Night Consciousness

7. Night Consciousness

There are countless numbers of Souls in creation. The Soul, that is your Oversoul, is unique throughout the Omniverse. The consciousness of the Oversoul is separated from the consciousness of the human being. It is possible for the two consciousness to join. This union of consciousness I refer to as Night Consciousness. I am going to explore with you the inner depths of Night Consciousness. You will discover things that you will have to do in order to attain it. You will learn to live and practice it and the changes that will take place within you as you start to acquire it. First though, we are going to examine, in greater detail, exactly what Night Consciousness is.

Night Consciousness, in humankind, is a state of causal, mental, emotional, and physical being. It is becoming the Oversoul in each of these states of being. It is reaching the greatest possible state of perfection while here on Earth. The Causal body is to the Overself what the physical/etheric body is to humankind. Its lowest vibrational body.

The Causal Body is the storehouse for the experiences of countless lifetimes in incarnation. The Overself experiences life from its dimension through the Causal Body just as we experience physical life through the physical body. When you have achieved Night Consciousness you will be able to consciously use the Causal Body. You will be able to directly tap into awareness of the Oversoul. This will directly effect your mental being.

Mentally, you must achieve all that the Oversoul is. It is your mental development and attitude which will carry you into this Magickal Consciousness. When you have mentally set your sights upon your goal and give it all that you possible have, then you will bring it into manifestation within you. Night Consciousness is mentally being aware of all knowledge and wisdom of the Oversoul. You will know, whatever it is that you must know by simply tapping into it. You will have supreme wisdom for all situations knowing just what and how to do it. You may have never studied the subject before but the knowledge will be there when you need it. You will have tremendous willpower and concentration. This is Night Consciousness in humankind. Night Consciousness is more than just a mental state. It is also your emotional state of being.

It fills your world of feeling and changes it to perfection. It is having perfect understanding of all situations. It is the giving of perfect, absolute love. This is love beyond the human state that enters you into the absolute state of being. More on this in a later topic. The emotional state in Night Consciousness is one of silence and profound solitude. It is a high state of reflection and receptivity. It is also a state of aggression, boldness, and daring. Night Consciousness is an emotional state of passion, courage and love of pleasure and ease.

This Consciousness even descends into the physical state of being. Your bodies become pure, Night Energy through Night Consciousness. The body becomes the perfect channel through which the Oversoul may flow out into the world. Night Consciousness is perfect control and mastery of the physical being. This is Night Consciousness in the four aspects of humankind. Night Consciousness is many things to humankind.

It is a state of bliss and peace that humankind has yet to know. It is a state of perfect knowledge, wisdom, absolute love, understanding, innocence, happiness, joy, and freedom. It is a state of awareness that words can not do justice to. Words only tend to diminish the real understanding of the nature of Night Consciousness. Yet I have made the attempt to do so in hopes that you would have a better understanding of what it is. Night Consciousness is the goal of life on Earth. It is a goal worth giving your all in dedication, devotion, and determination to in reaching it. Therefore, let's see exactly what you will have to do in reaching the Bliss of Night Consciousness.

The things necessary to do, to reach Night Consciousness, may at first seem to overwhelm you. There is a great deal to accomplish if you want to reach it. But you should not be scared by the number of things you must accomplish, nor by the feeling that some of them seem impossible for you to do. Nothing that is described here will be impossible for you to do if you will be determined and persistent in your efforts. To begin you must master the physical body.

Its alright to indulge the physical body with food, pampering and passion. At the same time, you must also balance this with physical training to maintain physical well-being. The body is essential to every Night Magician for it is the channel through which Night Magick flows and alters the world. Take care of it. Much of the knowledge you will gain will slowly alter the human body changing its frequency into harmony with the Night Force. As the body changes you will be able to increase the flow of the Night Force through you. Do everything in balance. You must become masters of your emotional life.

From the onset of studying Night Magick you will experience emotions. It is alright to experience and even use the emotions in Night Magick. But at all times, you must be in control them. You must not be ruled by jealousy, lust, pride, or selfishness. You must control anger and hatred. These things will still try to enter into your feelings but you will gain instant control over them. You must remain in control under all conditions. No matter how disturbing the current challenges in your life you must remain centered. You must also maintain a balanced mind.

Your mind must always be centered in the silence of the Night. There is great power in the silence of the Mind. Your mind should be fixed in self-discipline and strong-willed. Your mind must be fixed in intellectual pursuit and critical thinking. You must maintain original and independent thinking at all times. You will be inventive and versatile in your thinking. Your mind set must be one of persistence, patience and persevering. Your mind will at times be required to act in a reserved and cautious manner and at other times courageous, bold, and gallant. Flexibility to meet the ever changing challenges is the key of Night Consciousness. You must be temperate, wise, and poised in all things. These are just a few of the things necessary for you to reach Night Consciousness.

