Her/His Life

5. Her/His Life

The life of a Night Magician is a very special one. You will find that a Night Magician's life is filled with the most powerful magick. Your world will not be the same after Night Magick has filled it. Your life will have seemed very ordinary and plain before Night Magick. Your life will now be filled with adventure.

When you have elected to live the life of a Night Magician you have chosen to accept a way of life that is different than you have so far experienced. It is a life filled with study and practice of Night Magick and the excitement and adventure that is a direct result. Night Magick will fulfill for you your lifelong aspirations. It will be my job to present the life of a Night Magician to you. I hope when I'm through that you will find it exciting and want to begin the adventure of becoming a Night Magician. Let's enter then into the life of a Night Magician. The Night Magician's life is filled with study and practice of the Night Magick lore. As you study and practice, the Oversoul will examine and test your accomplishments. No matter who you are, you came here to gain experience and grow from it. But upon accepting the Night Magician's way of life the trials will increase in both number and intensity. It is not that the lore found in this book is difficult, but that in accepting this life the Night Magician is tested by life so that s/he may put into practice Night Magick. The Night Magician's life is going to be filled with many trials.

This is not out of cruelty but out of necessity. The trials are set upon the Magician to build magickal strength and depth in the use of Night Magick. Every test in the Magician's life is to build magickal stature and to increase it once passed. No matter whether the test is overcoming a difficult financial situation, or the working through of a difficult marriage, or the death of a loved one, the tests are there to help the Night Magician grow. If the Night Magician falls then there is nothing else for her/him to do but get up, dust off the knees, and keep going knowing that the next time when faced with a similar situation success will come. When you accept the life of a Night Magician there will be trials and hardships. But if you are willing to accept the difficulties and meet the challenge then you will not be overcome by them.

You will find solutions to these trials through your knowledge of Night Magick. Through Night Magick, you will raise your magickal vibration and grow closer to the Oneness of your Oversoul. It is through this Oneness, and the power that flows from it and through you, that you will be able to handle these increased tests. You are learning to become the Oversoul in all that you say and do. No matter what the test, you must meet it in the Night Consciousness of your Oversoul. Through this continual testing, and the placing of yourself in the Conscience of your Oversoul, you will become One with IT. Thus you will have passed the final test on Earth and have achieved the One Goal. You will have achieved Night Consciousness. The Night Magician's life is thus marked by training and testing. But her/his life is not all training and testing. For out of this training and testing will come adventure.

The Night Magician will travel new avenues of adventure that were never there before. The tests the Night Magician receives will take her/him to unusual places and there will be experiences that can only be described as exciting and wonderful. The Night Magician will experience new levels of physical well-being and sexual vitality. S/he will experience new job challenges and opportunities as part of using Night Magick. There will be emotional and mental experiences that break through the limited ways of feelings and thinking of old. The Night Magician will experience increases of personal wealth. The Night Magician's life will become aflame with purpose.

That purpose may not always be easy to identify at first, but the Magician will feel it none the less, deep within. Ultimately, through the Night Magician's way of life, s/he will come to know that purpose and become it. The Night Magician is in command of her/his life. S/he sets the trail where others will follow. The Night Magician must grab hold onto life and in everything that s/he says and does must express the Night Soul. The Night Magician's life is filled with purpose and it is through that purpose that s/he will unfold her/his Night Powers. The Night Magician's purpose is her/his dream. It is what s/he must do while s/he is upon the Earth plane. But that purpose and dream will set her/him apart from those adrift on the sea.

The Night Magician must overcome loneliness as a result of it. S/he must overcome the misunderstanding of others and press on. There will be many unbelievers in this world for there are many lost in the Yang matrix, but s/he must ignore them and all else that interferes with the dream. But if the Night Magician is truly dedicated and willing to sacrifice for the dream, if s/he believes in her/himself and the Night Soul within and expresses only that Soul, then the Night Magician's dream will manifest itself into the world. That dream is the Will of the Oversoul and it will appear into the world. The Night Magician's life is marked by purpose, dedication, sacrifice, determination, and darkest love. The Night Magician's life is darkest magic of the highest kind. It is magick that produces deepest joy and happiness in the Night Magician's life. It is the magick of the Oversoul on Earth. The Night Magician's life is aimed at becoming the Oversoul in all that is done. Imagine a life that is filled with nothing but the Nightsoul.

In you, as a Night Magician, the Power and Absolute Love of the Oversoul comes to its fullest. When that Power and Absolute Love flows through you and into the lives of those around you and on out into the world itself nothing can remain as it was before. Everything that the Night Power touches shall be made anew. It shall shine with an Amethyst/Emerald Light Divine. This is the Night Magick of the Oversoul. This is Magick of the Highest Order and it is in the Night Magician's life. Here you have some of the beautiful facets of the life of a Night Magician.

Her/his life is marked by trials and testing. This is not meant to discourage you but to show the true picture to all would-be Night Magicians. If you are to become a Night Magician then you must truly understand all that is involved and be willing to give all that it takes. It will take determination, courage, fortitude, and intuition in all the seemingly hardships. It will take this to be able to grasp from the lore the knowledge required and to put it into practice; to become a Night Magician. The Night Magician's life is study, training, practice, and being tested. But the Night Magician's life is much more. It is life filled with happiness and joy. It is filled with inner peace and absolute love. It is filled with adventure and excitement. It is a life filled with success. The Night Magician is truly in command of her/his life. S/he is the Oversoul in action. This way of life is all that the Night Magician ever cares to know. Her/his goals for this life are all that matters. These goals are the Night Magician's life and Night Magick will ensure the success of achieving these goals. The life of a Night Magician is a very special one. I would like you to travel with me now on the roadway the apprentice must follow to become a Night Magician.