Mental Projection

39. Mental Projection

You will recall, in Night Projection, you traveled in the Astral Realm in your Astral Body. So you can conclude, in Mental Projection, you will travel in the Mental Realm in your Mental Body. You can look upon Mental Projection as the "flight of the mind". It is with your mind that you will see and visit places, and find a universe open to your mental explorations. So let's begin this topic with a short flight, and view one of the many places that are open before you.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one... and you have lift-off. You begin to climb through the sky, leaving the Earth far, far behind, and enter the darkness of deep space. You continue to travel at the speed of thought passing by planets and stars in the twinkle of an eye. In moments, you find yourself approaching the first planet in your journey. The planet's side you approach is enveloped in the darkness of night. As you approach it closer, you see, outlined in the light of a setting sun, a vast beach and cliffs upon which a great ocean touches, and whose waves gently caress it. Set in the side of the cliffs is a great door which you know leads to a vast city below the surface. You, mentally, beam a message asking to enter, where upon the great door opens and you find yourself moving rapidly through a long, lighted tunnel. Inside, you find a great city shrouded in the twilight of an artificial night. There are beautiful fountains and statues inside and buildings resembling those of Ancient Greece. By some unknown force, you are now led away from this city beneath the surface and find yourself leaving the planet far behind, and once again, traveling through space. You soon approach your next destination, which is a planet that, at first, appears similar to the one you just left. As you grow closer, though, you see a culture much different then the last one. Here, the culture is very mechanized, and the citizenry live upon the surface. The dwellings are very rustic and blend naturally with the bareness of the planet. You continue to watch with fascination at the unique machinery and lifestyle of the people. You find, though, that you are starting to grow weary and feel a need to return to your origin. So you return to your body which you left far behind on the planet Earth. You think of your body, and its place on Earth, and the sensation of rapid movement, of flight, is upon you again. Pinpoints of light and matter, again, whisk past you with incredible speed. Then, you feel the slowing in movement, and the heaviness of your body, and ...Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.., you have arrived. So ends your short flight of the mind through time and space. Were you really there? Did you see the planets, buildings, and people?

The answer is a definite, Yes! There is no place or time period that you cannot visit in Mind. You can visit anyplace on your planet or see anyone. You can travel back into time or go forward into the realm of possibilities. As you have seen, you can travel to any planet, of any star system, of any galaxy. You can even travel into the various planes of the Magickal Realm. The only restraints to your traveling is your own magickal development.

Your own magickal development is the only limiting factor as to where you can travel. This applies to Night, as well as Mental Projection. You are allowed to see and visit those things which have an equal or lower vibration to your own. For example, each planet, in the universe, has a unique magickal vibration. In order for you to see and visit a planet, your own vibration must be equal or higher to it. Otherwise, you will be prevented from going there. Similarly, for you to visit a magickal level or plane, you must have an equal or higher vibration in relation to it. Of course, the solution to unlimited travel is a personal magickal vibration that allows you to go anywhere. Although there will always be magickal plateaus that you must strive for, you can develop magickally so that you are relatively unrestricted in your magickal travels. How do you develop magickally?

The answer has been before you all along. You must follow the instruction outlined in this book. If you follow these instructions, live by the Will of your Oversoul within you, then your magickal growth will be both rapid and unending. Being Magickal is not being able to read minds or see in the Night Magician's Crystal Globe, but is based on living as the Oversoul on Earth. Telepathy, crystal gazing, and all that you are studying, is developing within you the necessary physical, emotional, mental, and magickal discipline that will aid you in living as the Oversoul on Earth. This, brings true magickal growth that will be with you forever and ever.

To practice Mental Projection, you must be physically fit and mentally sound. Your mind must be in a state of peace and relaxation. Your mind must be free of tension and worries and your body should be in good health, especially your heart. You do not have to wait for truly advance magickal growth in order to start traveling mentally. The only thing, as said before, is that your magickal development will limit those places that you can visit. As you continue to travel and grow magickally so will the places that you can visit grow in clarity, beauty, and magick. The "how-to" of Mental Projection is not that difficult. You must enter your Magician's Study and extinguish all light in the room. The room should be in almost total darkness. Then, you should be seated or lying down in a very comfortable and relaxed manner. You must place the Magician's Night Pillar around yourself and begin Night Breathing. You must achieve a very relaxed and calm state of body and mind. Once you have reached this state, you are ready to take flight with your mind. In Mental Projection, unlike Night Projection, you are not going to project a body in which your consciousness is going to travel. In Mental Projection, only your consciousness is going to be projected forth. Remember, your Mental Body is your consciousness. In Night Projection, you projected forth your Astral Body from your physical body, and in that Astral Body you placed your consciousness. In Mental Projection, all visual and emotional sensation will center around the forehead of your physical body. It is from here, that you will project your formless Mental energies or consciousness.

To start with, you must visualize in your mind the place, person, and/or thing you wish to visit. Once you have in mind where you want to travel to, then you should imagine your mind doing the traveling and actually going there. See your formless Mental energies going forth to discover and see in the Mental Realm. You will feel your consciousness starting to travel forth into the Mental Realm. You will have visual impressions of your surroundings passing you by, just as if you were traveling in an airplane, only much faster. Then you'll begin to truly see your destination.

In the beginning, your visual images may be hazy and faint. But as you practice, the images will become clearer and take on color. While Mental Projecting, if you want to go somewhere else then where you're currently visiting, all you have to do is concentrate on the place you want to be, and with the speed of thought you will be there. Where your thoughts are, there you will be too. In no way, should you force Mental Projection. When you project, it must be from the area of the forehead. If you feel a swaying sensation from your entire body, then you are starting to project the Astral Body, rather then the Mental Body. Your conscious projection of the Mental Body must be from the forehead. You must center your conscious efforts to project from the area of the head. You should definitely know that it is your mind body that you do travel and see through. You are actually present in your Mental Body and can send magickal healing and power through it to any person, place, or thing as you feel the need. When you are ready to return, you should do so slowly and easily. You should see yourself returning the same way you went. As you begin to feel your physical body again, for while in traveling you will forget it, move the fingers and hands slowly. Next, you will concentrate on your breathing, and you will find the need to take a deep breath, for while traveling, your breathing has become very slow and shallow. In all, return very slowly and you will prevent any harm to yourself, for returning too quickly can cause headaches and an "out-of-sorts" feeling. Mind Traveling is your key to unlimited new discoveries in life. You can visit and stay in touch with friends and love ones far away. You can see cities, great libraries, countries, and places untold. You can go into space and discover new worlds and civilizations. Your past and future are open to your exploration. You can even explore the Magickal Realms and see the Magickal Leaders and Teachers of the world. At first, go easy in learning to use your mind to travel with. You must practice and be patient and the results are assured. Remember, Mental Projection is your means to worlds untold; the passport is your own magickal development. You have finally reached the topic that you waited so patiently for. So without further delay, let's learn how to create the world around and within you that you desire to have.