The Solar, Planetary, and Lunar Powers

42. The Solar, Planetary, and Lunar Powers

It may come as a shock to you, but the Stars, Planets, and Moons that you look upon every day and night are indeed Great Magickal Entities. Descending from out of the Celestial Realm, they have chosen to incarnate into the Stars, Planets and Moons. Their magickal path is one of many advanced magickal paths, but it is a very important path. It is important, especially in regards to you, for it provides places upon which lesser souls may find development and magickal advancement. Humans are not, by any means, the only race in the universe. The Stars, Planets and Moons are, indeed, Conscious, Sentient Beings, each with their own personal natures. Under this topic, I am going to discuss each of these Inner Natures. I will begin with a discussion of the Solar Life. I will then discuss the Planetary and Lunar God/Goddesses, in general, and then discuss, specifically, the Inner Natures of each. Along with discussing their Inner Natures, I will also talk about the auric effect of each, upon you. If you are ready, then let's proceed to the Solar Force.

The visible Stars are inhabited by advanced beings following the Yang path of development. There is no doubt that physically we need the Sun in order to provide physical heat and act as a physical source for the positive solar energy needed by living things on Earth. As a Night Magician you will become very sensitive to solar energy. As your depth in the Night proceeds you will need less and less of the solar energy. You want to be very careful not to receive too much sunlight and so become overcharged with solar force. This will definitely harm your magickal workings. I have been to places where the Night Force was so strong that it acted much like a polarized lens and filtered the harmful energy of the Sun from me. But these places are few and far between. If you wrap yourself tightly in your Night Pillar then you will greatly minimize the harmful effects of the Sun.

Within this system though because it is a Yin system there is also the Dark Sun. It is also called the Black Sun. The Black Sun absorbs too much Yang Energy and moves it to another time and place that is a Yang system. The Black Sun is the source of all Yin Energy in this Dark Solar System. It is the Parent Force to the Planetary and Lunar Deities. Let's examine this parenthood some more.

You will remember that every human being receives its Oversoul and Godsoul from a part of the great whole which is the Earth Goddess/God's Oversoul and Godsoul. In similar manner, the Planetary and Lunar Deities receive their Oversoul and Godsoul from the Dark Sun. So we have the Dark Sun as the sum of the whole, who then divides Its Eternal Self into smaller pieces who are the Planetary and Lunar Deities, and they in turn divide their sum into individual sparks which become encased in the material world. The Ancients knew, thou enshrouded in myth, that the Planets and Moons are the physical vehicles of very advanced beings. You are familiar with your own physical body and the other vehicles that make up your material being. You also know that you have an aura that is charged with emotions and thoughts. When you meet someone in the office, for example, and come within range of their aura, you often sense things about that person. If they are feeling uplifted, or angry and depressed, you can sense that about the person. You also have found that if you permit it, their aura may induce these same feelings in you. This is somewhat similar when we speak about the Planetary and Moon Spirits having bodies.

They do have bodies, and along with that, they also have an aura that is supercharged with emotions and thoughts that reflect the Inner Nature of their Being. Their bodies are enormous and so are their auras. Thus, the effect of these auras is far reaching. Yet, I want to say this: Humankind are foolish creatures when they allow the Stars, Planets, or Moons to rule their destiny. The effect of Their Auras may heighten the highest qualities in humankind but they do not rule humankind's destiny. Your destiny is in your own hands and the Hands of Your Oversoul. Remember this. Now what effects do these Great Ones have upon you.

When the Dark Sun runs strong through you, you find yourself filled with vitality and health. You are ambitious, proud, strong willed, and face life with great courage. You have a very strong and stable personality. You have a great drive and zest for life. You are a very independent and confidant soul. You are generally quick witted, perceptive, thoughtful, and considerate. These are the things that the Dark Sun can bring out in you. You will soon learn how to increase the power of the Dark Sun that runs through your veins. You will learn how to do this through the Night Rites. The Dark Sun does run through everyone, to some degree, but can be greatly intensified by practicing the Night Rites.

