Appendices - Appendix D. 1

Appendix D. 1

The Night Glyphs

Quick Listing of the Night Glyphs

  1. 1. Night Magician
    1. Night Magician

    Image symbol

    He who is one with the Void. Having reached the Void, who is He? Who is He not?

  2. 2. Storm's Warning
    2. Storm's Warning

    Invoke storms

    When added with wind behold the end.

  3. 3. No-Return
    3. No-Return

    End cyclic processes

    Destruction of the wheel of birth and death and re-birth. A symbol of the ending of all cyclic processes.

  4. 4. Water Dragon
    4. Water Dragon

    Image symbol

    Before the Oceans the Night God of the World prayed and They came, the Water Dragons and with Their help the Enemy was defeated. Symbol of the Power, Knowledge, and Wisdom of these great beings of the World's Oceans.

  5. 5. Volcano
    5. Volcano

    Invoke volcanoes

    It's fires move one way then another and all was laid waste before it. Invoking the volcano.

  6. 6. Glamour
    6. Glamour

    Misdirection through illusion

    The Enemy saw Him but knew Him naught for an enchantment lay upon Him. A symbol for the power to cloud others' minds.

  7. 7. Fire Dragon
    7. Fire Dragon

    Image symbol

    From the Creative Fires of the Earth, He created Them, most Powerful of all Earth's Dragons are They. Woe to them who call upon These who is not One with Him.

  8. 8. Maya
    8. Maya

    Ultimate enchantment

    The Dark One called upon Her and Life's adventure on Earth began. Look beyond the Veil. A symbol of ultimate enchantment.

  9. 9. Confusion
    9. Confusion

    Invoke confusion

    Thus they were lost in the illusion of fear and hate. Confusion arose and they knew not what to do.

  10. ZA. Paralysis
    ZA. Paralysis

    Invoke intense fear

    So struck with fear, they were scared to death.

  11. ZB. Birth
    ZB. Birth

    Create living things

    From the union of their Creative Forces, Life began. A symbol of the creation of living things.

  12. ZC. Master Night Magician
    ZC. Master Night Magician

    Image symbol

    A symbol of the mastery in wisdom and knowledge of Night Magick.

  13. ZD. Abyss
    ZD. Abyss

    Image symbol

    The center out of which the Soul of the Night Magician is born.

  14. ZE. Thunderbolt
    ZE. Thunderbolt

    Invoking fire element

    It brings ruin to all it strikes.

  15. ZF. Swift End
    ZF. Swift End

    Bring swift ending

    All things come to end but I could not abide waiting. To bring anything to a successful quick ending.

  16. ZG. Storm's End
    ZG. Storm's End

    Calm and end storms

    The Storms were of frightful intensity, all looked surely lost. Then the Night Magician cast Storm's End and it passed.

  17. ZH. Molasses
    ZH. Molasses

    Slow down

    All seemed lost. The end was coming, much, much, too fast. How I wished things would pour like molasses.

  18. ZI. Night Consciousness
    ZI. Night Consciousness

    Quicken Night Consciousness

    The symbol of the Power by which the Soul's Energies are quickened into Night Consciousness.

  19. ZJ. Void
    ZJ. Void

    Image symbol

    The Power to move beyond all things yet apart of all things is held within this key.

  20. ZK. Absolute Love
    ZK. Absolute Love

    Invoke this energy

    The Night Magician is Absolute Love. They are the embodiment of Dark Love that has its origin in the Void. Here is the key to that Love.

  21. ZL. War's End
    ZL. War's End

    End conflict

    To end the power of hate greed and its results use this glyph.

  22. ZM. Twin Souls
    ZM. Twin Souls

    Image symbol

    Nothing stands against Two Souls united in the Night.

  23. ZN. Purification
    ZN. Purification

    Invoke this energy

    I come when humanity is out of control. I come to purify the world.

  24. ZO. Swan's Song
    ZO. Swan's Song

    Human death

    In the end, humankind shall hear the Swan's Song and know its time to return home. A symbol of the body's earthly end.

  25. ZP. Apocalypse
    ZP. Apocalypse

    Ultimate purification

    And they unleashed the Fires of Life in unabated control till only the desert winds blow. Symbol of ultimate purification.

