The Water (Astral) Realm

21. The Water (Astral) Realm

Here you will enter a land of great beauty. A land of Harmony and Peace. In the last topic, you had just left your dying body, the silver cord had separated, and you were set off adrift. At this point, it is essential that you believe that there is continuity in life after physical death, otherwise you will simply drift in a dense, dark fog, until slowly you realize, that you are still conscious and alive. As soon as doubt is gone, the clouds will dissipate and your loved ones will be there to help you.

In the first stage of transition, you will be allowed time to recuperate. The process of living on Earth and the troubles of the long years spent there have made you very weary. In the new realm that you have just entered, you are given time to rest from your journey on Earth and to adjust to the Astral Realm. Everyone, no matter what their magickal attainment, must enter this level of the Astral Realm. It has been referred to, by some religions, as purgatory. You are here in order to rest, purify yourself of human dross and make decisions about your magickal future. Your magickal development determines the level of purgatory you first arrive at.

For souls who are of the lowest and crudest of development, there is a very low vibrational level for them. At this level, acts of the worst kind, akin to their own vibrations, are portrayed before them. The things that they did wrong on Earth are done to them. This is a very dense region. This is not a land of punishment and torture, but a place to show the individual the folly of such a life and a place to rid the soul of its denser energies. This is not Hell. There is no such place as Hell. If Hell is anywhere it is right here on Earth. It is what humankind has made of the Earth.

Above this there is the next level which some go immediately to and some come up to from a lower level. This level is for souls who allowed their lower passions to rule them. For those who sought after money and power without maintaining the Eternal Night Balance. This region is very much akin to the physical plane just left behind. The Astral surroundings will be very similar to those of the Earth. Here the souls will remain, till they rid themselves of the courser Astral material, so that they may go ever higher. They rid themselves of this dense Astral material by learning control of their passions. They must make up the Eternal Balance. From here we go to the level you probably rose to from the beginning.

You rise to the level where generally all begin who are of a basically good nature. This land is filled with beautiful parks and lakes. There are very beautiful buildings all around you. There are colors never before seen by you. The air is alive with energy and life. Animal life is abundant and tame. There is beautiful music everywhere in the air. Here in this realm no disharmony can occur. No one can meet anyone who would cause them unhappiness of any kind. When you first arrive, your loved ones or magickal helpers will be there to assist you. In this realm, all that you want is produced by your thoughts. Travel is by thought. If you want to wear clothes then you must think of yourself dressed as you want to be dressed. Your nourishment is all around you. All you have to do is breathe. Your physical habits that you learned on Earth will still be with you. You may feel that you still have to eat. This is fine. You need only think of the food you want to eat plus the table and so forth necessary to eat it with. But the sooner you learn to forget the old physical habits, and learn and experience your new Astral Body, the sooner you will be able to progress. This is a very real world. This world is as solid and real to its inhabitants as your own Earth is to you. But there are some who see this realm slightly different.

For some souls who believe in an exact type of heaven according to their religious beliefs, or even of the opposite region, and feel that this is where they are going, then this is what they will see. If they believe that they will see the Pearly Gates and St. Pete at them, then this is what they will see. Gradually though, imperfections will show up here and there. The gates may squeak or even fall off the hinges as they start to open. The angels, flying about, may suddenly be wearing flannel shirts and play off-key on their rusty harps. When the person has enough doubts about their make-believe heaven, then like a dream, it will disappear and the real Astral Realm will appear and so their beloved ones too.

It is best to keep an open mind when you make the transition. This will quicken your entry into your new realm and life. After you have become adjusted to this new realm, you will be escorted to a building where you will review your recent life and past lives you have lived. All that you have ever done will be shown to you on what has been called in some religions the Akashic Record, and by others, the Book of Records. Let's look at this Record and see what it is?

The Night Record, as you will come to know it, is a special energy upon which everything that has ever occurred to anyone and anything is recorded. There is further shown, on the Night Record, the probabilities for the future. This Record not only can show what has occurred on the Earth, but for anyplace located anywhere. This Record can be seen by those who have made the Earth transition in order to look at their life just lived, and by those of high magickal development who have a need to see. The Record is not for the use of just anyone.

So, you were just entering the Night Record Hall and preparing to review your life. You see the things you did and the things you shouldn't have done. You see the things you were supposed to have done and learned. No one judges you but yourself and your Oversoul! You are your own sternest judge. It is through your Oversoul that you see where you have gone wrong and what your Oversoul wanted you to accomplish in your life. You are then led out of the Hall by your guide and taken to a council of advisors. These advisors are trained to aid you in reviewing your lives and determining the best means for accomplishing the previous desired results wanted by your Oversoul and thus planning your future. You are placed in the proper circumstances, at the proper time, to achieve the desired results. After this planning, you will retire to the Astral Realm of your vibration and rest and prepare yourself for the next phase of life.

