Hypnotism and Self

34. Hypnotism and Self

In classical mythology, Hypnos was the god of sleep. He was the brother of Thanatos and the son of Erebus and Nyx. The word, hypnotism, is taken from the greek word, "hypnoein", which means, "to put to sleep". So you can see that hypnotism must have something to do with sleep, right? Actually, it doesn't have anything to do with sleep, except that when a person is in a hypnotic state of consciousness, s/he may appear to be sleeping. What then is hypnosis?

In the state of hypnosis, you are extremely vulnerable to suggestions. For example, if you are told that when you put your hand in a vat of water and will feel a pleasant warmth, then this will be so. Even if the water in the tub is very, very cold. That doesn't mean that your hand won't be cold, but as far as your physical consciousness is concerned, the hand feels warmth from the cold water. How can this be? You're going to examine that very question in-depth and go on to learn some good uses for hypnotism and also the dangers of hypnotism. Lastly, you are going to learn how to induce self-hypnosis and the reasons for doing so. First though, let's see how hypnosis works.

To begin your investigation, you're going to examine the technique of a hypnotist at work. For in studying how a hypnotist works, you will be able to gain an insight into how hypnosis works. The hypnotist first needs a subject and that is going to be you. The hypnotist will then stand in front of you and s/he will suspend some shiny object and ask you to concentrate on the object. As you continue to concentrate, the hypnotist will begin the first of her/his suggestions to you; you are starting to feel drowsy. Next, s/he will tell you that your eyelids are starting to feel heavy. You can see already that from just trying to concentrate on the object that you will start to feel eye fatigue. And because your eyes are starting to feel tired, you already are beginning to trust the suggestions of the hypnotist. As the process continues, you will start to fall into an altered state of awareness. When the hypnotist has you deeply relaxed, s/he will continue with further suggestions. For example, s/he will then ask you to raise your right arm straight out in front of you. Then s/he will tell you that your arm is starting to feel very heavy and that you can hardly hold it up. Well, it's obvious that the hypnotist is requesting you to do things and then makes suggestions which corresponds with what you are feeling. But in all of this, there is a very real purpose, and that is for you to believe in the hypnotist. You are starting to trust the hypnotist and believe that whatever s/he tells you is going to occur. But actually, there is much more to it then just your outer conscious belief in the hypnotist.

Here, you rejoin your new friend, the Silent Magician, for the explanation. What the hypnotist has been doing is breaching the energy screen that is between you and your Silent Friend. The hypnotist has actually been working on the Subconscious Mind with her/his suggestions and gaining Her/His trust. When the hypnotist has convinced the Silent Magician that whatever s/he says is going to happen, then you are truly hypnotised. You will remember from the last topic, that your Subconscious is unable to discern between the Truth and untruth. They are not able to reason. So as you, the physical consciousness, trusted the hypnotist and began to believe in her/him, so the Subconscious Mind will too. The hypnotist, in convincing you with her/his simple suggestions has caused you to lower the energy screen between you and your Subconscious. Once this screen was lowered, the hypnotist is directly working with your Subconscious Mind. All that s/he now tells you, your Silent Magician will believe and comply with. If s/he tells you when you look at an object, that you will not be able to see it, then to your physical consciousness, the object will not be there. This is hypnosis. Hypnosis can be a real benefit to humankind, but it can also be a real danger. There have been some valuable uses for hypnosis in today's society. Medically they have used hypnosis in some cases as a substitute for anesthetic. Thereby eliminating the dangers of having to anesthetize someone. The police have used it to hypnotize a crime victim, or witness, in order to draw out of the Subconscious Mind greater details of a crime, and so, possibly leading to the capture of the criminals. These are some very positive uses for hypnosis. Hypnosis can be a very dangerous subject. You should under no circumstances allow yourself to be placed under hypnosis by someone you do not fully trust. Nor should you undergo hypnosis for fun and games. Hypnosis is a serious business. When you undergo hypnosis, you surrender your Subconscious Mind, out of the Hands of your Oversoul, and into the hands of the hypnotist. As you can see, this can lead to some serious consequences for you, if you are in the wrong hands. Let your imagination conjure up the harm that can be done to you by the hypnotist. So let this be warning enough, DO NOT BE HYPNOTIZED, unless you are absolutely sure of the hypnotist and why you are being hypnotized. How can you get around the hypnotist?

