The Apprentice's Unfoldment

6. The Apprentice's Unfoldment

What I want to do now is draw for you a road map that will take you down the road of Night Magick. The road ahead of you is easy to get lost on just look at others around you. If you are going to effectively follow the Night Magick road you must have signs and landmarks to guide you and tell you how far you have come. In the next topic, I will discuss your final destination, Night Consciousness. So let's begin our journey on the Night Road.

From the beginning of the first descent into material creation, from the first sojourn on Earth, it will take many sojourns before one is ready to enter the Night Road. There are many people who are not ready for it. Their minds are so preoccupied with doing things the Yang way, they are so lost in doing things the hard way, that they have no time for their own magickal growth. They are so lost in the illusion of the material world and its limitations that they can not see beyond it. You can see why it will take so many people hundreds of lives before they can see beyond the illusion of this world and learn to use Night Magick in overcoming its so-called limitations. I should state from the onset of this work that there are very few paths or roads which lead to truly achieving your goals and overcoming the world of illusion. There are many paths dedicated to the Yang Spirit which is a road of limitation, hardship, self-denial, and poverty. It is a path that runs counter to the Soul and Spirit within you. I have tried to present here a road to Night Consciousness which is simple in nature and language. It is a road that requires persistence, study, courage, boldness, and self-discipline to travel but the goals you will achieve on the way and your final attainment of the ultimate goal makes it all worth while. There is no way of telling how long it will take to reach the ultimate goal.

You may be able to reach it in this lifetime or it may take many lifetimes. Much will depend upon your aptitude for Night Magick and your dedication and effort. It isn't necessary to reach the ultimate goal in one life. There will be many goals and great changes in your life to make traveling the road more than worthwhile. Once you have entered the Night Road, then life after life you will return to this world taking up where you last left off. This is because a simple decision to enter the Night Road does not mean that you will be accepted and are on your way.

The Night Soul looks for those who are ready to travel the road. You must want to be on the road that leads to your Night Soul more than anything else in your life. There must be nothing more important in your life than being on the road and the desire to achieve your goals and the ultimate goal. This decision must be more than a mental thought. This decision must be backed by action on your part. Not only do you feel this intense desire to be on the Night Road but you are willing to begin the work necessary to achieve it. In Night Magick, you will have begun this work by beginning to read and put into practice the lore found in this book. There is no way of determining how long it will take to be accepted on the Night Road. But rest assured, if you are truly sincere about entering the road and are willing to do the work then you will be accepted. You are the beginner, the apprentice, on the roadway to the Night Soul. Acceptance on the Night Road is no small thing. Acceptance on the road is your first landmark and is clearly marked.

In Night Magick, you are an "Earth Apprentice". You have reached the first landmark and gained entrance upon the Night Road. At this point your Oversoul will begin to take an active interest in you. Upon your acceptance, the Oversoul actively enters into your life. You will begin to feel the beginnings of Night Power. You will have the beginning of increased Oversoul Power flowing into your life. But how will you know when you have been accepted?

As said before, this acceptance is clearly marked. You will undergo an experience that will definitely let you know you have become an Earth Apprentice. For example, you may in the quiet of your Magician's Study, or as you are falling asleep some night, suddenly see the image of the Oversoul in deep hues of Emerald, Amethyst, Midnight Blue and/or Silver before you. As you continue to watch the image of your Oversoul it will start to come towards you. As the Oversoul comes closer, you suddenly know that you are the Oversoul and Its Face is your face, and the Oversoul enters inside you, and you feel a deep, warm glow and power radiating from within. You know that the birth of the Oversoul has taken place within and that you are an Earth Apprentice. As an Earth Apprentice you have become the Night Child.

I refer to the Earth Apprentice as a Night Child for at the time of acceptance you have been given birth into the Night World. You are now a Magickal Child of the Night Spirit. Your Oversoul will gain new radiance and added power by actively entering into cooperation with you. That new radiance will be seen by the Watchers and reported to the Night Guild. Your acceptance upon the Night Road heralds your entrance into the Night Guild.

This Guild is composed of all beings who serve the Dark Light of the Night Spirit. The members of the Guild exist both in Higher Dimensions and upon all material planets. The highest members of the Guild serve as Teachers and Directors of the Omniverse everywhere. One group of members serve as Teachers and Directors over the Earth. In Night Magick, I will refer to them as the Night Teachers. I have done this because they have risen far in magickal evolution and are One with the Night Soul. As a new Earth Apprentice, you are watched over by a Night Teacher who chooses to do so based on compatible nature and vibration. The assistance of the Night Teacher is one of watchfulness and occasional guidance as you, the Earth Apprentice, begins to journey on the Night Road. But as you continue to demonstrate your willingness and dedication to the road you've chosen, and to the Will of your Oversoul, the relation between you and the Night Teacher deepens. When the Night Teacher is ready and has determined you are ready, then you will be accepted by the Night Teacher as Her/His Chela.

The relationship between the Night Teacher and Her/His chela is a very special one. The Night Teacher gives Her/His continual guidance, support, and power to the new chela. The Night Teacher shares Her/His very nature with Her/His new chela. The chela may call upon the assistance of the Night Teacher at anytime and it will be answered. Yet the chela must remember that s/he is the beginner and that the Will of the Night Teacher should always be followed. The Night Teacher and the Oversoul of the chela work very closely together to achieve what must be done by the Oversoul. The Night Teacher and chela are as Mother/Father and Daughter/Son. They share and create in the Night Power and Guild. How will you know though who your Night Teacher is?