From the Dark Sun we proceed onward with the Planetary and Lunar Spirits. The first-born Children of the Father-Mother Dark Sun are the Planetary and Lunar Night Powers. Each Night Power has elected to incarnate into a planetary or lunar physical body. They serve the noble purpose of giving a home to countless souls. They serve as Father, Mother, and Guardian to all the souls incarnate thereon. They are beautiful, Magickal Beings of the Night Spirit's Power. They all embody the Energy of the Night Soul. They all serve to help the progress and advancement of lesser souls. Think about this; you only live a span of generally less then one hundred years, but they live a life that is many billions of years long! Thus, you should recognize them for what they are, and give them your energy as best you can. Each Planetary and Lunar Night Power has followed a separate and unique magickal evolution, which is ever ongoing, just as you have. The only thing is, that they have been at it a lot longer then you have. You find that, just as you are strong in certain inner traits and qualities, so the Planetary and Lunar Night Beings are. They have embodied certain magickal qualities and forces from their magickal growth and advancement. These forces and qualities make up their Inner Nature and are reflected in Their Auras. There is a science that is based upon the interplay of these forces, and others, on humankind. It is called Astrology. It is based upon many factors and is a very real science. What you are going to do is study the Inner Nature of each Planetary and Lunar Night Spirit, and then the Auric effect of that Night Spirit, on you, when it plays upon you (or others) the strongest. You will begin with the Night Spirit Mercury.

Perhaps, it is here, that I should interject this bit of information. The names of the Lunar and Planetary Night Spirits are prefixed with the word Night God or Goddess. This is so, whenever you refer to them as Magickal Beings in speech, or addressing them in meditation. Although each Lunar and Planetary Spirit contains a Yin and Yang side their is one aspect that is predominate just as there is in you. Let's return now to the Night God Mercury.

Mercury has always been represented as the winged god messenger. You can, indeed, think of Mercury as the Winged Night Spirit, in the form of a beautiful Silver Hawk. The Hawk is the symbol of great magickal attainment, and the Night God Mercury has reached those lofty heights of the Planetary Oversoul. His very core of Being is filled with Night Energy. His Presence is filled with Oversoul Strength and the Night Power. Yet, His Nature is that of a very warm Being. He stands as the Rock of the Oversoul upon whom all may build their lives in confidence. He is sure of His Place in the Drama of Life. His Aura radiates with the Power of the Night Command and Direction. Thus, He fills your life with Night Direction when you are open to His Influence. When you are attuned to His Presence and Power, you are filled with the Presence of Oversoul. You find inner freedom and independence in yourself as the Magickal Hawk. You find yourself as a seeker of Wisdom, wherever It may be. His Presence quickens your mental faculties and gives you good memory. You enjoy the pursuit of Wisdom in reading and writing. His Aura makes you perceptive, studious, and logical. You can be a strong leader in life. This is the Power of the Night God Mercury in your life. From the Night Spirit Mercury, you travel to visit with the Night Goddess Venus.

Venus is a Night Planetary Goddess who is very Warm, Vibrant, and Alive with the Night Energy. She is filled with the Energy of the Oversoul and the Night Spirit, which She radiates in Her Aura to all beings. If you were to visualize Her Presence, you would see Her attired in a flowing, red gown. She has beautiful green eyes, skin that is pale and soft, and Her hair is long, flowing, and red in color. You find Her a bit Reserved and Mysterious in Nature. She is filled with the deepest of Compassion for others. You know Her as the Morning Star, the last to say good-bye. When you bathe in the Presence of Her Aura, your Inner Nature becomes filled with Energy. She fills you with a vibrancy and warmth for life. She gives to you an artistic nature and an energy for beauty, art, and music. You become a part of Her Compassion for all of life. You enjoy being with other people and spreading harmony, peace, and happiness among them. This is the Power of the Goddess Venus in your life. From here, you move to the next Goddess, and One whom you call Mother, the Earth.

The Presence of Mother Earth is a very Commanding One. She has a very strong sense of Direction and Purpose in Her Life. Yet, you find Her a very Compassionate and Loving Creature. If you could envision Her Presence, you would find Her arrayed in a beautiful, emerald green gown and shimmering in the Glory of the Night Spirit's Light. She is a very Magickal and Elegant Lady. She is very much concerned with life and nature. When filled with the Presence of Her Nature, you, too, become filled with a concern for life and nature. You sense the great importance all life and nature plays in your world. You feel very earthy and strong in the ways of the Earth. You become a part of Her Direction and Purpose in Life. You become filled with Her Compassion and Concern for all things living. You know the feeling of true parenthood, just as She does for all of you. This is your Mother and Night Goddess, Earth. You won't have to go far to meet your next Lunar Night Goddess, the Moon.

