Standards and Principles of Practicing Night Magick

8. Standards and Principles of Practicing Night Magick

You are about to embark on the Night Road of learning Night Magick and achieving Night Consciousness. There are certain standards and practices which you must include in your life while on the Road. I have covered a few of them already but I will go into greater depth over some of them and cover some additional standards and principles to insure your success.

The Silver Rule (silver being a precious metal to the Night Force) is "you may do anything that you want if you always maintain the Eternal Night Balance". The Eternal Night Balance is a fundamental law of the Night Force. Balance in the Omniverse is a vital factor to order within the Eternal Night. For everything you take from the Eternal Night you must give back to the Eternal Night in equal measure. This does not mean of course that if through Night Magick, using the energy of the Night Force, you acquire wealth that you must give money back to the Night Force. It means that the amount of energy used to accomplish something must be returned in full. This keeping of the Eternal Night Balance is an intuitive matter that is easy to maintain when working within Night Consciousness. Therefore, before using Night Magick to accomplish any event, always work within the consciousness of the Oversoul to be able to maintain the Balance. There also follows another major principle within which you must practice Night Magick. This is the "Law of Night Magick".

The Law of Night Magick is "there is nothing impossible when you are One with the Night Force". I mean absolutely nothing. Always remember this fundamental law and believe it with all your might. Remember that everything you do in life is Night Magick. It should be done in Night Consciousness. Your whole life is now an expression of Night Magick and Consciousness. There is nothing you cannot do. I'd like to turn for the moment to the principles governing the Night Magician and the world as a whole.

You will find the world to be rather hostile to you concerning Night Magick. The religions of the world are predominantly Yang. The majority of people have been conditioned to respond in a Yang manner. Yang and Yin are opposite forces which do not mix well. From Night Consciousness's view, each soul is responsible for its own world. Each soul determines much of its life and the quality of that life before coming here. There is some predestination in all lives yet there is much which is not. If individuals are poor and/or homeless then this gives the Oversoul that experience. If souls are wealthy then that is another experience. This world offers a myriad of different experiences for the Oversoul to live and experience. The Oversoul lives many lives on Earth in order to get a well-rounded education. The Earth can be a very rough school and souls here are experiencing in essence the first grade of life. When the Oversoul has experienced all the lessons it deems necessary then It moves on to a new world with more advanced lessons to be learned. This system is called reincarnation and is very difficult for much of the world to except.

They would rather explain much of the world's problems and their own as the fault of someone else. The Christians blame Satan for the ills of the world. There are many people who blame their government. Others blame other people and their not caring about their fellow human. The Night Magician blames no one.

The Night Magician knows that her/his beginnings on this planet are chosen from the other side of life. S/he chooses her/his parents, race, sex, country, and many of the future events before arriving to insure that the necessary lessons for this life are achieved. It may sound terrible but a woman may actually chose to be raped in order to gain that experience and learn from it. There are children born bad. They are souls who previously raped, murdered, robbed, etc. and are returning little changed from their previous lives. Human souls are not born innocent regardless of how innocent that baby looks in her/his cradle. They have lived before on Earth and are returning little changed from when they last lived on Earth. They are a bundle of possibilities and potentials and already have the beginnings of personality for this life. You arrive the same way but as a Night Magician you must take charge of your life. If you don't like it then change it. Use Night Magick to alter your world. Some parts of life are predestined but many are not. The free times feel like your adrift on a sea without much direction. This is the time to chose a new direction. You shouldn't get involved in changing all the world's ills.

I believe someone said before that there will always be the poor and hungry. This is true because this world requires those experiences for a certain group of souls. There will always be crime because there will always be others who want what someone else has. There are experiences of hardship, suffering, crime, poverty, hunger, divorce, physical and sexual abuse, and a thousand more like it. There are experiences of wealth, fame, comfort, peace, happy marriage, beautiful children, successful career, and a thousand more like it, too. The Oversoul needs all these experience possibilities. The Night Magician chooses her/his experiences and controls them through Night Magick. The Night Magician knows that the rest of the world chooses their experiences too and lives them the best they can so that the Oversoul may gain experience. Help the other soul when led by your Oversoul to do so. But have no guilt, nor interfere in another soul's existence, when in Night Consciousness you know that what they are experiencing is necessary. The practice of Night Magick requires that the affairs of your world move with a steady, even pace.