There are many ways in which this may come about. You may meet Her/Him in your dreams, or more rarely, S/he may come to you in your waking hours. For many of you, you will just know through your sixth sense. You will come to know intuitively who your Night Teacher is. I will go into greater depth about the Night Teachers in the later part of this book. Do not be worried or concerned about who the Night Teacher is in your life. S/he will choose you and guide you and you should feel secure in this matter. S/he will reveal Her/Himself to you in Her/His own time. At this point you are now progressing upon the Night Road.

Your first subject area to master in Night Magick will be Earth Magick. Not only will you learn a great deal about the Earth and its Magickal Energies and Power but you will also be altering physically and magickally. When you have achieved sufficient growth and mastery in this area of Earth Magick you will be ready for the second landmark. If you looked at the last landmark as the birth of the Oversoul in the your world, as your becoming the Magickal Child, then this is "you the Oversoul" as a teenager. Here you have been transformed from the Earth Apprentice to the Water Apprentice.

You will begin your study of Water Magick. This is the area of Night Magick related to the emotions and astral world. As a Water Apprentice, you will experience an ever greater increase of the Power of the Night Soul. You will undergo increased emotional development. You will be given experiences that will strengthen that emotional development. As a Water Apprentice, you will gain the ability to know Truth in all Its forms and use that in your everyday world. You will also begin to learn control over your emotions. The Night Magician needs emotional control in order to wield Night Magick effectively. The power you will be able to wield without emotional control could do incredible damage which you may later regret. The Night Magician must be master of her/his emotions not the other way around. One point I should cover is that concerning the aura. Until I go into more detail about it later, accept for now, that there is an energy that completely surrounds your body and extends beyond it about one to three feet. This energy field is called an aura. The aura reflects emotions and thoughts in people. The aura is made up of swirling energy currents and through magickal sight the aura can be seen as colors. All of this you will cover in greater depth in later topics. In the average person, the colors that comprise the aura are various and many. In the Earth Apprentice, the color that is predominate in the aura is green. In the Water Apprentice, the aura will be of a light blue. This is another indicator of when you have been accepted on the road. The aura, as an indicator, will help you further in identification of the next landmark. You have seen the things that you must accomplish, or be in the process of accomplishing, in order to achieve the next landmark. You have studied Water Magick and developed and strengthened your emotional stature. When you have traveled far enough on the Night Road another landmark appears before you. You are about to undergo another transformation and become the Air Apprentice.

Here you have entered the "Oversoul as a very young adult" stage. The emphasis as an Air Apprentice is upon mastering Air Magick or Magick of the Mind. You will be studying Air Magick and undergo mental training. You will be developing what in Air Magick is known as the Mental Body. Your studies in Night Magick will help develop the Mental Body. During this phase of life you may also attend some advance education or training in the world. The mind is a powerful instrument and its training is critical in Night Magick. You will be merging your mind with the Higher Mind of the Oversoul. This will lead you to the last part of your journey to becoming a Night Magician. The last landmark is ahead and you find yourself traveling through Fire.

Here you are the young adult Oversoul. You are the Fire Apprentice. Your studies are of Fire Magick. Fire Magick is the Realm of the Oversoul. It is the studies of the Higher Mind and Causal Body. You now are learning and using the Night Powers of the Oversoul. The power that flows through your life will be like nothing you have so far experienced. This is the time when you will be reaching adulthood in the Oversoul. You will be achieving oneness with the Oversoul and there will no longer be a you and the Oversoul. You are about to become a true channel through which the Night Power will flow without impediment. To experience the Night Realm of Fire is to know life without time or space. It is being everywhere and every time. It is knowing and seeing all that has ever been, is, and will be: and as the Silent Watcher and Observer seeing it all unfold. It is like standing amongst the sea of stars and knowing that this is all that you are. It is feeling and being a part of unlimited darkness and absolute love. This is perhaps the longest part of the journey. There is much to study, experience, and develop into. But finally like all journeys, this one comes to an end. And at the end of the Night Road, you are no longer an Apprentice but a Night Magician.

You and the Oversoul are One. You are the mature, adult Oversoul on Earth. Words only tend to limit the experience of this achievement. The Night Power that you now feel is so great that you have trouble controlling it as it surges through your material being. This experience can never be adequately described by words but must be lived to be known. This is the point which hails the complete union of the Higher and lower selves. The Oversoul and you are now One to the greatest possible extent. The Causal body is now shared as One by the Oversoul and you. A person with magickal sight of sufficient advancement will see a fully developed Causal Body with the full and active Presence of the Oversoul within it. The aura will glow with an intense deep amethyst/silver glow. You and the Oversoul share Its Powers and capabilities jointly. You are One and Inseparable in Consciousness and Action with the Oversoul. You have experienced everything that you must in life. You are now free of Karma. This is the last material vehicle you will have to express through on Earth. You are the master of the lower worlds. You know the cycles of birth and rebirth and know the happiness at having completed the need to ever undergo the cycle again. You are free from life that ends in death. You have become all knowledge, power, wisdom, and control of the Oversoul. Is your journey really over?

No, not really. There will always be a perfecting process going on. There will always be new heights to climb and greater understanding to be achieved. What is included in this book as Night Magick is really only the "tip of the iceberg". But you will always enjoy your continued travels and adventures on the Night Road. There will always be new things to discover. There will always be new adventures and excitement on the Night Road. I have done my best to guide you this far on the Night Road.

I want you to understand that this map is not set in concrete. The general course has been laid out for you but the time you take to travel on the road and the tests and experiences you will undergo are known only to the Oversoul. Sometimes you may detour slightly into another area of magick and that's ok as long as it is the Will of the Oversoul. I would like now to help you understand the Consciousness of the Oversoul. I call it Night Consciousness and it is what you will ultimately achieve.