The Night (Fire) Realm

41. The Night (Fire) Realm

Fire was the fourth element held sacred by the Ancient Magicians. Fire represents a Magickal Energy that transforms the lower nature into the Magickal. It was used in Magickal Alchemy to represent the transmuting agent necessary to change ordinary metals or souls, into silver or the Oversoul. It is symbolic of the Oversoul and the Night Forces, pouring forth into the life of the Night Magician, changing the base elements into the Silver of the Oversoul. This is the final realm into which you will enter for exploration. It is the Realm of Magickal and Celestial Energies. In this topic, you will explore the Night Realm, as the Land of the Perfected Night Magician. You will learn of the different vibrational levels of the Night Realm. You will, then, enter the Inner Night Realm found within you; and the purpose of this chapter on Night Magick. If you are ready, let's discover the Night Realm.

This is a realm, that for many, even a glimpse of it is still far down the road. It is a realm of pure Night Power and Energy. It is a Realm of Pure Night. The beauty of this realm, words can not describe. I made an attempt earlier in the book to describe this realm, and could not even come close in describing the Power and Energy found in this world. If, in your highest magickal imagination, you could envision a Magickal Realm of dazzling, silver, violet, and dark light, that fills every part of your being with a warmth and power beyond description, then you would have some idea of the Night Realm. If you could imagine a power that flows through you, giving to you knowledge and wisdom beyond anything you know; to know yourself as timeless and eternal; then you would know the Night Realm. In the Night Realm, you would see each other as radiating Spheres of Eternal Night Energy, outshining even your surroundings. As has been said before, you must strive to reach this realm, for it is only then, when you see and experience it yourself, will you truly know the Night Realm. The Night Realm is divided into numerous vibrational levels.

Each level is the home for Beings of compatible harmony and vibration. The Night Realm can be viewed as having basically two major levels. The higher region, I will refer to as the Celestial Night, and the lower as the Magickal Night.

The Celestial Night is the home, so to speak, of the Night Spirit. It is the region of the Night Spirit Power and Energy. Beyond this, very little can be said about this region. The concepts that make up this region go well beyond your understanding. Perhaps it is here, that I should discuss the concept of dimensions.

Referring back to the Astral Realm, you will remember that when you are in it, that you could do a great deal of things that you could not do on Earth. You could float in the air, conjure up a four course meal, build a house by thought, and could return to the lower level of Earth. In your Astral Body, you could go through Earthly walls and not be seen by people still in an Earthly Body. On Earth, you often refer to the physical plane as the third dimension, and you could, therefore, refer to the Astral Realm as the fourth. If you go to the next dimension, that is the fifth, you would have an even greater range of abilities and be governed by totally different concepts then those of the lower dimensions. With each higher dimension, the concepts that apply become more abstract and less understandable by those in lower dimensions. This is why the Celestial Region is far beyond your understanding. This region could be viewed as the twentieth or fiftieth dimension. It is well beyond comprehension. Then, there is the Magickal Region.

You could view it as the ninth or tenth dimension. So again, understanding of its composition and concepts is well beyond you. You do know that it is the home of your Oversoul. It is the place you know as the Realm of the Perfected Night Magician. It is the region of Magickal Wisdom. It is here that all ideas and prototypes are fixed and released into the lower dimensions below and become manifest on each level. This is the dimension where you find the Causal Body.

The Magickal Region holds the vehicle through which you enter your Inner Night Realm. You enter the Inner Night Realm through your Causal Body. Your magickal nature is found summed in the Causal Body. All that you have ever done has gone into molding the Causal Body. The Causal Body is as inert and undeveloped as any other Body or vehicle in which you have had to find expression here on Earth. All that you have ever done, has gone towards refining the Causal or Magickal Body. You could liken the Causal Body to a treasure chest. It is here, that you store your Magickal Silver. Your Magickal Silver consisting of all the accomplishments and growth you have ever acquired while in existence. It is these things which activate and quicken the Magickal Body. It is through this Magickal Vehicle, that you are joined in Oneness with your Oversoul. It is the Oversoul's Magickal Body, as well as yours. This is why I have stressed to give so much energy to Night Magick. This is why I have stressed, so much, on the things that you must do to grow magickally. When the Causal Body is perfected then you join the Oversoul in Perfection and Energy. Then, you reach up and into the Consciousness of your Night Soul. This is why I have presented this chapter on Fire or Night Magick.

Through the practice of the information, exercises, and rites found in this chapter, you will greatly enhance the development of your Causal Body. Through hard effort, dedication, perseverance, and patience, you can achieve perfection of the Magickal Body. You will expand, refine, and fully develop your Magickal Body and the perfection of your Inner Nature. All that you will do, in this chapter, will directly effect your Oversoul. S/He will be your active Partner and Friend in your life. You will learn to give and apply magickal healing direct from the Oversoul within. You will learn the Night Rites, which will directly bring power and energy into your Inner Being and the world around you. You will learn how to use the Night Powers and Flames, and the great changes that you can bring into the world through them. There are other subjects that you will explore, and that will bring knowledge and wisdom into your life from their study. This is your final chapter and will, perhaps, open up before you knowledge and power never before encountered. Remember, that in all you learn and practice, you must remain in the Energy and Will of your Oversoul.

Even though this is the final chapter, and you may have been sailing along in your education in Night Magick, and passing all the tests, remember, that your study and progress goes on forever into eternity. You will never stop learning and growing in Night Magick. Beyond this Earthly life, there is so much that awaits before you. So, practice Night Magick with dedication and perseverance and remain victorious on the road of Night Magick. Your first subject for discussion, in Fire Magick, is the Great Magickal Beings who are the Citizenry of the Magickal and Material Universe.