Night Magicians: Past, Present, and Future

49. Night Magicians: Past, Present, and Future

This is the concluding topic in the lore of Night Magick. You have gone through all the elements of Night Magick. You have covered Earth, Water, Air, and Fire and have learned the basics of each. Yet, in actuality, you have hardly scratched the surface. You have only just begun to learn Night Magick. There is still so much more to learn.

There is no end to the body of knowledge that is Night Magick. You must always search for knowledge and wisdom wherever it may be, for this is Night Magick. No Night Magician ever stops learning or comes to know it all. You will always be unfolding the Night Powers that lie within you. For your final topic, as in the beginning, I would like to speak once more about Night Magicians.

I would like to present the Night Magicians of the past, giving their origin, purpose, and names; of the present, again speaking of their origin and purpose; the future, taking a glimpse of what might be. To begin this presentation, I would like to discuss the Night Magicians of the Past.

In the beginning of distant civilization the Dragon Tiamat taught humankind the knowledge and wisdom of Night Magick. Civilizations flourished under Night Magick and the Earth was a beautiful and wonderful place. Then came the invasion by the Yang and the destruction of the Yin civilizations. But even among the Yang gods and goddesses there were the Yin.

Among the gods and goddesses were Set, Isis, Nuit, Loki, Pan, Cybele, Hecate, Kali, Bacchus, and others who were known to give the other gods and goddesses trouble. Among humankind the Night Religions and Night Magick continued.

There are the worshippers and practitioners of the dark religions of the above listed gods and goddesses. There are also the ancient religions of the Druids and the North and South American Indians. There are the religions of Africa and other so-called dark continents. There is Voodoo. Many of these continue to remain in existence today. There are also individual practitioners of the past.

There are Night Magicians such as Abra Melin, and Abraham the Jew, Cagliostro, Althotas, Comte de Sainte-Germain, Aleister Crowley, Baian, Jeanne Belloc, Dr. Lamb, Marie Le Normand, Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Paracelsus, Jacob Boehme, Eliphas Levi, Marie Laveau, Alexander Seton, and William Butler Yeats.

There are also Night Magicians of the present, but I cannot name them here. This is still very much a Yang world with great hatred for those devoted to the world of Night Magick. So all I will say is that Night Magicians can be found in all walks of life. There are no barriers to those of the Night World. What all Night Magicians have in common is the preparation for the future.

The future of humankind is bleak. With the pollution and rape of this world by humankind the Earth will soon rid itself of much of the cancer that is causing its death. There are many predictions about when this period of life is going to happen. Prophets have been forecasting this event and the time of its happening for ages. But determining the exact date of this happening is like trying to forecast the first snowfall of the winter. There are a great deal of things that determine when it will first snow, and so with this event. I can say that some of the signs of this happening have already begun to manifest.

There has been an increasingly large number of natural disasters. There has and will continue to be a large number of shifts going on within the Earth. This will give earthquakes, volcanoes, and the rising and lowering of land. There will be terrible storms that will cause widespread destruction. There will be flooding, extremes of heat and cold, draughts and all kinds of out of the ordinary weather changes. There will be a great deal of panic and terror among the citizenry. The skies will have a very unusual glow to them and be of a reddish black hue. There will be great shifts in the land with some rising and others falling. Some of the land will be covered with water and other portions, currently under water, will rise up into the open air. Not only will the land be undergoing a major shift, but there will also be political and social upheaval. This is a time of the Earth's balancing the large amounts of karma that humankind has created. It is a time of correcting the harm that humankind has done to the body of the planet itself. This is not presented here to bring panic and fear into anyone's heart. It is presented in an explicit manner so you can do something about it.

Futures don't have to be written in stone. They can be changed. You can help the future to change by practicing Night Magick. It is a way of preparing yourself for the changes about to take place. There is much you have learned in Night Magick that can help you prepare. You could use psychometry to find a safe place to be when the trouble begins. You can learn to give the Earth healing energy and give back to it vitality it has lost. You can stop any destructive practices which cause further harm to the Earth. You can be part of many voices trying to change the way the Earth is slowly being destroyed. You can use Night Magick to influence those who make decisions. The future is an odd thing.

Sometimes you can look forward and feel what is ahead, but it is always based upon the probabilities, or possibilities that will open up before you. If you could stand high upon a mountain and look at your future, it would seem like there are many roads that lay before you and all the choices that determine which road you take are yours to choose. You would find that even from your lofty height, you could not see the end of the road you chose, or its outcome. But one road you have already chosen will insure a bright future. Of course this is the Night Road of a Night Magician.

To travel the Night Road you must have a desire to learn and a willingness to experiment. You must be adventurous and love excitement and the unusual. You must be willing to be tested and trials will come your way. But the outcome of traveling the Night Road leads to victory in life. The Night Road leads to the Night Magician's Dream.