Gateway to Otherworld

2. Gateway to Otherworld

developed this rite a very long time ago. It happened by accident actually. I t was on All-Hallows Eve, many, many years ago and two students of mine and myself were getting together at my house to meditate. As usual we put up our Night Pillar and began playing some music in the background and were trying to settle into the meditation. Suddenly, the room got very cold. I could feel hands all over my body and they were pinching me and actually hurting me. This was also happening to my students. It suddenly occurred to me that the souls of the dead were all around us. Obviously our shields weren't protecting us so what could we do?

It occurred to me that our energy had attracted them to us. These were lost souls who did not know where to go. I remembered from my studies that during the time surrounding All-Hallows Eve the normal rules that separate the dimensions no longer apply. I saw this as an opportunity to help these lost souls who did not know how to leave the lower astral plane and move on with their journey. Now I know you have read that normally when you die there is the tunnel effect and as you reach the end of the tunnel your love ones or a caring being is there waiting for you. This is not always the case. You will remember from the first book that it was important to believe in some kind of after life. For those who do not then they find themselves wandering the planet. This can also happen if death happens suddenly. For example, in a plane crash, those who die may suffer serious trauma and refuse to except their death. There are those who may just wander off from the scene and become lost. There are helpers of course who try to assist those moving from one dimension to another but situations happen and a soul may not receive help. This is what we did and what you can do to help the lost. You are going to form a gateway between worlds.

What worlds? You are going to open a gateway from their world on the lower astral to what is called the "Otherworld". It actually has many names, purgatory, summerland, middle astral. It is a place very much like the Earth. It is generally were a soul goes once they leave their body. The object here is to open a way between the lower and middle astral. How you picture this gateway is completely up to you. I have done it several ways and they all seem to work. So here is how you will do this.

As always, have yourself prepared properly as you would before any rite. Have your altar setup and circular barrier laid out and I always like to put on some very stirring music to help set the atmosphere. If there is more then one of you, then sit in a circle around the altar and within the barrier. As always, place the Night Pillar around yourself and your altar area. Now turn on the Night Energy within yourself. As a moth to a flame you are going to attract the lost souls to you. You will feel them approaching. It is at this point that I begin to talk with them. I usually do this out loud. I inform them to have no fear that it is my purpose to help them leave this lost world behind and move to a really nice place. I see this place in my Night Eye and project its image to those surrounding me. When I feel that everyone has the idea of what is going on I then open the gateway.

The gateway can be of any design you feel comfortable with. It can be as simple as a regular door with their world on one side and the middle world on the other. It can be a tunnel of energy or even a pillar of swirling energy rising from their world to the middle world above. Its up to you and your ability to visualize and then project the Night Energy needed to sustain it. Once you have the gateway open its time to send them through it. At this point pick up the bell on your altar and ring it once. Announce to those who are waiting that now is the time to enter the gateway and to have no fear. Announce to them that you are only going to ring the bell 3-5 times and by the last bell the gateway will be closed. Be specific about the number of times you will ring the bell and don't get carried away. You must keep the gateway open so don't over do it. I usually allow about 1-2 minutes between bell chimes. With each ring of the bell, I announce once more for them to pass through the portal and have no fear. Let them know how many bells are left and they must be through the gateway by the last bell. Once you have reached the last bell, let them know this is it and that you are closing the gateway. In the past, I have used the energy to actually help push those closest to the gateway on through. Finally, close the gateway.

Withdraw the energy, visualize the gateway closed, and thank the powers that helped you accomplish this. Once you have practiced this then perhaps you will feel up to doing this more then on one night. You can usually do this about one night out from All-Hallows Eve, on the Eve night, and on the night after. Be careful though not to wear yourself out. This can be much more draining then you imagine. It is a good idea to get outdoors to some natural power spot the next day to recharge yourself.. The Earth rite would be a very good way to help restore your being.