Your Magickal Night Name

10. Your Magickal Night Name

The true name given to anything is very important. A true name contains the essence of that entity. It describes the differences and qualities of that entity. To know the true name of a thing is to imply acquisition and knowledge of that essence. To know the true name gives you dominion over it. The name that you as a Night Magician will choose is of great importance.

You will select a Night Name which to you contains the very essence of your Inner Nature. This name may be the same as a famous personage you wish to emulate or a famous saying or motto. For example, you may choose a name such as Merlin, Saint Germain, Abra-Melin, Mithratar, or any other name that strikes your imagination and heart. You may choose a name from a saying or motto. A Night Name will help to build-up your Night Essence, your feeling of Night Consciousness and will quicken your magickal vibration. This name should be given to no one else to know. It is your own Magickal Name that when used will bring you to Night Consciousness. Now, you must choose a second name.

This is the name that you will be known outwardly by to fellow Night Magicians. You should pattern this name after something unlike your Night Name. This name will be used on all correspondence with other Night Magicians and any published writings. The second name is your public name and is used in such rites and exercises. Remember, to know the name of a thing is to know its Eternal Essence and to have dominion over it.

In selecting a magickal name you are defining that Inner Essence. To tell another is to give him access to your Inner Nature. He may reach you and make demands of you whenever he chooses by knowing your inner name. Do not reveal it for any reason. You should always use your second or outer name as Night Magicians. To do so will insure that you will never be bothered here or hereafter. Both names are important and should be selected to help bring you into your Night Consciousness. Your Night Name will bring you closer into the aura of Night Magick. Having selected your Night Name you now must learn Magickal Protection in order to conduct Night Magick safe from outside influences.