There is no set limit as to how fast this pace may be. Setting limits upon pace is a relative matter. But the pace must be even and steady. Do not become so embroiled in the everyday routines of the hustling, bustling world that your world is conducted without Night Magick. You must have a magickal attitude while in the world. You must keep your consciousness raised above the mire and limitations of the world. You must approach life with passion and zest.

In Night Consciousness, life is an adventure. Life is usually made up of one adventure after another. Everything that has happened to you is a type of adventure that requires your use of Night Magick to see it through. There are adventures which you may feel have had an unhappy ending. Perhaps that ending did not have to occur with the use of Night Magick. If you are in the Night Flow and something bad seems to have happened perhaps there was a reason. Use Night Magick to find out. Use Night Magick to correct the situation. Do all this in Night Consciousness. There will be times when you must approach life with courage, boldness, and energy. There will be other times when you must use caution, prudence, and reflection. Approach life from Night Consciousness and you will always know what to do. In Night Consciousness, life is art.

You are the Night Magician. You are the artist. Create! Create any kind of life you want. Your imagination is the limit. Fill your life with passion and love. Fill your life with honor, dignity, and pride in the works you create. As the artist be inventive and imaginative in what you create as your life. If you want wealth that is fine. If you want pleasure and ease that is fine. Remember, Night Balance in what you create. The Night Magician operates from a point of solitude.

The Night Magician is a solitary worker. This doesn't mean you won't have friends. You may be a very active person socially with many friends. You can even practice Night Magick collectively in groups. But ultimately, the Night Magician is a solitary worker. The Night Magician must achieve mastery in Night Magick and Night Consciousness on her/his own. No one else can do this for you. I can show you how to practice Night Magick and give you the keys to obtaining Night Consciousness but I can't bestow upon you, mastery in Night Magick or Night Consciousness. This you must do on your own with study, self- discipline, effort and energy.

Night Magick is for those willing to pursue knowledge. It takes knowledge not faith to become a Night Magician. It takes a lover of independent thinking. One who is free of convention and is not a sheep in the world. It takes mental precision and intelligence to master Night Magick. It will require will power and perseverance to overcome obstacles when they show up. You must learn control of thoughts. You will hear this over and over, "thoughts are things". I don't know who first said this but remember it. If you think thoughts of poverty then guess what, you are poor. If you wish some one dead, even idly, then they may die. Through Night Magick, thoughts become things with purpose. Learn control of your thoughts from the onset. Emotions are also part of this.

Emotions add energy to thoughts. So you must also learn to control emotions. Emotions, like thoughts, are energy and energy changes the world around you. I am not limiting any thoughts or emotions from your world. You are free to think and feel anything you want. But remember, thoughts and emotions will change the world around you and you are responsible for those changes. Keep the Eternal Night Balance. Remember the Silver Rule and you will have no problems. You need to take care of your physical body.

Night Magicians come in all shapes and sizes. There are no requirements in this area. What is important is the physical body is the ultimate channel through which the Night Force flows out into the world. You need to keep that channel as in tuned with the Night Force as possible. You will learn techniques to do this shortly. Try to maintain oneness with your Oversoul and the Night Force by keeping them in your thoughts and emotions at all time. This will help maintain the balance. It is alright to smoke, eat, and provide the body with physical pleasure. But balance is again important to your practicing Night Magick. You can't practice Night Magick if you die of overeating, heart attack, or cancer. You will learn to control your thoughts and emotions to help prevent these things. But if you go too far one way then all your knowledge won't help if the body can't act as a channel for the Night Force. Balance pleasure with physical exercise, breathing exercises with smoking, and right thoughts and emotions that will control the stress and pressures in your life. I want to talk to you about drugs.

