel irritable, nervous, angry, run-down, and a host of other Yang conditions. The Violet Flame can change all this. You can apply this energy to your own world, or to those of others, and completely transmute the Yang energy into Yin. You will restore your Night Self and feel a true sense of buoyancy and upliftment. By using this Violet Flame, on yourself, you will be able to have a greater flow of the Oversoul Energy through you. You will have eliminated the energy which blocks the natural flow of the Oversoul Energy into your world. It is good to use this Violet Flame first, before using any of the other Night Flames. Use this Flame, always in conjunction with the Night Pillar. This is the Violet Flame.

The next Night Flame is the Blue Flame. The Blue Flame creates harmony and peace in all people and conditions. If there is any lack of harmony or peace, either in a person or condition, then you can use the Blue Flame to change all that. You could use the Blue Flame on unhappy marriages. You could use it on unhappy business partners or between unhappy firms. The uses are only limited by the extent of your imagination. Remember though, that the use of the Blue Flame may not be the only Flame needed in a situation to bring about lasting change. One or more Flames, used in conjunction with each other, may be necessary to cure all the problems and create a final and lasting change. This is the Blue Flame.

The fourth Night Flame is the Green Flame. The Green Flame is the Flame of Healing. You will use it extensively in the Healing Topic that soon follows. It is the way of the Oversoul Healing. It brings about the healing of all people and conditions. The healing of people is easy for you to understand, but what is the healing of conditions? There are many conditions which need the healing power of the Green Flame. The Green Flame can heal the broken heart. It doesn't matter whether its broken through the loss of a love one through transition into the next world, or an unhappy love affair. The Green Flame can heal the pain or sorrow of a nation over some unhappy event. The Green Flame not only mends the body but also the heart. This is the Green Flame of Healing.

The fifth is the Yellow Flame of Wisdom and Intelligence. The Yellow Flame of Wisdom and Intelligence is a very powerful energy. It can bring to you the Wisdom necessary to see through a decision that has to be made. The application of the Yellow Flame can raise your Magickal Consciousness to the highest of heights so that you may perceive Magickal Knowledge. A person cannot lie under the Power of the Yellow Flame. The Yellow Flame can increase the power of your intellect and improve your memory. This is the Yellow Flame.

The sixth Night Flame that you will study is the Orange Flame. The Orange Flame produces energy into the substance it is used on. If you need an energy pickup this is a good Flame. If a situation is moving slowly in your life then use the Orange Flame. The Orange Flame is heavy with Yang energy so be careful and not get burnt by using it.

The seventh Night Flame is the Red Flame. The Red Flame is an intense form of the Orange Flame. You will have to be careful in its use for it can cause extreme nervousness and irritability if used too much. The Red Flame can remove depressing situations or emotions. The Red Flame can speed up the process of healing in the human body.

The eighth Night Flame is the Silver Flame. The Silver Flame will purify the subconscious world. It will keep the subconscious in the Yin Flow. The Silver Flame is good for counteracting too much Yang Energy. The Silver Flame is good for healing sunburn or if your ever burnt by Yang Energy.

The ninth and final Night Flame is the Rainbow Flame. The Rainbow Flame does not really exist in Creation of its own. It is a composite of all the Flames together. The Rainbow Flame is created by you acting as the Oversoul on Earth. It is through your Power and Will as the Oversoul on Earth, acting as the Creator, that you bring the Rainbow Flame into the world. The use of this Flame should be obvious. The Flame is something of a Universal Cure-all. If you are in doubt about which Flame to use, or the situation seems to require a majority of all the Flames together, the Rainbow Flame is the answer. It will require your all to hold all the Flames together in order that they act as the Rainbow Flame. It will require the Night Magician, in Night Consciousness, to create, hold, and use the Rainbow Flame on Earth. You must remember then, that because this Flame does not exist of its own, that it may have less power then the other Night Flames depending on you.

This is all the Night Flames that I will present in this topic. There are more but their use in the world is restricted. I have discussed the Night Flames in general, and individually, now it is time to teach you how to invoke and wield them.

Before you ever use the Night Flames, you should give very careful consideration as to exactly what is the right type of Night Flame necessary to do the job. The Night Flames must be invoked through the Presence of the Oversoul. The Oversoul is the channel through which the Night Flames pass. Therefore, you must be in the highest state of Night Consciousness possible in order to invoke these Flames into the material world. You should be prepared bodily, emotionally, and mentally as you would for anything you do in Night Magick. You must be prepared magickally, by reaching the greatest state of Oneness with your Oversoul. The quality and quantity of the individual Night Flame you wish to invoke into this world, is based directly on your self-preparation. As you are able to reach farther and higher into Night Consciousness, so will the quantity and strength of the Night Flame increase. You must invoke and use the Night Flames often, if they are to achieve the desired results. Now, let's get down to the specifics on how to invoke the Night Flames.

I will use the invoking of the Black Flame as an example. The invoking of the other Night Flames is similar, and requires the same basic procedures as outlined here. To begin with, you need to be in the highest state of Night Consciousness possible. Thus, you will begin with a period of meditation on your Oversoul. When you are ready, redirect the focus of your meditation from your Oversoul to the Black Flame. When you feel the highest of heights, in Night Consciousness, and have come to know the Black Flame of Purity and Perfection of the Oversoul, then you are ready to begin the invocation or invoking of the Flame. You should have already prepared your Magician's Study and your Night Altar. Standing before the Night Altar, you begin by seeing yourself as the Oversoul on Earth and robed in blazing Yin Energy. You invoke the Great Black Flame by saying:

"By the Presence of the Oversoul within me I am invoking the Great Black Flame of the Oversoul's Purity and Perfection through me. I AM seeing this Black Flame descending from above and filling my being with Its Essence and Power. I AM then placing it here before me on the Altar of the Night, there to collect and concentrate into a blazing Night Black Flame. Now, oh blazing Night Black Flame, I AM commanding thee by the Power of the Presence of the Oversoul in me, to obey my Will as the Oversoul on Earth."

This is your invocation through which you invoke or draw into your world the Black Flame. Invocations for the other Night Flames are found in Appendix A. Thus, you should have envisioned the blazing Black Flame, descending out of the Oversoul and into your mortal form. Then, you should have directed the Black Flame through your heart Night Center and out onto the Night Altar. There, you collect and intensify Its Presence into a blazing Black Flame Star. Once you have the sufficient amount of Black Flame to do the task at hand (you'll know how much by Oversoul Direction), you then must visualize the task to be accomplished. You then direct the Black Flame with your Oversoul Will to where you want the action of it to take place. Then, you will go on to visualize the Black Flame Action taking place and see and know that it has happened. Then you give thanks to your Oversoul. This is the way you invoke the Black Flame and all other Night Flames.

I hope you are not ready to stop here in the unfoldment of your Oversoul Powers, Flames, and Causal Body. Your next subject is directed at the unfoldment of all these, into Night Consciousness.