Appendices - Appendix C. 1

Appendix C. 1

Appendix C. 1

Origins of the Night Runes

As many of you know the Night Runes have been a long time in coming. The journey I have undergone to bring these to you has been a long and arduous one. The journey you have undergone to receive them has also been one of trial, pain and suffering. You have chosen to leave the Night Kingdom and take embodiment on Earth to help bring the planet through the time of purification and its return back to the Night. The God of this World has escaped imprisonment and is ready to take back the planet. The Night Runes are given to you to help accomplish that. They are given to you to end your suffering. Study and use the Night Runes with the knowledge and wisdom of your Night Consciousness.

Use of the Night Runes.

There are a total of thirty-four Night Runes. They each have a sound associated with them. Each Night Rune is endowed with an inherent Power of the Night. In the heart of the Night World in which our beloved Night God rules these Runes form the alphabet of the Language of Night Power.

The Night God and His Magicians use this language to Create in the Night Force. They build with Night Power the World of Night Magick. I cannot just hand you the sounds of these runes nor construct for you the words of this Language. You will have to do this yourself.

In Night Consciousness, you will hear the Words of Night Power. As you repeat the word you will see the runes that make up the word and with that you will learn the sounds associated with each rune and with combinations of runes. What I will do is tell you the meaning of the individual runes. I have also gone to some length to combine the runes into Night Glyphs of extraordinary power as examples you may use. I want you to understand these are only the beginning glyphs. You, too, in Night Consciousness, can build Night Glyphs endowed with the Power of the Night Creator. As in all Night Magick, go within your Inner Night Self, and dwell upon the Eternal Source of Night. Join in the Night God's Consciousness and bring a Night Glyph into this world. Feel it's Night Power, know its purpose, hear it's Sound, and then put it down on paper. When you draw the rune you should use black, red, or violet paint, ink, or whatever medium will hold shape. If you carve or etch the Night Runes on objects you should color in the runes with one of the above colors. Orientation of the Night Runes is important. Night Runes are used to impart Night Power to an object. They can be used as objects of meditation to impart that Power to yourself or to another. They can be used to build up a field of energy. For example, I draw out the Night Glyph of Night Death on four sheets of paper and place those on the four corners of my bed on the floor. I trace out the pattern of the Night Glyph with my left hand while invoking the Words (Sounds) of Night Power that I feel flowing from it. I do this at each corner of the bed. I do this for protection from my enemies. If they should even attempt to harm me, Night Death will take them. My nights are now filled with peaceful rest. My dreams are my own. What follows are the descriptions of each Night Rune and its inherent Night Power and then the same for the Night Glyphs. So, let your Night Consciousness guide you in the use of these Night Runes and Glyphs. Let the Night God of this world teach you His Symbols of Eternal Night Power. Always use them in Night Consciousness and His Service.

Quick Listing of the Night Runes

  1. Rain

    tears, mercy

    The tears that the Night Gods shed sometimes out of joy and sometimes out of pain for the world. A symbol of mercy and kindness and at times a merciless act.

  2. Hail

    destruction and no mercy

    When the tears of the Night Gods are received by a heartless world. A symbol of a force of destruction that knows no mercy.

  3. Meteor

    playing with creative fires

    The Night Gods play with the fires of the heavens. A symbol of the joy of playing in Creation's Fires but beware the careless toss.

  4. Flight

    swift action

    And they shall ascend on Night's Wings into the Heart of Eternal Darkness. A symbol of swift action.

  5. Serpent

    knowledge and wisdom

    It was He who saved humankind from slavery and an existence in ignorance and pain. A symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

  6. Change

    change, to repel

    Whether for good or bad, all depends on the Eye of the Beholder but none-the-less, there shall be change. If it comes one way it shall come another.

  7. Fear

    illusion, to bring fear

    The Day Gods struck this in their hearts and separated them by coloring and language and by ignorance out of jealousy and fear of their creation. A symbol of illusion for there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

  8. Winds of Night Fire
    Winds of Night Fire

    force of Night Power

    Thou shall rise on Night Wings on the Fire Breath of the Night Gods that nothing of man's world shall touch thee like the creatures of flight above the desert's winds. A symbol of the force unleashed by the use of the Night Power.

