Creative Visualization

40. Creative Visualization

The Magick of Creative Visualization is awesome. There is absolutely nothing you cannot create into your world through Creative Visualization. There are examples of people who used the power of Creative Visualization throughout history. Look at the lives of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Leonardo Da Vinci. Look at the lives of Mozart, Beethoven, and Wagner. In all these lives and thousands more like them, they used their minds and a vision they held in their minds and created and changed the world. They created intuitively. You too can become like them by knowing how its done and then using it. The whole process is known as Creative Visualization.

Through this process, you will be able to create for yourself and others anything that you desire. Remember always to create within the laws of the Eternal Night Balance and the Silver Rule. As long as you follow these two principles there is absolutely nothing you cannot create into your world through Creative Visualization. The process of Creative Visualization is broken down into two basic parts, a.) Imagination and b.) Invocation. The process ends with the final results of c.) Materialization. So without further delay, let's begin with imagination.


Imagination is a product of your mind. It is the ability of your mind to be able to visualize, picture, envision, or imagine situations and things. As a kid, you used your imagination in playing house. You imagined yourself as either the father or mother and your toy dolls as your children. Your house was a big box that you got from the local appliance dealer that once contained a refrigerator or stove. Or remember the time you laid down on the soft, cool, green grass and looked up at the big, fluffy, white clouds on a warm summer day and imagined what this cloud or that looked like. Some looked like big elephants or dogs and others looked like planes. Remember? This is your imagination at work.

As an adult, you constantly use your imagination to imagine what an interview is going to be like with the new boss, or what an appointment with the dentist is going to feel like. If you have a birthday coming up, you try to imagine what gifts are going to be given to you and who will send cards. You constantly employ your imagination in your life. Your imagination is a very powerful force in your life. In fact, your imagination is the most powerful force in your life today. Disagree?

Well if you do, then let's look at some examples. Many will say that your will is the strongest force in your life but this can be easily disproved. In any contest between the will and the imagination, the imagination always wins. For example, let's take a catwalk high above the factory floor. The catwalk is only two feet wide and there are guard rails at waist height running the fifty foot length. Can you cross it in safety and ease? Sure, for you have the added safety measure of the guard rails. Now, let's take away the guard rails. Has your ease in crossing changed any? The catwalk is still quite wide enough to cross with ease but when you take away the guard rails, your imagination starts to go to work. You look at the long drop below and without the rails, you start to imagine what would happen if you slip. It will be hard to convince your imagination that you can cross without any danger. You find that you are truly scared at walking on a two-foot wide catwalk suspended one hundred feet in the air. If you attempt to force your will over your self, this will only create more tension, and begin to cause your body to shake and sweat to appear on your forehead, and you will be totally unable to cross. Your imagination wins. Another example of how your imagination has been used as a powerful force in your life is the fear that many people have of a place called Hell.

Churches have long used the idea of Hell to keep people in line. In your imagination, you believe that if you are not good and do exactly what the church says, you will pay for it by going to a very, very hot, sulfurous, brimstone place, and there suffer eternal torment. If you truly believe this and have convinced your imagination of this, then you will not do any wrong if possible. Your imagination is even stronger then the sexual forces in your life.

It is in your imagination that a particular type of man or woman is attractive to you. Imagination must come first before the sexual forces can be activated. So, your imagination is dominant even over your love life. As you have just seen in these examples presented here, and many more that come to mind, the imagination is a very powerful force. Whatever you imagine to be true in your life, your imagination will insure that it is so in your life. If you feel that an unsupported walk will be very dangerous, then your imagination will conjure up the most dismal of pictures in your mind's eye, of you lying broken up on the floor far, far below. The idea, then, is to learn to use your imagination constructively. You must learn how to manipulate your imagination to achieve materialization. With your imagination, you are going to learn to imagine whatever it is that you desire to happen.

To begin with, you should have by this time become quite proficient at visualization. The hows of this was discussed in topic thirty-two, exercise four. If you haven't been doing this exercise, then refer back to it and begin doing so at once until proficiency is obtained. Whatever it is that you want to happen, you must first be able to visualize it. Once you have visualized it clearly in your mind's eye, then you must continue to add to the visualization using your imagination and give it substance. Let's begin with an easy example.

You want to create an apple. First, you would have already visualized the apple itself. You have pictured, in your mind, a bright, beautiful apple. Then with your imagination, you will continue to add substance to it by adding the color to its skin. Now, you have a bright, beautiful, red apple. Then you will, in your imagination, see the insides of the apple, and how beautifully yellow they are. Then, go on remembering how delicious and sweet they taste, and even how fragrant it smells. In your imagination, hold this total picture of a bright, red, yellowish insides, sweet tasting and smelling apple. This is how you will use your imagination in Creative Visualization. But you don't have the apple yet, do you? You need something more then just your imagination alone. You need the added ingredient of Invocation.