They are not easy to master. Yet they must be mastered and put actively into your life. You must live and practice Night Consciousness from the very beginning. This topic is placed early in the book because it is the first thing which you will have to learn and begin practicing in Night Magick. If you are to have any success at all in Night Magick, you will have to practice and master this topic. In all other subjects you will study and master in this book, Night Consciousness is of the most importance. It will bring you success in all other things you attempt in Night Magick. How then do you practice and live Night Consciousness?

To begin, you must live the life of the Oversoul. You must be consciously aware of the Night Power that flows through you from your Oversoul. Everywhere you go, you must constantly remain in the Consciousness of the Oversoul. You must know that you are the Oversoul and radiate Night Power. You must speak and act as the Oversoul. You must gain a very special attitude towards life. You must learn to be in the world but not of it. You must not become lost in the illusions of limitations. With the aid of Night Magick you will want for nothing but at the same time you must never allow material possessions to possess you. Your magickal life must be balanced by your practical life. You must give each part of your life equal time. Your practical life should be filled with your magickal nature. You must learn to take each day, one at a time. It is wrong to worry about tomorrow for in Night Consciousness your destiny of success is assured. You must learn to obey your Oversoul as you would yourself for in reality you and the Oversoul are One. All of your needs will be taken care of through Night Consciousness. That doesn't mean you can just sit back and do nothing. You must give your full effort to life but without worry or concern about your future. If you are following the Night Road to Night Consciousness, then the outcome is clear. There is also one other thing that you can do to enhance your attaining Night Consciousness until you become more adept in Night Magick.

In your pursuit of Night Consciousness you will be greatly benefitted if you will get out into the outdoors as much as possible. The beauty, peace, and power of nature will do much in restoring and helping to maintain your Oversoul Nature. The Earth is a storehouse of Night Energy and by your visits to those places where the Earth has been relatively untouched you will be able to absorb the Night Energy. If you begin to practice what I just covered and continue to study and practice Night Magick then you will eventually reach Night Consciousness. But only your Oversoul knows all the things necessary for you to do to reach Night Consciousness and the time required to do so. So you must be untiring in your efforts to reach it and know that it will come. You must come to know that there is no separation in Consciousness between you and your Oversoul. There are signs which will indicate to you that you are starting to approach Night Consciousness.

There are changes that will take place within you all along the road to your final destination. These changes will help reassure you that you are making progress. One of the first significant changes in your life will be a new powerful inner vibration.

You will become charged with a new zest for life. The Oversoul Power will flow through you and raise every cell in your body in a glorious fire. You will find you will need less sleep and yet your energy will remain very high. You will find that your health will be greatly improved and that your breathing will come much easier. Your body will become the Body of your Oversoul. You will find yourselves growing more in the ways of the Silver Rule. You may do anything that you want if you always maintain the Eternal Night Balance. You will begin to hear an Inner Voice who will be your instructor and guardian. This Inner Voice will be that of your Oversoul and/or Night Teacher who will guide you and care for you. This will cause you to develop flashes of intuition. These brief moments of insight should be carefully listened to and followed. If you do, then the help will continue to come to you. You will find that your knowledge seems to increase within you. You will gain an understanding of things that you never seemed to understand before. You will instinctively seem to know what to do about a particular problem. For example, if your car breaks down you will know almost immediately what is wrong with it and if possible, how to repair it. You will also come to know Truth from untruth. It doesn't matter whether that source originates from a person, reading material, or whatever, you will know whether what is said is True or not. Nothing will be able to hide from your inner knowing and vision. This is also about the time when your lower psychic abilities and faculties start to open up. You will learn a great deal about them later in the book. They will give you abilities and powers beyond that of other people. Therefore you must be careful in using them such that the Eternal Night Balance is always maintained. Do not worry about these centers for now in a later topic you will be given what you need to maintain control. You will feel a greater need for solitude and a time away from people. There are more indications of approaching Night Consciousness and you will learn more about them as you continue your studies of Night Magick. Remember, Night Consciousness is a physical, emotional, mental, and causal development. You know some of the things to concentrate on to help develop this consciousness. As I just said you will learn more of the essentials to help develop this consciousness as you learn Night Magick. You have also learned some of the indicators of your developing Night Consciousness and when you finally reach it you will know it. What is required is effort, dedication, persistence, self-discipline and study. With all this, you will achieve Night Consciousness. Combined with Night Magick there won't be a thing you can't achieve. Your imagination and dreams are the only limits in Night Magick. From this point in your study of Night Magick, I would like to go over the principles upon which a Night Magician's life is based.