Earth Rite

19. Earth Rite

Your body is very much like that of the Earth. As was shown in an earlier topic, the body has interspaced in it an Etheric Body. This is your magnetic field just as the Earth has a magnetic field. It is essential to your good health to be in contact with the Earth. The Earth currents mixed with your own magnetic currents keep you in good health. You will experience less tension and frustration. If you can do nothing else you should get out into the country and go barefoot. Here though, I would like to introduce a rite which will allow you to absorb a great deal more Earth Energy.

The Earth's energy is of the highest order. You may feel that the Earth is an unclean place and that its energies are of the same order. This is not true! Man's attitude is the harmful energy which is slowly destroying the Earth itself. From the Oversoul's viewpoint the Earth is covered in a dense blanket of Man's wrongful attitude concerning the Earth. The Earth is the Body of a magickally advanced Being and Its Energies are of the deepest order. Let's look specifically at how to absorb these life giving energies.

The only place to do this rite is outdoors. You should select a place which is free of Man's urbanization. Go out into a park or a private woods. Go somewhere so that you won't be disturbed. Once you have selected a place that feels right sit down and get comfortable. Your bottom should be in direct contact with the Earth. Do not sit in a chair. Next begin with deep breathing, relax, and let all tension go. When you are perfectly relaxed begin to feel your own Etheric Body. Feel your magnetic current touching the magnetic current of the Earth. When you breathe in, you will draw the Earth Energy up into your body via the Night Centers. See this energy flowing up through the base center and flow on higher and higher through each center until it reaches the crown center. When it has reached this far, hold the energy there and allow it to penetrate your entire being. Then, as you exhale, see the tired and tense energies of your own body flow back out of your body and being absorbed by the Earth. The Earth will change and charge these energies with Earth Force. Continue this exercise as long as you feel comfortable. During this exercise you should feel a communion and Oneness with the Soul of the Earth. The Earth is a Magickal Fountain of the Darkest Night. Drink from it and be renewed!

You have traveled far on the Earth Road. You have learned a great deal about yourself. You have come to know the hidden faculties and powers that lie within you. But as all things on Earth must end so in the next topic, you will come to know your own ending and this chapter on Earth Magick.