  26. ZQ. Air Dragon
    ZQ. Air Dragon

    Image symbol

    Swift beyond all measure, composed of the Element Air, the Night Gods do fly throughout the world.

  27. ZR. Time Travel
    ZR. Time Travel

    Invoke this event

    The secrets of moving beyond the limitations of time are contained herein. The future and past have already happened. Be Here and Now.

  28. ZS. Brahma's Sleep
    ZS. Brahma's Sleep

    Time's end

    Our existence is but the life of Brahma. When the Creator sleeps so shall we all.

  29. ZT. Dreams Realized
    ZT. Dreams Realized

    Quickens dreams

    This Night Glyph contains the secrets and power to make the dreams of the Night Magician come true.

  30. ZU. Life
    ZU. Life

    Image symbol

    In this one word, so much is contained. So, too, in this Night Glyph.

  31. ZV. Acceleration
    ZV. Acceleration

    Quicken objects or events

    This glyph will assist you to accelerate change in the world around you. Whether in objects or events rapid change will occur.

  32. ZW. Soul Death
    ZW. Soul Death

    Ultimate defeat

    Herein is contained the ultimate defeat with the death of the Soul.

  33. ZX. Night Firedrake
    ZX. Night Firedrake

    Image symbol

    Easier to control, the Night Magician would do well to ally Himself with this Being before attempting the Fire Dragon.

  34. ZY. Journey's End
    ZY. Journey's End

    Invoke ultimate death

    Not an arrival but the ending of a sad journey.

  35. ZZ. Earth Dragon
    ZZ. Earth Dragon

    Image symbol

    Dark, Still, Deep. The Earth Dragon dwells within the silent places of the Earth. Only those who are masters of this element may approach such a Being.

  36. YA. Night Sun
    YA. Night Sun

    Image symbol

    Yin to the Yang. Source of the Night Magician's Powers.

  37. YB. Cauldron
    YB. Cauldron

    Image symbol

    A symbol used by the Ancients in which to mix the Elements to create the Ultimate Elixir.

  38. YC. Night Powers
    YC. Night Powers

    Image symbol

    In this Night Glyph lies the key to the Night Powers. All are contained within it and without it none can be used.

  39. YD. Night Dragon
    YD. Night Dragon

    Image symbol

    Dragon of the Fifth Element. Only the Master Night Magician may commune with this Being. Black Holes are the lairs for such as these and Night Death comes to those unprepared.

  40. YE. Misery
    YE. Misery

    Invoke this energy

    This Glyph will lie one low on Earth. Depression, poverty, all things bad are for this one.

  41. YF. Twin Soul Death
    YF. Twin Soul Death

    Ultimate defeat for two

    The ending to Twin Souls as on Earth so it is Beyond.

  42. YG. Sterility
    YG. Sterility

    No life

    The absence of life. The inability to create.

  43. YH. Strikes Twice
    YH. Strikes Twice

    Anything is possible

    Although they say "lightning never strikes twice,"; this Glyph can make the unimaginable happen.

  44. YI. Wall
    YI. Wall

    Ultimate shield

    Nothing can penetrate this symbol.

  45. YJ. Boomerang
    YJ. Boomerang

    Returns three fold

    Not only will this stop an action but return it to their owner three folds.

  46. YK. Night Eye
    YK. Night Eye

    Image symbol

    To see all, through all, beyond all. Clear vision shall be granted thee.

  47. YL. Calm Winds
    YL. Calm Winds

    Invoke this event

    The Power to stop the Winds is contained herein.

  48. YM. Move Mountains
    YM. Move Mountains

    To do the impossible

    To move mountains is contained herein. What mountains lie in your way?

  49. YN. Peace
    YN. Peace

    Invoke this event

    The Power to stop wars. The Power to stop hate. The Power to bring Peace.

  50. YO. Goal's End
    YO. Goal's End

    Quickening energy

    The culmination of the workings of a Night Magician through patience and persistence. Night Mastery in all the Elements.

  51. YP. Awakening
    YP. Awakening

    Removes enchantment

    To bring one out of illusion. To see through the veil. To see through all enchantments.

  52. YQ. Night Death
    YQ. Night Death

    Ultimate self-defense

    It comes in harm's way. It transports the Soul of the Enemy beyond reach if they attempt to harm you. It will take the life of anyone who comes to harm you. Seen or unseen enemies stand not against this symbol.