You are probably asking yourself what I mean by Invocation. The very meaning of the word tells you what is required next. Invocation is the act of calling upon a deity or higher power for aid in accomplishing something. In Night Magick you are going to invoke the aid of your Oversoul to complete the act of Creative Visualization. It is your Oversoul who answers your invocation. The Oversoul places into your world those things you desire to see in it. There are no limitations placed upon what invocation can do when combined with visualization and imagination. None! How do you invoke so that your Oversoul will answer with action? First, you must have the attention of your Oversoul. If you have been practicing meditation with dedication and sincerity, then you will have been slowly opening the Crown Night Center or your Portal to your Oversoul. In your practice of meditation and Night Magick overall, you have been practicing a way of life that raises your magickal vibration and that of your Oversoul, too. When you dedicate yourself to this magickal way of life, your Oversoul then becomes directly involved in your magickal growth. So, since you have been practicing meditation all along, you know that your Oversoul is listening. To begin your invocation then, you must establish that communications link with your Oversoul. You can do this standing, sitting, or lying down, whichever you are most comfortable with. Then, you will put the Night Pillar around yourself. You will need to use your imagination and see yourself as the Living Oversoul. Envision yourself dressed in a seamless, black garment glowing in intense magickal radiation. You must see yourself as you would imagine your Oversoul must seem in Its Realm. That is, as an embodiment of Power and Glory unknown on Earth. You must go beyond just imagining yourself as the Oversoul on Earth. You must know that you are the Oversoul. That if you raise your vibration high enough, and know that you are the Oversoul, then your Oversoul will join you on Earth and will work with, and through you. At this point, you will start to feel an increase in heart rate and exhilaration unknown to you before. Through this, you will know your Oversoul is listening and is with you. Even if you don't feel this exhilaration, be assured, that your Oversoul is with you. Then you can say your invocation to your Oversoul. There is a certain way that the invocation should he said. This is not like a typical prayer that you have been taught how to say. Your invocation is more a command and affirmation. The invocation should be based on the following example: "Darkest Oversoul which I AM, send your Yin Light and Energy through me. For I AM the Oversoul in Action here on Earth and live by Your Will alone. I AM commanding as Oversoul in Action here on Earth that your request be done. By the Oversoul's Will let it be done. So be it." You should repeat this invocation three times. If you do this with all sincerity and knowing that it will be done, then it will be done. The result of this invocation and your use of imagination is defined as Materialization.


What is materialization? Materialization is the bringing forth into material or physical existence your desires. This is the ultimate goal of Creative Visualization. You want to bring into the material world your ideals. Can you achieve this materialization through invocation alone? No, you must have the combination of imagination and invocation together. One question that may come to your mind is where the apple, or anything that you are trying to create, materializing from?

When I speak of using your imagination to form the image of what it is you want, you are also using concentrated thought. You are building this image first on the Mental Realm. As you continue the imaginative process, you continue to fill the image with your emotions or feelings about what it is and like to have. Thus, you continue to build it, and so, lower it into the Astral Realm. The object is actually materializing on both the Mental and Astral planes. Then, you employ your power of invocation, building or materializing it on both the Magickal and the Etheric planes. In the materialization of objects, this form, made up of condensed energy, will create the necessary events in order to manifest into your or another's world, depending on what it is you are trying to achieve. If you are of advanced magickal development, with a need of the object immediately, then physical matter will start to form around the energy form until you have the final material product. With your imagination and invocation, you are programming the energy form to materialize. The energy form will do whatever is necessary to bring about the creation. Let's return beck to the apple you were trying to materialize, and see the whole process through.

Remember, you were imagining a bright, red, yellowish insides, sweet tasting and smelling apple. You had used your imagination to such a point that you could almost smell and taste that apple. At that moment, you would go on to use invocation. You now see yourself as the Oversoul on Earth. You truly feel Its Power and Energy descend upon you and know that you are One. Now, you would insert in your invocation the image of your apple. From this, you would have your apple. Is the apple going to be right there in front of you, after you do all of this? That depends on you and your magickal development. If you have reached the state of Night Consciousness, then YES, the apple will be there in front of you. For in Night Consciousness, you and the Oversoul are One. There is perfect communion and cooperation in all things. In lesser magickal development, the apple would have been there, but only as low as the etherial state. But, what is in the etherial state of materialization will eventually have its material existence fulfilled. Somehow, and eventually, that bright, red apple will come into your life. Food is not the only thing that you can materialize.

There is no limit on the physical objects that you can materialize into your life, but more importantly, there is no limit to the physical happenings that you can cause to exist. By physical happenings, I am referring to events or changes to occur in your or another's life. For example, you may want to become more like one of the Night Teachers. You would, then, first activate your imagination and begin to build the image of the Teacher you would like to become more like. Think of all the qualities and attributes held by that Teacher. What they look like? What mannerisms? Build the image very strong and then you will slowly start to see yourself taking on these magickal qualities. You should then bring in your invocation. You will ask your Oversoul to build within you, the qualities found in the Teacher. You should then continue this visualization over a long period of time. In other words, you must practice this visualization process many times, over a long period of time, in order to become fully like the Teacher. There is no way of knowing how long it will take to acquire these qualities. But as each day goes by, you will become more and more like your Night Teacher. The change will hardly be perceptible to you, but change you will. You can help build these qualities into other people. You can materialize in anyone, anything, through your imagination and invocation. Through Creative Visualization, you could achieve unlimited supply of the things you need on Earth and the Soul qualities you need in life to reach Night Consciousness. You have traveled to the end of your journey in Air Magick.

You began it, by visiting the dimension where the Great Ones live and bring into mental creation, what will soon thereafter become a physical discovery and invention. You have long been convinced, by now, of the great power of your thoughts, and the even greater power of your Friend, the Silent Magician. You have learned to bring improvements into your life through self- hypnosis. You have acquired new Night Magician Tools such as the Pendulum and Crystal Globe. You have learned to travel to anywhere, at anytime, through Mental Projection, and to invoke or communicate with your Oversoul. Best of all, you have learned to control the world around you and create as the Oversoul through Creative Visualization. You have come a long way on the road of Night Magick, but the road stretches out before you a bit farther. You find yourself journeying on the last part of the Night Road and entering the Night Realm.