37. Psychometry

Psychometry is the development of your clairaudient faculties in relation to your sense of touch. By psychometry, you are going to be able to pickup an object and know its origin and history. If the object ever belonged to someone, then you will receive the thoughts and feelings of that individual. Psychometry is related to your clairaudient faculties. Let's see how?

As you will recall, clairaudience is related to your fifth Night Center which is located at the throat level. As your Night Center begins to grow and develop, you develop the sense, in part, of being able to perceive sound from the Night Realm. You can hear in a sense, the voice of the Night Spirit and even the so called "Music of the Night Spheres". All of this is the attunement to, and perception of, higher vibration. An extension of your clairaudient ability is the perception of an object's vibration through touch. Your left hand, if you are right handed, is the sensitive hand to magickal vibration. All things, of all types of nature, have a personal vibration. That vibration is composed of the entire history and nature peculiar to that object. Your clairaudient faculty is able to attune to that vibration and translate it into pictures, sounds, and/or feelings that you can perceive.

Psychometry has many practical applications. You can see actual history taking place by using objects that are related to a particular historical event. But remember, you will see history as it related to that particular object and its part in that history. You can view the origin of the planet through very ancient objects. In a more practical application, you could pickup a book and get the basic feeling of that book and what it is about, and then decide if you are going to like reading it or not. You can learn about the inner nature of individuals of interest to you by examining an object which belongs to them. For example, this could help you understand your employer better; why s/he expects certain things from you, her/his reasoning behind certain acts, and overall, help you to improve your working relationship with her/him. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination is fertile. How do you go about developing your clairaudient faculties in relation to psychometry?

To begin, let's look at the area of self-preparation. You are going to see a trend developing through self-preparation. As in the use of the Night Magician's Pendulum and Crystal Globe, you again need a clean body and hands, and a sound and tranquil state of mind. In review, I stated in topic thirty-two, "Power of Thought", that in all the exercises used to strengthen and train the mind, meditation was very important. Hopefully, you can see the reason for this and have been practicing it. Meditation builds for you a tranquil mind. If you have not been doing it, regularly, then get to it without fail. If you expect to achieve anything in the Night Magick, it must be done through a strong and tranquil mind. So much for self-preparation, now on to the mechanics of psychometry.

Hopefully, you have someone who is very sympathetic towards your magick and wishes to see you succeed in it. If so, get this person to pickup a smooth stone, and take that stone and wash it thoroughly, along with their hands. Then holding the stone in her/his left hand, allowing it to rest in their open palm, ask them to concentrate on a single thought. This thought should be simple. For example, thinking of the color red. Have them concentrate for several minutes on this thought. Then, s/he should wrap the stone in a clean cloth and give it to you. Then take the stone with you and retire to your Magician's Study. Now lie down, relax, place the Night Pillar around you, do some Night Breathing, and place the stone in your clean, left hand. Let the stone rest in the palm of your open hand. Now you must allow your mind to be without thought and tranquil. Do not try to concentrate on the stone. Just relax and allow your mind to drift on nothingness. You may or may not feel a tingling in the palm of your hand. What you should receive is a feeling or impression, in this case, the color red. If not, then try moving the stone to your left temple and again relax. If you do not receive an impression do not be discouraged. It takes practice and perseverance to succeed. If you do not have someone who can help you, then you can try something else. The next time you receive a letter or bill, before you open it, retire to your room and go through the same procedures as just outlined above with the stone. As you receive the impressions, record them and then open the bill or letter and see if you're right. Remember, that many people will touch the letter or bill before it gets to you, and so their impressions will also be on it. This is psychometry.

You will receive impressions, feelings, or pictures from objects you touch. As your clairaudient faculties develop through practice, you will be able to see easier and much more extensively into the depths of an object's history. Practice and perseverance is the key to mastery. Not only in psychometry, but in all things as they relate to a Night Magician's life. Your next subject is something which has long been talked about, and yet not understood. You are going to learn to bridge the gap between your mind and another.