Why Practice Night Magick?

3. Why Practice Night Magick?

Why practice Night Magick? To begin with, there is great joy and happiness in being a Night Magician and practicing the lore of Night Magick. In practicing Night Magick you are going to be able to see the results of your labor; and the results of that labor are going to bring you more happiness and joy than you can imagine. You are going to derive a great sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment through the practice of Night Magick. Practicing Night Magick is exciting and adventurous.

Your life will be filled with adventure and excitement the likes of which you've never known. It is very sad that so many people's lives are filled with boredom needlessly. Through Night Magick avenues of travel, business adventure, intellectual pursuit, personal adventure, and magickal conquests will open up. Night Magick will bring you personal success.

Personal success can be measured in many ways. How about success in marriage, finances, college, business? Or personal success in health, vitality, and longevity. Change is why you practice Night Magick. What changes will Night Magick make in your life?

Everything! Through the practice of Night Magick not a thing in your life will go untouched. You practice Night Magick for these changes in your life. I can go a long way in this book to answer specifically what kind of changes are going to take place. But ultimately it is you, after study and practice of Night Magick, who will be able to give all the answers. Let's begin answering the question of what kind of changes you can expect to see in your life?

The first changes you will see, by practicing the lore, is improvement in your physical life. You are going to have better health and a sense of renewed purpose in life. You are going to achieve this through the practice of Night Breathing and Meditation. As you go along here there will be new terms that you have never seen before, but be patient, for as you proceed through this book, you will learn them all. Your life is going to be deeply enriched and health improved by the use of colors and self-healing that you will learn. You will learn to develop and use the power centers of your body. Once you have accomplished this, you will unleash untold power of fire and life throughout your body. This will allow you to become the master of your life; "the Captain of your Soul". You will then learn to overcome your fear of death and to recognize it for what it is, a doorway into a new world. All this you can achieve through Night Magick, but there is much, much more.

Through the practice of Night Magick you are going to become the master of your emotions. No longer will your emotions rule you, but you will rule them. You will learn, in dealing with your emotions and emotional body, the ability to be able to see the higher realms. You will be able to recognize those dreams in which a message of help and inspiration is contained and to interpret it. You will come to know your magickal teachers and guides and ultimately you will be able to travel in the Astral Realm. This you will achieve through the mastery of your emotions. There is even more to learn through the practice of Night Magick. Through Night Magick, you will master the powers of your mind. You will achieve thought control and be able to reach into your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is the repository for all that you have ever known. Think of what it will mean to have access to this great storage vault of information. You will learn to use the pendulum and crystal globe and never have questions unanswered. You will achieve psychometric and telepathic abilities. Above all, you will be able to create into your world "ANYTHING" that you desire to see in it through correct invocation and imagination. The mind is a fascinating creation boundless in power and energy. It is multidimensional creating life in all its forms. The mind is truly a wonderful thing when you have mastered its powers and employ it as the valuable tool it is. But over and beyond the powers of the mind and its realm, lies the power and realm of the Night Soul. There are no greater powers than those of the Night Soul. It is your objective, through Night Magick, to learn to use and manipulate these powers of the Night Soul for your benefit. Through Night Magick, you will learn to travel into the Night Realm while still here upon Earth. You will learn the highest form of healing. You will be able to do this healing for all whom you know. You will learn to do the Night Rites to achieve true magickal progress. Your progress will be highly accelerated through the Night Rites. The ultimate goal of Night Magick is the achievement of Night Consciousness.

There is no higher goal than this. The true union with your Oversoul, the perfection of Self, this is the consummation of Night Magick. When you have achieved Night Consciousness, you are of greatest service to yourself and the perfect offering unto the Night Soul. I stated before that I would discuss the modern applications of Night Magick in today's world. I have already covered some of those applications.

You will have good health, less tension and nervousness, and a stronger mind. You can use Night Magick at your everyday job. Through Night Magick, you will develop great insight that will go a long way in assisting you in problem solving. If you are out on the highway in your car you will be steered clear of trouble. You will avoid accidents and traffic problems. You will be able to stay in touch with friends and love ones and know when they are in trouble or need through Night Magick. If you have a need then you can fulfill that need by using the lore of Night Magick. If you have lost items and wish to have them back, then you can do so. If you need to look forward into the future and see the realm of possibilities, then you can do so. The things you see are only possibilities and you can decide whether they will happen or not. These are only a few of the many applications for Night Magick in the modern world. The applications are limited only as your imagination is limited. As you learn to see with the foresight and insight that you will develop through Night Magick, your life will indeed change.

Night Magick will bring you a new way of living. It will seem to you that before, you were only existing. As I have said, your physical, emotional, and mental health will vastly improve. You will become the planner and controller of your life. Your physical surroundings will increase in wealth. You will also acquire magickal wealth from practicing Night Magick.

You will gain a deep sense of magickal accomplishment and growth by making it a part of your life. You will become a positive and dynamic force in your life. Through Night Magick, you will leave nothing or no one untouched. Night Magick, if practiced and lived with dedication, vigor, and vitality will achieve all of this. You must not be mistaken that all of this will occur at once. It will take patience and effort on your part to make it all happen, but happen it will. One day you will look back on your old life and wonder how you ever made it from day to day. But with Night Magick, a new day dawns in your life.

Before you begin to study Night Magick I want to introduce a special way to study this work that will help insure your understanding of the lore and success as a Night Magician.