You are responsible for all that you do in life. You are responsible for the debts you occur in life and for repaying your debts. No one will pay your debts except you. The bad and good you create is called Karma. Karma and the Astral Realm are deeply related. It is at this plane of life that you make decisions which will effect your future. Until you learn the lessons necessary to be learned on the Earth plane then you must continue to return until you have learned all there is to be learned. Who determines when you have learned all that there is to be learned? The Oversoul is who!

In a Process not described here, your future is woven out of your magickal essence in the Astral Realm. This magickal fabric that is being woven contains the basic kinds of programs. By programs, I am referring to programs very similar to that used by the computer so that it can carry out its basic functions. One of your inner programs sets for you predetermined events which you must experience. These events are the results of energies you have set into motion from out of the past which must be again experienced and worked through. Further, they can be events, not necessarily a result of your past but of events which you need to experience to make you stronger and a better instrument for your Oversoul. The second program is for you to make.

These are periods which allow you to determine the path you will choose. They are like a blank tape upon which you write your future. You know when you have entered these periods for you feel like a ship adrift on the seas. All the familiar surroundings, experiences, and securities in your life are gone. They are not easy times for you, but they are the greatest periods for your soul growth. They bring to you periods of inner growth, new directions in your life, and a chance to accelerate your magickal growth. In these periods, you are the Captain of your Destiny. By the choices you make and the opportunities you take to advance, your future is set in motion. These periods allow you to clear up excess karmic debt. They will bring to you new friends, teachers, and many changes which if taken advantaged of, will allow you to achieve great magickal growth. You must watch for these periods and take all the advantage of them you can. You have to be tough. They will test the very essence of that which you are made of. You must do the very best you can in all that you do. You must be strong and know that you are guided. You never fail in life if you can say that you did your best. You can gain these learning experiences in the Astral Realm just as you can learn them on Earth. So why would you want to leave the Astral world.

In the Astral, life is full of harmony and beauty. It would take a long time to learn even the easiest of lessons. So, in order for the Oversoul to grow at a fast rate, it chooses to send a part of itself, being you, to learn quickly in the "School of Hard Knocks". You know that you grow fastest when you have to learn the hard way. You learn your lessons quickly and well. If life was all fun and games you would never learn, so life is not easy. There are some lessons that can only be learned on Earth. A hard life may not necessarily be a sign of large karmic debt, but a period of quick growth and possible advancement. How many lifetimes does it take before you don't have to come back here anymore?

No one can really say how many lives it will take except your Oversoul. There is only so much that can be learned from each sojourn on Earth. There are so many things that must be learned from living on Earth. You keep coming here to the Earth until you have learned all the lessons necessary and until the Oversoul is in charge of your life. Each of your lives adds to the Eternal Essence which is your Oversoul. Yet this idea of reincarnation or the returning to life on Earth time and time again scares many.

They don't like reincarnation because they are afraid that they will lose their individuality. Well, you never lose that individuality. Your Oversoul can be compared to a vessel of water. In that vessel of water, if you add some red dye the water will appear red add the color yellow and you will have orange. Each color is still there but their added essence creates a new whole. Thus you add each individuality into the Oversoul. The Oversoul grows and becomes more than it just was by that new addition. You are still that individuality but you are in cooperative union with all the other parts which make up the sum, which is the Oversoul. When you have learned all that must be learned, then you no longer have to return to the Earth. You then pass beyond the Astral World when you have learned all that you have to learn there. There are many things to learn in the Astral.

There is the special group that is responsible for the souls making the transition from the Earth to the Astral. There are those who weave the soul fabric for a soul's journey to Earth. There are also teachers, doctors, nurses, advisors, and guides to those still living on Earth. You can, after gaining all that you must learn in the Astral, die or leave this dimension and go on to an even higher realm. You could also go on to a more advanced planet and civilization and begin the cycle of life and death there. The variables are endless and the choice of your Oversoul. I have referred to the Astral Realm as the Water Realm. In Night Magick, the things you will learn of this realm are known as Water Magick.

From the beginning, the Ancients have likened the Astral Realm to water because things of the Astral involve the emotions. The Astral Body is the body of emotions. You feel and express emotions because you have an Astral Body. It is the purpose of Water Magick to help you gain control over, and to refine, your Astral Body. The instruction, exercises, and rites are presented here to accomplish this purpose. This is the hardest body to gain control over. The emotions in most people run wild and out-of-control. People give into their emotions without trying to gain any self-control. You have to learn to control your emotions in order to have magickal growth. You must make the Astral Body an instrument worthy of the Oversoul. It must become an Instrument through which the Oversoul pours out Its Night Energies into the world. You must strive at all times to be consciously aware that as you feel and express emotions that actually it is the Oversoul who feels and expresses through you. That control over your emotions and the expression of Night Force comes only through constant communion with your Oversoul. Strive for this communion at all times. You are the Oversoul in emotional expression here on Earth. Through the Oversoul you will succeed. Let's begin immediately learning exercises for emotional control and magickal advancement.