1. Prolog

Hi Everyone,
It's been over ten years since I first released "Night Magick" to the Internet. It was almost twenty years ago that I first set down and began writing "Night Magick". It was about thirty-four years ago that the flame of Night Magick was kindled in my heart. I was a teen at the time. Now all these years later its time to start writing again. Why so much time? Why now?

Well, as I write this book, you'll get the answer to those questions. I am going to answer little by little, the tale of my life this incarnation. I will discuss in greater detail the origins of Night Magick. There will be new rites and tools. I will introduce new Night Magick subjects such as the Night Races. I will cover some subjects from the first book in greater depth. If there is something you would like me to cover and I feel it is appropriate for this book then contact me here: [an error occurred while processing this directive]

This book though is going to be different than the first book. It will be a dynamic and living document. I will be posting it on the site in increments. There won't be any clear division into sections of earth, water and such. I may post an entire topic at once or put part of one up and come back to it later. You can keep up with the changes by checking the "Book II changes" link.

Now it took a long time to write the last book and I had more time to write it then. As some of you know, I am a single parent, raising a teenage son, and working full-time. I am going to try and set aside some time everyday to do some writing so hopefully there will be a fair amount of progress. This doesn't mean there will be something new on the web everyday but hopefully every week or two.

This book really requires that you read and study the first book as outlined in Book I, Topic Four before studying this book. The rules for studying this book are the same as Book I.

I have enjoyed talking to many of you over the past years. There are also many of you out there who I have never spoken to but I know you have made real progress in Night Magick. Although many of you practice in solitude there exists a tremendous Night Magick Web that covers the Earth. Each of you are a node of Night Energy, linked by radiating lines of Night Energy, strengthening and strengthen by the Lord of the World.

Here is wishing you all the best on your continued quest for Night Magick.