Air Rite

31. Air Rite

The Ancient Ones compared the element of air to that of the mind. The Ancient Mysteries, likewise, showed that the mental faculties could be compared to the aerial regions. It is my intention to introduce a rite that will greatly benefit the mind and its faculties. The rite puts together two elements: your mind and the air. I will show you how your mental powers can be enhanced through a special form of breathing.

You will remember in the topic on Night Breathing that it was through very deep breathing that your health could be improved and for many, breathing is very shallow. In the Air Rite, you are going to use deep breathing but it is going to be based on a particular breathing rate. Instead of just breathing in and out rhythmically, you will breathe in and hold the breath for so long, and then breathe out and then, again, hold your breath. Great benefit can be derived by such. Before you begin, I want to make it clear that this is serious business and not a game. Please, DO NOT deviate from the set pattern that is about to be described. To do so can be very hazardous to your health.

To begin with, you must sit or lie down so that you are very comfortable. Then, you want to become very relaxed and reduce all the tenseness possible in your body. Then, you will need to cross your ankles and wrists to build-up the energy from your breathing. If you have done all of this, then you are ready to begin with the breathing. To start with, you will do three complete deep breathing exercises. If you have forgotten how, then here is a quick review.

Inhale as deep a breath as possible pushing the diaphragm out as far as possible. When you feel you have taken in all the air possible, take in just a bit more air. Then exhale the air very steadily and completely bringing in the diaphragm and abdomen as far as possible. You want to really empty your lungs. After you have done this, you are ready to do the timed breathing.

Timed breathing means you are going to breathe in for so many seconds, then hold your breath for so many seconds, then exhale so many seconds, and again hold your breath for so many seconds. In the Air Rite, you are going to begin by inhaling for five seconds, hold your breath for ten seconds, exhale for ten seconds, and hold your breath for seven to ten seconds. You are going to repeat the entire process ten times. There are certain precautions you must take in doing this rite.

You must not do it if you are in poor health. You must stop doing it if for any reason you are feeling dizzy or light headed. If you persist in doing it past these warning signals then you are likely to pass out. You must not strain yourself in doing this rite. There should be absolutely no force on your part to maintain the pattern of breathing. If there is, then you need to reduce the number of seconds that you hold your breath. If you do the rite correctly then the benefits are tremendous.

You will find that your mental health will be tremendous. You will feel relieved of all tension and mental strain. You will feel extra charged with new mental power. This is an excellent rite to use before and after any of the mental exercises in Air Magick. If you need added mental power for long periods of study or for increased memory then this rite will greatly increase both. If your world is filled with mental demands, then this rite is best practiced several times a day. It is especially good to use it when you feel the least mentally drained. You can see that there is a very close relationship to the air you breathe and your mental faculties. It is all based on the right use of your breathing patterns. You should remember to be relaxed and not to strain when you use the Air Rite. Further, you must not play around with different patterns of timed breathing if you don't want to hurt yourself. You should always use this rite to the benefit of your good health. By now, you should be mentally charged up and ready to explore the power of your mind.