The Earth Realm

13. The Earth Realm

Since time began there has been traditionally four elements which make up the world of the Night Magician. These are the elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. They are symbolic for the basic four worlds of being: that of the physical(Earth), emotional(Water), mental(Air), and causal(Fire). The Oversoul must express through each of these realms using the appropriate vehicle or body and ultimately gain mastery over each of them. So, I have divided Night Magick into four basic realms with knowledge, exercises, and rituals appropriate to each realm. Ultimately, the Oversoul, through you, working in and mastering each realm will have learned all that must be learned here upon Earth and return no more. The Earth Realm is your beginning point in becoming a Night Magician. I want to take you back to the beginning of time and the origin of the soul.

From an understanding of general cosmology, that is the origin of the Void, Monad/Godsoul/Oversoul and the soul of humankind, then this will help you to see the whys of a magickal evolution and the reasons for being on the Night Road that follows this magickal evolution.

There is no beginning to the origin of the Void. The Void has always been, is now, and ever will be. The Void is principle, unmanifest, and exists entirely in itself, from itself, and by itself. The Void is the potential and unmanifest Source of all that exists. The Void is the Life present in all things. It is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. From out of the Void, the potential and unmanifest Source, comes the Ultimate Yin and Yang Creators. The Spirit of the Spirits. The Ultimate Spirits are the first and only creations by the Void. The totality of all that the Void can be is brought into being in the Ultimate Spirits. The Ultimate Spirits derive all potential and essence from the Void, the potential and unmanifest. The Ultimate Yin and Yang then created twin parallel matrixes and so it began. What is now referred to here is also applicable for the Ultimate Yang.

The Ultimate Yin created beings like unto itself. Each of these Beings I will refer to as a Monad. Each Monad was created in order to share in the joy of creation with the Ultimate Yin. The Eternal Night gave to each Monad the potential of becoming all that It is. The Dark Goddess-God gave to each Monad the essence and potential for expressing the Eternal Darkness. Each Monad evolves into the Oneness of the Eternal Night by actualizing its Eternal Night's potential. Each Monad grows by bringing into manifestation the latent abilities and powers placed within It by the Eternal Night. Like the Eternal Night, each Monad is given the right of free will to determine how it will do this. The free will of each Monad permits it to choose how it will create and what path of evolvement to follow. When the Monad chooses to manifest its Abilities and Powers and to Create, the way of interest to you as a Night Magician, is by its descent into matter.

The material universe is made up of an infinite number of vibrational energies. The very highest of these energies is the substance upon which the Monad first creates. Through the Creative Power of the Monad, acting on the highest vibrational matter, the Monad first takes on form. This is not form as you understand form but something that is beyond your understanding. When the Monad first takes on form, it becomes two Godsouls.

The two Godsouls are true twin souls. They are the magickal twins who shall evolve and create together by the Will and Power of the Monad. They each have free will and free choice of their own. Yet all creation that proceeds from them is related. All fragments of their divine spirit which are sent forth to be ensouled in the world of spirit and matter are thus related and united in purpose. In all they do the twin souls are united through the Will of the Monad. One Godsoul is predominately Yin with Yang and the other is totally Yin. This is a simplification of the energy systems but basically these twin Godsouls now have the creative energies ready to continue downward into material creation. Each Godsoul has the full potential and essence of the Monad and also the free will to use them. Because of the power and high vibrational energies of the Godsoul it cannot continue its direct descent into matter, thus it created an extension of itself into the lower worlds. This level of presence I have called the Oversoul. The Oversoul is a being of lower vibrational levels. It is very active on its levels in learning and creating and using the potential given to it by the Godsoul. Ultimately, the Oversoul must learn to create on the lowest of levels and thus it sends a part of itself into the lowest worlds of form and so is born the soul.

The soul is the instrument through which the Oversoul learns about the lowest worlds of creation. The human soul will return to the Earth many times for the human body does not last long. The human soul will return to experience many different lives in order that it might gain all the experience the Earth has to teach it. Once the human soul has gained all the experience the Oversoul needs then the human soul will move on to different worlds and dimensions in order to gain new experience. The soul gets its life force and direction from the Oversoul. This Power and Will flows through what is called the Silver Cord. This Cord is made up of high energy particles through which flows energy of varying frequencies. The soul operates through a mental, emotional or astral, etheric, and physical body. On Earth this is the human body.

The Soul (Oversoul and soul) is very delicate and composed of very high vibrational energies. If the Soul is to grow, develop, and evolve in material creation then it has to have a material vehicle through which to work. You could compare this to a person who wants to go into outer space.

Because outer space is very cold, lacks oxygen, and is a vacuum the human body could never withstand going out into space without being protected from it. So a special suit is designed which is heated, pressurized, and contains oxygen with which to breathe. It also contains many devices and sensors to work in space and monitor the surroundings. In order to protect the delicate Soul from the dense material surroundings, and for it to be able to work in and monitor its surroundings a special suit was devised. This is called the physical body.

The physical body is composed of the lowest and densest matter. It is designed to respond and interact with its material surroundings. There are the five senses: sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing; and their respective organs: eyes, skin, nose, mouth, and ears. These allow the soul to react to the world around it. The hands, arms, legs, feet, and joints allow the soul to work with its surroundings with great dexterity and ability. The physical body is an excellent tool through which the soul to operate when it is properly attuned and under the control of the Oversoul. Unfortunately, for the majority of humankind this is not the case.