You can circumvent her/him by using self-hypnosis. You are going to be the hypnotist. For sure, I can think of no better hypnotist then you, once you are properly trained. There are many reasons why you might want to use self-hypnosis. If you have ever wanted to stop smoking; to improve your memory; to stop a bad habit; to develop particular traits within yourself, for example, patience and calmness; then you will want to try self- hypnosis. For some, a big reason would be to lose weight. The possibilities are endless. When you tell your Silent Magician, in self-hypnosis, what you want, then you will see it occur in yourself. But be sure, if you are trying to give up something, that you truly want to give it up. Otherwise you won't be able to do it. As you begin to learn the techniques for self-hypnosis, you should be in reasonably good health. If you are in good health, then let's begin. You will practice this in your Magician's Study insuring that the room is free from intrusion by others and without drafts. The room should be reasonably dark. Once all your room preparations have been made, then you should lay down on something comfortable. Now you are going to practice the complete body relaxation that you practiced in preparation for Night Projection. If you go through the same motions that you did in that topic, then you will have achieved the proper state of relaxation. To quickly recount what you did; you began thinking of your toes and erasing all tension in them. Then you went up the leg and did this for both legs. You worked on every part of your body achieving the fullest relaxation possible. This is what you want here. Now, practice some Night Breathing and deepen the relaxation. While you are breathing, just let your thoughts float on your breath. The key is to relax deeply. Now to contact your Silent Magician.

Pull your thoughts together and concentrate your gaze upon a point somewhere on the ceiling above you. This point should be at such an angle that it causes slight eye strain. Now, as you continue to stare, you will begin to feel eye strain. When you can feel this, you should then tell yourself, aloud, that when you count beginning from ten and reach one, you are going to close your eyes and be unable to open them. So let's do it.

"I am going to count from ten to one and when I reach one my eyes will close because they have become very tired. Ten, my eyes are starting to feel tired; nine, my eyes are becoming much more tired and I am beginning to feel like closing them; eight, my eyes are starting to become very tired; seven-six, my eyelids are becoming very heavy; five-four, my eyes are so tired that I have to close them; three, I can no longer keep my eyes open and feel a real need to close them; two, my eyes are so tired they will no longer stay open; one, my eyes have shut."

Your eyes should shut automatically, even if your eyes should not close do not worry. Go ahead and close them anyway for what you are doing is setting up an automatic reaction, within yourself, when you do this. Now that you have your eyes closed, let's continue with self- hypnosis.

You are going to visualize your Silent Magician and you are going to say outloud the following:

"I am going to count from ten to one and when I reach one I'm going to be in a deep state of self- hypnosis. I'm going to be alert and fully conscious and my Friend is going to respond to all I say to her/him and comply with my desires. Ten, I am becoming very relaxed and my body is starting to feel very heavy; nine, my body is feeling heavy and my spirit is lightly floating within my body; eight-seven, I am becoming deeply relaxed and slowly entering into trance; six-five, I am now in trance yet alert and fully conscious; four-three, I am going deeper and deeper into trance; two, I am reaching the deepest state of trance every before achieved; one, I am completely in trance yet fully alert and conscious. State name of your Silent Magician please listen to me and do what I ask for."

Now is the time to make known to your Silent Friend all that you want her/him to do. Let's give Her/Him, though, only one thing per session. You are going to practice the entire technique, as outlined previously, for the first few times, until you can do it correctly and easily. Then you will condense the relaxation and self-hypnosis state into one happening.

You are going to say to yourself that when you count to one, you are going to achieve a complete state of relaxation and self-hypnosis. That you are going to be fully alert and know what's going on and that you are going to be able to direct your Silent Witness to do as you ask. The relaxation and self-hypnosis state should come easily, for it should now have become an automatic reaction. Do not have any fear of coming out of this state of self-hypnosis for it will happen automatically. Through self-hypnosis you can correct faults within yourself, or implant qualities that you would like to acquire. Through regular practice you can achieve this. This is serious business and should be approached as such. Self-hypnosis will achieve for you all that you desire, and you know that you're in safe hands, your own! Your Silent Magician will also be your partner and friend in your use of the Night Magician's Pendulum.