The Physical Realm of Death

20. The Physical Realm of Death

It has always been said that people fear the unknown. One of the greatest unknowns in life is death. Dying is as important as living on Earth. Dying does not have to be a big unknown. There does not have to be fear of death. To end the fear of dying one must look at death and understand it.

Your life is sustained only so long as the silver cord is attached to your physical body. This is your lifeline from your Oversoul to that which you know as "I". In the actual physical process of dying it takes three complete days for this cord to separate. The body should be left alone and undisturbed as much as possible till then. As you are separating, you feel like a cloud drifting over your physical body. After three days, you will cast off like a ship adrift on the seas. The process of dying is entirely painless and you should have no fear. Before casting off for the next dimension, you are required to view the actual process of the preparation of your body for burial. This is to convince you that your physical body has actually died, but that you still live. Here, it might be appropriate to say something about those who are left behind.

In the west, you have been taught that you should grieve for the one who has departed. It would be more appropriate to celebrate for they now have left this world for a new world of happiness and joy. In this new world there is no suffering, hunger, or struggle for survival. You grieve over another's dying for many reasons, but mostly at the loss you feel and at being alone. How can you overcome this grief?

First, you should realize that you will someday be reunited with them if you wish. Only those in harmony with each other can reunite, for only harmony can exist on the other side. You should also realize that you should not grieve so much for the one gone, for you tend to disturb their rest and recuperation on the other side. What can you do to help the person who is suffering from grief?

The best help you can provide is to be the "listening ear". You should do everything in your power to help the person talk out their grief. Let them talk to you about the sorrow they feel over their loss and talk about how it was in the past. Keep them company and let them cry all they want. Crying and tears are the greatest safety valve the human body has. This prevents an emotional overload causing perhaps insanity. Allow the person a reasonable time to express their grief. But this should not go on for ever and ever. Grief can not be allowed to go too far. It will cause the person to develop self-pity and this is just as bad. Dying to this world is birth to the next and higher world. There is a practice which will assist you in the process of dying. You should prepare yourself through meditation. Meditate on the subject of death as has been described here. See yourself at the time of dying. Feel and know yourself developing as a cloud of consciousness over the physical body. See yourself actually trying to get out of that old dying house. Then you should see and visualize the person you want to come help you and meet you. Feel their presence very strong and know that they are there to help you make the transition. If you have no one special to come get you, know that there are special helpers waiting to assist you into the next dimension. Have no fear for you are never alone. Know that just as soon as there is complete separation of the silver cord from the physical body that they will assist you to the next realm. Then allow yourself to relax and wait out the physical process of dying. There is no pain nor fear to experience, only the beginning of a new day in a new world. The only thing you will experience is the feeling of going home. This simple process of meditating on the transition from one world to the next can relieve much anxiety and worry when the actual time seems near. There is no way that meditating on death can bring about the actual thing. Only the Oversoul knows the time of transition and can cause it to happen. So rest assured, that in dying from the physical world, the process is simple, easy, and merely a phase of transition necessary to enter the next world beyond. Now you must also make the transition from one chapter in Night Magick to the next.

You must leave behind the Earth Realm and enter the Water Realm. You have seen many wonders in the Earth Realm. You have learned better ways of breathing and things about your body you may have never known about. You are opening your Night Eye by learning about and seeing your Etheric Body. You should be acquiring better health and a sounder mind through meditation and the use of colors. I must emphasize here, before leaving Earth Magick, that no matter how far you go do not stop practicing the techniques, rites, and exercises learned early in this book. Always take time to meditate and practice Night Breathing. All the things you have learned, so far, are essential for your success later on. If you are ready to explore a fascinating realm and discover many new wonders, then let's enter into the exciting Realm of Water Magick.