Their use is a very popular thing. In the right hands drugs can be very beneficial to human health. Magickally, drugs have been used to induce certain mental and emotional states. In the case of Night Magick, DON'T USE THEM! Drugs have more than a physical effect. They alter the etheric, astral, and mental bodies. Drugs can do severe damage to these bodies that may take many "lifetimes" to repair. I assure you that there is nothing drugs can do for you that Night Magick can't do for you. There is no high or altered state that Night Magick can't achieve for you. Drugs can so alter your many bodies that by using Night Magick you will place yourself in danger of losing your physical life. Moreover, you may lose your emotional and mental stability that will require hospitalization. So far, I have not limited you in thought or action in this book. But in this case, be warned. Do not use drugs. If you are using prescription drugs under a physician's care and they severely alter your state of being then for that time don't practice Night Magick. Wait till you no longer need the drugs. Under drugs I am also including alcohol. On occasion you may feel like getting drunk. As you progress in Night Consciousness you will eventually be able to drink and not get drunk. For most, that is a long time from now. Drinking, to a lesser degree, alters the physical, etheric, astral, and mental bodies. The effects are usually not as damaging unless you overdose on alcohol. Drinking in moderation is fine. There is nothing wrong with an occasional drink. For some though, an occasional drink becomes overuse of alcohol which ultimately will have the same effect as non-alcohol drugs. Again, do not practice Night Magick while under the influence of alcohol regardless of the amount of alcohol. It has the same possible effect as non-alcohol drugs. Let's go on to sex.

In today's world one usually talks about sex after talking about drugs. Sex is great. With Night Magick, sex is going to become fantastic. The energy that is going to flow through you during orgasm will give you the ultimate orgasms of your life. There are though some rules that apply to this area.

It should be obvious that you must practice "safe sex". The male should use a condom and the woman should be sure he uses it. No matter how close you are to your spouse or circle of friends unless you're sure of their monogamy, men use condoms. Women should also use contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. Men should learn how to put on condoms to insure they don't break and never use petroleum products that will cause the latex to break. Women should also know how to put a condom on a man to insure the man does it right. You may find that as you increase in Night Consciousness and the flow of the Night Force increases that the only time you will achieve those ultimate orgasms is when the partner is also practicing Night Magick.

In Night Magick, concerning sex, it doesn't matter whether the couple is heterosexual, male- male, female-female. It doesn't matter if the couple act alone. It doesn't matter if there is a man and more than one woman or a woman and more than one man to the couple. It doesn't matter if there is a group of couples of all polarities. It doesn't matter if the group is exclusively men or women. What really makes the difference is if everyone is practicing Night Magick.

When all are practicing Night Magick then all are in the Night Flow. Everyone present will have some increase of energy flowing through them. All will feel the bond of Night Consciousness. In Night Magick there is no jealousy or possessiveness. In Night Magick there is no Judeo-Christian, or Moslem, or Mormon, or any oppressive religious hang-ups about sex. Each Night Magician is independent and free. Marriage under Night Magick is not one of possession but of mutual cooperation and love.

Group marriage is a very real possibility under Night Magick because a Night Magician honors independence, freedom, and equality in action among Night Magicians. There is no jealousy or possessiveness among Night Magicians. Women and Men have equal rights in Night Magick and Consciousness and in the world itself. But marriage between a Night Magician and non- practicing human being rarely works out. Ultimately, the Night Magician changes so much that the spouse no longer understands the Night Magician. It is very rare to find a spouse who will understand the Night Magician and their way of life. The marriage often ends in divorce. But it is better to divorce and remain friends then to stay in a marriage which creates hostility and resentment. There is no balance in such a marriage. Many are made to feel guilty if there are children involved and stay married although there is hostility and resentment between them. I believe it is better for everyone involved if the couple divorce, and even if they can't remain friends, to at least remain cooperative and fair with each other concerning settlement and visitation. Balance and harmony are important in a Night Magician's life. It is important to her/his success on the Night Road. Also important to this success and of a more concrete nature are Magickal Tools.

Down through the ages the Ancient Night Magicians have used many different types of tools and implements in the practice of the Ancient Art. You too are going to need Magickal Tools and in the next topic I will help you attain these tools.