Water Rites

28. Water Rites

Water is representative of the Night Spirit. Water is Life and the Night Spirit. I will introduce two rites which embody the use of water. Water is a very powerful magnet and container for the Night Energies. Water will greatly intensify your drawing power of the Night Force. The first rite that I will teach is designed simply to aid your drawing upon, and concentrating the Night Force.

Begin by obtaining a glass bowl, similar to a mixing bowl, with a large open space at the top. The size you will need is based upon the number of people participating with you. You should have a bowl set aside for private use and one for group use. When your not using the bowl keep it wrapped and in a place so that no one else will disturb it. You will also need three black candles, your Night Altar that is close to the floor, and a black cloth to cover the table. Setup the Night Altar so that you, or the officiant, when seated at the altar faces North. If there are others present then they should be seated around the altar. The Night Altar should be covered with the altar cloth. Fill the bowl full of water and place it in the center of the Night Altar. Finally, everyone will be seated, but the officiant who will light the three candles and place two of them on the outer edges of the group. Now that you have these things setup your ready to begin.

Light the incense with the third candle; face West of the Night Altar; and with the lit, black candle in your right hand and while making the sign of Night Magick with the left hand repeat the following invocation: "Let only the Night Spirit remain here and only the Night Spirit go out. This room is protected in the Yin Light of the Oversoul. Let the Light of the Night Brethren enter here and only the Night Force remain. The first Night Guardian shall remain this way and only the Night Spirit's Power will stay. So be it". Now turn counterclockwise to the next major direction and repeat again this invocation. Each time preceding it with the sign of Night Magick. Do this again in the third major direction, and finally over the Night Altar itself. Then take your seat on the floor before the bowl and again surround yourself with the Night Pillar. Contact your Oversoul and begin to draw into yourself the Night Force. Then reach out and touch the bowl with both your hands, one on each side of the bowl. If this is being done as a group, then all will interlock fingers when hands are placed upon the bowl by all members present. All should see the Force flowing into themselves, and then into the bowl filling the bowl with the Night Force. Continue to do this as long as you, and the members with you, feel comfortable and can control the Force. If at anytime you should begin to feel uncomfortable, you should stop and again stand and clear all four corners of the room. Then rest a while before trying this again. This is a tremendous rite for collecting the Night Force in its most concentrated form. After the rite, it is suggested that you obtain clean drinking glasses (one for each member present) and dip them into the water of the bowl and drink of it. Drink as much water as you can comfortably hold. The water has a great healing and energizing effect and will ward off illness for a long time. It is further effective in aiding ailing plants and animals. The benefit of the Force, coursing through your body, is cause enough to do this as often as possible.

In the second rite, in addition to what you have setup, a mirror and two of the following color candles: violet, blue, green, yellow, red, and black. This is not a group rite but for you alone. Begin this rite the same way you did the first rite, by clearing the four points of the room. Setup the bowl of water and a mirror directly behind it. You will use four candles placed upon the Night Altar, one on each corner. The two closest to you will be black candles. The other two candles' colors depend upon what you are trying to accomplish. When this rite is properly setup and performed, you will be able to see your Guides and Teacher and to receive answers to questions you put before them. The color combination of the candles is very important.

If you wish to have questions answered by no one in particular, then a blue and red candle are used. Another strong color combination you can use is red and violet. To contact your Night Teacher, the color combination must match their personal harmony and frequency. There is a chart located in Appendix B which will give you the proper color combination for the various Night Teachers I speak of in this work. For those Night Teachers not listed or if you're not sure who yours is, then you can use the blue and red candle combination to find out and also their specific color combination to be used in this rite. Here is how to use this rite.

Be sure you have cleared the four points in the room and have surrounded yourself in the Night Pillar. Otherwise, you will attract the wrong force. Setup the bowl of water with the black candles in front and the other two in the rear, (make sure that the four candles can be seen in the mirror), and the mirror directly behind the bowl. Light the candles and your ready to begin. Meditate upon your Teacher and Guides and upon the fixtures in front of you. Be sure to get comfortable, surround yourself in the Pillar of Protection, and relax with Night Breathing. Sit directly in front of the Night Altar, such that, you will see the top and surface of the water in the mirror. The reflection you should see in the mirror, is the surface of the water and the candles. The candles will form a figure 8. The faces of the Teacher, or Guides, will appear in the reflection of the water in the mirror, or just above the actual bowl. If at anytime you should start to lose the vibration, stand up and again clear the four points and begin at another time. Not only will the faces appear in the mirror but also images that will answer your questions. It is also possible that you will hear the voice of the Teacher from the image that appears. This is very much akin to picture telephones. Your mind should be free of mental garbage and worries. You should also be in good overall health. If you seem to fail at first then you know that you are making true progress. As with anything, you must practice over and over again to achieve true results. If you do so, then you'll achieve the highest results. You have learned so much about the Astral Realm. But wouldn't it be great if you could go there and see it for yourself? Well if your ready, just turn the page and you'll be on your way.