  9. Completion

    actions and their return

    Full circle all things come. A symbol of all actions and their eventual conclusion.

  10. Storms

    cleansing and purification force

    The Storm Gods marched across the land sounding the message the Night God of the World still rules. A symbol of the cleansing and purification force that brings destruction before renewal.

  11. Earthly Creative Fire
    Earthly Creative Fire

    earthly fire

    A gift from the Night Gods to humankind. A symbol of that which can bring warmth and comfort.

  12. Night Strength
    Night Strength

    enduring strength

    Who shall prevail against Him whose strength comes from the Night Gods. A symbol of enduring strength that nothing can stand against.

  13. Fertility

    increase in force till greater

    It was given to them the task of multiplying till their number where legion. A symbol of increase till naught is greater in number and force.

  14. Mountains


    Majestic and Mighty are the Night Gods of the Mountains. Honor shall be given them. A symbol of eternity.

  15. Thunder Being
    Thunder Being

    Fifth Element

    The Hand of the Night God are They. Behold their Awesome Might. A symbol of the Fifth Element of Life.

  16. Chaos


    Ever in motion are the Forces of the One. A symbol of unpredictability.

  17. Non-action

    keeping still

    There is action in non-action. A symbol of the Power of keeping still.

  18. Bliss

    Night Soul, casual body

    To know the Ocean of Being as Oneself. A symbol of your Night Soul.

  19. Pleasure

    re-incarnation, loss in illusion

    And they were given pleasures beyond end and where lost. A symbol of reincarnation.

  20. Earthly Love
    Earthly Love


    The love of a mother for her child, the love of one for his creation. A symbol of a love born of life's energy that gives endurance.

  21. Travel

    traveler with no limitations

    They moved across the World ever in pursuit of the Ultimate Quest. To travel at the speed of thought was their Ultimate Quest. A symbol of the Traveler who has no limitations.

  22. Self-Defeat

    power that stops all things

    To know defeat is to lose one's dreams. A symbol of the power that can stop all things.

  23. Return

    turning back what was sent

    To go yet only to return, never stop the journey. A symbol of turning back what was sent.

  24. Hate & War
    Hate & War

    foolishness, poverty, greed

    They struck with their hate and went to war destroying that which they created. They wept for what they wrought. A symbol of foolishness, poverty, and greed.

  25. Victory


    With swiftness, glory, and success they reached the end. A symbol of accomplishment.

  26. Earthly Happiness
    Earthly Happiness

    hope, joy, happiness on Earth

    They lived their dreams unending, knowing joy and happiness. A symbol of hope, joy and happiness on Earth.

  27. Night Happiness
    Night Happiness

    workings of a Night Magician

    In joy and happiness they entered the Eternal Night arrayed in Night Glory and Power of the Eternal Night. A symbol of the workings of a Night Magician

  28. Sky's Fire
    Sky's Fire

    Night's Glory over Day

    In twilight's glory the sky was set ablaze. A symbol of the Power of Night's Glory.

  29. Time

    patience and persistence

    A beginning and an ending that wears away all things. A symbol of patience and persistence.

  30. Transcendence

    moving beyond limitations

    A symbol of moving beyond the limitations of self.

  31. Transformation

    change things to your Will's Vision

    In the end, all shall be purified and transformed by the Eternal Night. A symbol of the Power of the Night, through the Will of the Night Magician, to transform all into His Vision.

  32. Night Defeat
    Night Defeat

    to bring an end by the Night Power

    They knew defeat at the hands of the Dark One. A symbol of the Night Magician's Power to bring the end.

  33. Night Winds
    Night Winds

    power to remove obstacles

    The Night Winds shall drive all before it bringing destruction and change and clearing away the old. A symbol of the power to remove obstacles.

  34. Arrival

    use and mastery of the four element

    Having set upon the journey of four directions, one day it shall end. A symbol of the Quest of the Four Elements and their use and mastery.