She has been known as Diana, or Artemis, the Goddess of Light and the Moon. She has been recognized as the Goddess of Fertility. The Moon's Light comes from sun light but she reflects to the Earth only Yin Light. She is the Great Reflector of the Yin Light into your world. She is the Giant Mirror through which humankind can see their selves reflected. Thus, She is All- seeing of the wrong and harm that is done to the beautiful body of the Goddess Earth. As you meditate upon Her Presence, you see only the All-seeing Eye and the tears that are shed for humankind. The Goddess Diana is a very Compassionate and Loving Being, who has constantly seen the wrong and harm caused by humankind. Thus, She is filled with a Great Sadness over humankind and its doings. When you come strongly under Her Presence, you are filled with a restlessness and boundless energy to correct those wrongs. She has great control over your emotional nature and can raise in you the highest of qualities. She makes you sensitive and intuitive to all things around you. She fills you with great compassion. She gives you a receptive and imaginative mind. This is the outpouring of the Goddess Diana's Aura on you. Now, you are off to visit the Night God Mars.

Man has always envisioned the Night God Mars as a god of war. But the time has passed, when the Night God Mars may be referred to as such. The Night God Mars, as all the Planetary Night Spirits, is a Great Being of the Night Spirit and Energy. The problem lies with humankind itself. The Energies of Mars can either bring humankind to its Highest, or lowest Self, dependent on the Inner Nature of humankind. Thus, the Energies have always reacted adversely with the human aura and created a state of war in humankind. Where Mars was, before, symbolized as a Hawk, now, He shall be symbolized as a Swan. The Swan is a living symbol of the Oversoul in the Night Spirit. The Night God Mars is a Masculine Night Spirit who is Young and Energetic. He is Night Courage and Strength. He represents Victory in, and through, Peace. He is the Fighter and Defender of the Ways of the Night Spirit. He is a very Wise and Noble Night Spirit. He is a King in All Things. His Aura can raise the highest and noblest of qualities in humankind.

He fills you with a energy of liberty, freedom, and independence. He gives to you an Inner Nature of Night Strength and Courage. You become filled with inner purpose and direction. You are filled with His Night Energy and thus, are ambitious, aggressive, and straightforward in all things. You are given a good mind that makes you ingenious and inventive. You are filled with the Wisdom of the Night God Mars. When you are filled with His Night Energies, you must always be centered in your Oversoul. You must guard against a lack of patience and rashness. You must guard against an unruly temper. You must always be filled with the Night Energy and Light, and thus raise the Energies of the Night God Mars to their Highest in you. You leave the Night Spirit Mars, and move on to the Goddess Jupiter. Perhaps this will upset many, but the Goddess Jupiter is predominately a Feminine Night Spirit. She does have strong Masculine overtones, but She is, nonetheless, a Feminine Night Spirit. If you could envision Her Presence, you would see Her with very long, flowing, blond hair. She wears a very radiant dress of blue light. She is a very Magickal and Radiant Goddess. She is a virtual pool of Explosive Night Energy. She is always ready to go; to be; to do. She is filled with Night Liberty, Freedom, Justice, and the Eternal Night Balance. She is symbolized by a Blue Raven of Harmony and Peace. She is a very Refined and Elegant Being. She is very businesslike in all Her Ways. She brings to you this businesslike attitude.

She fills you with a very real sense of purpose and direction. She gives you strong convictions. She give to you an optimistic, confidant, and determined attitude. When you have the Power of the Goddess Jupiter flowing through strongly, you are very sincere, courteous, pleasant, and noble person. You are a very refined individual. You value your freedom and independence very highly. This is the Power of the Goddess Jupiter. You leave Her to visit another of Her Sisters, the Goddess Saturn.

