How to Study the Lore

4. How to Study the Lore

There is a specific way to study the lore of Night Magick. If you have been just reading this book through as any novel, then you have been doing it the wrong way. This book is not a novel which can be read through quickly and lightly and expect to gain anything from it. When you study the lore in this book it must be done one topic at a time. Also, each topic must be taken in order as it appears written in this book. Do not skip around in this book between the different topics. Each topic was designed to be a building block upon which to find success in the next topic. There is more to studying the lore then just sitting down and reading. Your studying will require self-discipline, patience, perseverance, and a prescribed technique for learning. Let's examine that technique for learning.

To begin with, you must prepare the place that you are going to study in. If you study in the middle of a busy living room with the children shouting and the TV blaring you aren't going to retain or accomplish very much. So to begin with, you are going to find, what you will term, your "Magician's Study".

This is a physical room that you can call your own. It must be a quiet place and somewhere where you can be alone and uninterrupted. In this room you will want a place where you can both sit and lay down as necessary. This room will not only be used for studying but also performing the many exercises, rites, and practices of Night Magick. This is your Magician's Study. Now, you must attend to your own self-preparation.

You must prepare yourself so that you are in the right frame of mind to do some serious studying. To get into the proper mood, you should begin by taking a bath. This will help you to relax and wash away the cares and worries of the day. If you think of it, your entire thoughts and emotions when you come home are filled with the tensions and problems of work. The feeling around you is made up of a problem laden job and world. Literally, a bath or shower will do a lot to remove this tension and stress from out of your feelings. Then you should dress to be comfortable in clean, loose fitting clothes or your robes that you will learn to make later. Let's retire to your study.

When you go to your study it should be at approximately the same time of day each day. Do this if at all possible. Then you should sit down in a very comfortable chair or couch and relax as much as possible. When you have learned to do relaxing exercises and "Night Breathing" then you should do these before you begin to read. For now just relax and let all the worry and tension of the day flow away. Once you are sufficiently relaxed it is time to pick-up the book.

As stated earlier, you are going to read each topic in order. To begin reading a topic, read it through the first time quickly and lightly. The first time you are only trying to get the "spirit" of the topic. Once you have done this, you will then want to go back and reread the topic through carefully and thoroughly insuring that you understand all that you read. You should go slowly being sure that you understand all that you read. This is all that you will do in the first reading. If there is anything that you didn't understand the first time in sitting, don't worry about it, for it will come to you later. You are going to read the same topic on two separate days. This is the minimum that anyone should read a topic through.

The second time in reading, you will want to go just as slow as you did in the first reading. If there is anything you still don't understand then just lightly think upon it and don't worry. The answer will eventually come to you. After the second reading, if there is anything to practice or do, this is the time to do it. Sounds easy doesn't it?

I have just described the minimum anyone should take per topic. You should not go on to the next topic until you are very familiar with the information in the present topic you are studying. You should understand the current topic thoroughly and have practiced what is required of you until you are ready to go on. Let your inner guide be your judge about when you are ready to go on. You will find that you have to continue to practice many of the first topics you study each day in order to eventually master them. Getting all the way through the book having only read and practiced everything haphazardly will only insure that you are master of none. To insure your success as a Night Magician in Night Magick, you must study as has been outlined here.

You must have a room in which you can be alone and uninterrupted. You must cleanse yourselves of the outer world. You must study slowly, carefully,and thoroughly each topic. You will have to continue to go back and study and practice daily the knowledge and exercises until you become master of all. There is no doubt about it and should he none in your mind that Night Magick requires study and work. The results are more than worth all the time and energy that you can give to it. To become a Master in Night Magick; to become a Night Magician; to reach and obtain Night Consciousness; this is your goal. Let me show you now the life of a Night Magician and all that it entails in becoming and being a Night Magician.