Too many human beings are the human body instead of the soul and Oversoul. The Oversoul/soul is not in charge but it is the human body which is in charge. The human body is basically undisciplined and unruly. Whatever the human body wants it gets and half the time it doesn't really want what it thinks it wants. Without the control of the Oversoul/soul, the body is helpless before the elements of life. The human body has no control over the world around it. Because of this current state, the Oversoul/soul does not pay attention to the human body. It is much like a car out of control. If you were the driver of a car that refused to go where you wanted it to go and was always headed for destinations unwanted and going past places uncared about, you would get out and just let it go till it crashed and burned. This is pretty much what the Oversoul/soul does concerning the human body. But there is a way to change this. You must identify, tune into, and become the Oversoul/soul.

You must gain mastery over the physical body. You are the Oversoul/soul and not the physical body. You must remember that you are eternal and only working through the physical body. It is your tool through which to work and experience the material world around you. You cannot allow the passions and desires of the body to rule you. You must develop control over the body. Properly channeled and controlled these forces can be used to your advantage instead of your detriment. You will learn through Night Magick how to develop this control and mastery. The Night Magician must attain through discipline, diet, exercise, and ritual mastery over her/his body and the world around her/him. But in all trials that occur in your life be easy on yourself. You will fail many times, but get up, dust off your knees, and go on vowing to try and do better. Never give up for all things are possible to those who follow the Night Magician's life. "The world is but a stage and we are the actors upon it,'' thus it was said by Shakespeare. This world is but an illusion and your attitude should be that of "in it but not of it". You must never become lost in the illusion of the game played by the majority of humankind. You must become the Master of Illusion, the Night Magician. Let me discuss with you for a moment the Stage upon which we experience life.

After many millenniums of experience there is a Soul who is qualified to become a Planetary Soul. The Planetary Soul is the Soul for every person upon that planet. Think of a pie sliced into an incredible number of pieces of pie. The pie as a whole is the Planetary Soul and you are one of those pieces of the pie. The Earth is the physical body of a very advanced Soul who I have told you is the Ancient Dragon Tiamat. Many of humankind have named this Soul, Gaia/Pan. This name representing the fe/male aspect of the Earth Soul. Every human being is a part of the Soul of Earth. Moreover every part of our human body, that is causal, mental, emotional, etheric and physical is directly effected by the Earth Soul. Our entire existence is constantly effected by the Energies of this Being which plays upon our own energies. Just as you are developing and evolving magickally so is Soul Earth. Soul Earth's evolution is far greater than that of yours but all are aiming towards the One Goal; every greater unfoldment of Night Consciousness. You must take care of the Earth Body.

It is your stage upon which you gain magickally and moreover it is the vehicle through which Gaia/Pan gains magickally and has its physical being. If the body of Tiamat is killed then the Soul will leave it just as if your body is killed your soul must leave it. If there is continued pollution and destruction of planetary life and resources then soon Tiamat will have to rid itself of the cancer that is causing physical destruction. I believe all of humankind should take this as a warning. It has happened before and it will happen again, Tiamat will not allow the death of its physical body before its proper time. It will do what is necessary to stop the destruction of its body just as you would. There is also another type of destruction happening on Earth and that is with alien races from the Yang matrix.

I know this subject may be tough for you to deal with but consider it as you have everything else, with an open mind. This planet is a battlefield between Yang races and the Night Soul of this world, Tiamat. The opening poem was not just a piece of fiction. There are still Yang races who desire to possess the Earth for its wealth and who enjoy dominion over human beings. There are other Yang races who plan to slowly convert the Yin souls of this world into Yang souls. To change the basic polarity of all souls on this world. They believe that their polarity is the only appropriate polarity and would see the destruction of the Yin matrix of life. What evidence is there of this?

I can point out to you books on the market today that deal with alien visitation and kidnapping in which there are biological experiments going on to create a human/alien yang body in which they plan on placing Earth yin souls in order to ultimately change the polarity of the souls. Turning back to the pie example given earlier, think of what happens to the pie if pieces of it are removed never to be returned. I believe Soul Death is an appropriate term. You can look at the Yang religions that were introduced by the so-called gods or god and see that through their magickal practices they slowly change a soul's vibration from Yin to Yang. These of course are the religions that have no tolerance for other religions and have gone to great lengths to force conversion on others such as Christianity. There is also my own personal experience. I will not go further in discussing my personal experience except to say it wasn't pleasant and could have led to my ultimate destruction. What can you do?

You will learn many things to do in Night Magick. You will learn to place your body in attunement with the Yin Force of this planet. You are learning to unite with the consciousness of the Oversoul which is one in consciousness with the Planetary Oversoul. If enough human souls accomplish this the Night Force will become too strong for the Yang races to deal with. You have learned to take care of the Earth. Go out and help environmentalists who promote care of the planet. When you feel physically well the rest of you responds in kind and so it is with the Earth. If the Earth Body is strong and healthy the Earth Soul will be strong and its aura will repel the alien races. In your meditations and visualizations, see the Earth and Its Soul strong in the Night Force. Use your Night Pillar and extend its protection around and through the Earth. Use your Night Pillar around every human body and soul to keep them strong in the Night Force. If enough of humankind joins in there will be no destruction of the Yin life force. If you think that aliens are fiction, DON'T. If you practice Night Magick you will draw their attention to you. I have had personal experience with aliens and my battle with them continues. I advise you strongly to wear your Night Amulet and Ring at all times and keep your Night Pillar strong through constant use. I hope you will take my advice and not have to learn through experience.

This is the Earth Realm where you have to live and practice Night Magick. In Earth Magick, I will introduce knowledge, rites, and exercises which will help to improve and refine your physical body. To make your body a more sensitive instrument to the Night forces around you. The more refined the instrument the greater the Night Power that will be able to be expressed through it. These exercises will not only benefit the physical but overlap into the development of the higher vehicles too. Earth Magick will give you ultimate control over your physical body and the world around you. So study with all your heart, persevere, practice, have courage and patience and you will attain the Earth. Your first subject for study and practice in the Earth Realm is Night Breathing.