Night Pillar

11. Night Pillar

What you are about to learn is perhaps the most valuable Night Tool you will ever acquire. There are many forces in the world which will attempt to do you harm if you practice Night Magick. By harm, I don't necessarily mean physical violence although that is possible. I am talking about the threat of harm to your subtle bodies: Astral, Mental, and Causal bodies. Harm to these bodies could cause serious emotional and mental sickness. There is also the threat of attack to your Etheric which usually translates to physical harm. For Night Magicians there is a serious threat of attack from Yang followers. This could be from so- called White Magicians and their use of magick against you. It could come from Christians, Jews, Muslims and so on. Attacks can come from collective emotional or mental energy meant to harm a Night Magician. A group of Yang worshipers gathered together in prayer praying for the demise of all Night Magicians everywhere could build up enough energy to harm the unprotected Night Magician. As you grow more magickal you will become very sensitive to subtle energies around you. Attacks could come from anyone who wishes you harm. You will need protection. You will need to build the Night Pillar. The Night Pillar is not just for protection.

The Night Pillar also acts as an invisible wall which will contain the energy you will be creating through Night Magick. This will allow you to build-up the energy to a great intensity before you release it to accomplish your will. This will increase the effectiveness of the magickal rites you create. So how do you build the Night Pillar.

You begin by calming and clearing your mind of extraneous thoughts. Close your eyes and visualize the Night Energy collecting around your form. See the Night Energy forming a pillar of protective force that extends around you about six feet. See that energy flowing below your feet and above your head. See yourself in a pillar of deep violet and emerald energies. See yourself in a pillar of darkest night. Know that you cannot be harmed while contained in the Night Pillar. Now say the following invocation:

"I am a Night Magician surrounded in a Pillar of Night Energy that cannot be penetrated. It repels all energy that would harm me. It repels all thoughts and emotional energy of my enemies. Through the Power of my Oversoul, I am protected in a Pillar of Night Energy and cannot be harmed. May this Night Pillar remain around me at all times keeping me out of harms way. So be it."

Say this invocation and visualize the Night Pillar around you until you can feel its protection. This energy comes from the Oversoul within. As you begin the invocation the Oversoul extends the Night Energy into your world through the silver cord. The silver cord is your life line to your Oversoul and through it all energy passes to you which sustains your life on Earth. You can invoke more of this energy and power into your life when you work in conscious union with your Oversoul. There are many different kinds of energy which can be invoked into your world through the Oversoul. The Night Energy of Protection is only one of them. You will learn about many more types of energy you can invoke and use towards the end of the book. What you want to remember about the Night Pillar is to use it often.

Always place the Night Pillar around you before you work Night Magick. Always place yourself in the Night Pillar at the beginning of each day. The more you use it the stronger it will become. The Pillar will protect you from all physical and psychic harm. You must learn to consciously keep the Night Pillar around you all the time. You should always remain in the Night Pillar. Everything that you practice in the lore of Night Magick should begin with the Night Pillar. You must always do this whether it's stated so or not. Through the Night Pillar you will safely live and learn in Night Magick. You now have built a strong foundation upon which to live and practice Night Magick. You have learned what it is to be a Night Magician and to practice the lore of Night Magick. If you are ready to begin using Night Magick then let's consecrate your Night Study and Tools.