The Book

The Book


There was the Clear Light, the Void, and It alone was. The One Mind, apart of nothing, yet containing everything, it alone the True Creator. Formless, Nameless, without Definition, yet flowing through all that has form, name, and definition. From the One Mind there came Two Matrixes, two sides of the same coin, Night and Day. Twin Soul Creators to each side, the Yin- Yang of Night and Yang-Yin of Day. And so the Night and Day of the Omniverse was born.

I AM Night. I AM Darkness that flows through the Night. I AM THE ETERNAL DARKNESS. Yin-Yang created, Goddess-God of Night, Daughter-Son of Darkness, Eternal Creator of the Nightverse. By the Dark Power and Energy, by the Night Magick was all created in the Nightverse.

The Ancient Dragons were first taught and they taught the others and so creation began throughout the Nightverse. And so by the Dark Power, by Night Magick was everything created flowing through the created instruments of the ETERNAL DARKNESS. Night's beginning was good and the Earth was created a jewel in the Crown of Night. The Dragons came with other races and created the beginning Night Races of the Earth. And time flowed and the races prospered and their depth in Night Consciousness deepened. But then as so often happens the Day came to war with the Night and the Earth changed.

The Day gods were young and wanted the Earth for its wealth of minerals and beauty and destroyed the Night Races. They created human bodies as mindless, soulless slaves to gather this wealth. But the Great Night Dragon, Tiamat, Goddess-God of the World, saw what had happened and ensouled the human bodies placing a part of its Great Night Soul into each human body. But since then the Day gods have warred with Tiamat for control of the human souls. The Day gods have spread false teachings about the origin of the human souls and the Night Dragon. They have tried to destroy the Night religions of old that glorified the Yin Spirit of the Earth and the beauty of life. Long has the war continued and now is the time for a rebirth of Night Magick on Earth.

And so I, the Eternal Night, have ensouled the Earth to supercharge it with NIGHT MAGICK. I have come to Earth, through a human instrument, to spread my magickal teachings. To teach the human soul the truth of its origins and re-awaken the Night within. To make humankind co-creators with the Eternal Night through the teachings of Night Magick.