As you approach the Aura of the Goddess Saturn, you find Her Awesome, Powerful, and Creative. She is filled with Great Elegance and Grace. She is a very Mysterious the Goddess of the Night and Power. She is the Mistress of Time and Space. She is the Taskmaster for those who would enter the Path towards Night Consciousness. She wears the Silver Crown of the Oversoul, and holds it for all who attain to the Oversoul. She is a very Stern Goddess, who demands much from Her Sons and Daughters. Yet, She is filled with Great Compassion and Energy. Her Very Nature contains Night Tolerance, Patience, and Fortitude. She brings to all humankind the aspiration to attain unto the Oversoul.

If Saturn's Aura rules in you then you are very calm, grave, and serious in nature. You are one who is ready to face the trials and tests of life. You are ready for the great changes and upsets to come into your life. You are ready, because you are one who strives to become the Oversoul in all things. There is no greater goal and crown to be won, from the Hands of the Goddess Saturn. You must take on the Goddess' Qualities of Tolerance, Patience, and Fortitude. You must be ready for the long, slow climb towards Night Consciousness, for indeed, with these Night Qualities inside yourself, you can not fail. These are the Powers of the Goddess Saturn, in the life of those who would be the Oversoul. Let's go onward and meet the Night God Uranus.

The Inner World of the Night God Uranus is one related to the technology of the world. He is a very Strong-willed Night God. He has a great feeling for the World of Technology. He is very thorough in all He undertakes. The Power of His Aura is very far reaching, and is felt strongly in the world today. He gives to those, who feel His Power, strong originality and independence of thought. His Power gives the genius and inventor of the world. The inventor is a lover of his freedom and independence. As with all geniuses and inventors, there is a peculiarity or strangeness that tends to set them apart from others. It makes them feel as if they are many years ahead of their time. The Night Spirit Uranus is still very much wrapped up in His Own Ways and Mysteries, and so it is with the next the Night God Neptune.

To look into the Inner Nature of the Night God Neptune is very much like looking into the depths of the oceans. His Inner Nature is extremely Deep and Vast. The Inner Depths of Neptune conceal many of the Ancient Mysteries that are still to be revealed to humankind. The Night God Neptune is a very Refined and Noble Planetary Night God. He is filled to the Depths with Night Strength and Power. He is symbolized by a Trident, with a Blazing Silver Light atop it.

He gives to you Inner Strength of Purpose and Direction. He knows who you are; why you are; and where you're going. He fills you with a sense of Destiny and Purpose in Life. His Aura fills you with His Night Strength. He gives to you an Energy for the Mysteries. He makes you intuitive and perceptive to the Night Force. To those in whom the Power of the Night God Neptune flows strongest, He gives the Energy of the Seas and Oceans. It is best, for this one, to live close to large bodies of water. This is the Power of the Night God Neptune. Your last stop is to visit the Night Goddess/God Pluto. In the Night God Pluto, the Forces of Masculinity and Femininity are in equal balance. The Night God is neither more feminine or more masculine, but finds a balance in both. In the Night God Pluto, you find the Knowledge of the Night. S/he is filled with Night Life, Light, and Speed. S/he is the Guardian of the Night Age. S/he is the Harbinger of the Age of the Eternal Night. S/he is the First One to see and understand the New Horizons that lie before humankind. S/he is symbolized by the Equilateral Triangle ablaze in Green Cold Fire. She is filled with a New Night Power for the Yin System and it is called Cold Fire. It represents a new form of Night Power and Strength, and when magickally invoked, feels both cool and warm. Its Power has yet to be fully understood and used in this world. The Night Goddess/God Pluto represents, in humankind, the dying of the material concerns and the birth of the magickal way of life. S/he will fill humankind with a new power and energy that will bring about new ways of life. If the Powers of the Night Goddess/God Pluto flow strongest in you, you will find yourself standing atop the Mountain of the Night God, holding aloft the Blazing Night Energy of Your Own Divinity. In the Night Goddess/God Pluto, you find the New Human. This is the Human of the Night Age, the Aquarian Age, the return to a Magickal Way of Life.

You found that Dark Stars, Planets, and Moons are Conscious, Sentient Beings of the Night Power and Energy. You found that in some ways they differ as much as humans differ from each other. May you find in knowing the Planetary Night Goddess/Gods and the Goddess Diana, greater understanding about yourself, your future, and your relation to the Universe around you. You leave the Magickal-Material Universe of the Planetary and Lunar Goddess/Gods and enter into the Magickal Realm of the Night Teachers.