What is Night Magick?

1. What is Night Magick?

What is Night Magick? I can only imagine at this point that you are about to put down this book and run scared due to words like Night, Darkness, Dark Power, and the title of the book itself, Night Magick. Before we begin learning about Night Magick I believe it will help to understand what I mean by these "night" terms.

To begin, there is the Void. The Buddhist call it the Clear Light as opposed to "white" or "black". The Taoist refer to it as the Tao and Christians refer to it as God the Father. The Void is the indivisible eternal energy. The Void is beyond polarities of energy such as positive/negative or Yang/Yin. It is God Mind. It is everywhere and through every thing yet remains separate from every thing. That is, it does not become a part of any one thing such as the soul does with the body. The Void does not think like you and I yet it is "all thought". It is the most mystical of concepts and God the Father is perhaps the poorest term for the Void. The Void is not a Father, it isn't male or female, the void contains creation yet it does not assume a role within creation. The more I try to describe to you the Void the less I actually accomplish in doing so. The Void cannot truly be described but only experienced. The Void begins with its major principles who spring into being, the Ultimate Yin and Yang of the Omniverse.

The original premise is that the Yang represents the Male Creative force in the Omniverse and Yin the Female Passive force in the Omniverse. A more accurate premise is that there is an Ultimate Yin and Ultimate Yang each complete in and of itself. That each Ultimate force has the Creative Force within it and that there are twin systems created by this. We have two separate creation matrixes separated by a neutral zone. There is an Ultimate Yang System and an Ultimate Yin System. The Earth is a part of the Ultimate Yin System.

The Ultimate Yin System is made up of many races. The human race is not alone in the Omniverse. The most ancient race existing in form today is the Ancient Dragon. The Ancient Dragons are not the Dragons you read of in mythology. The Ancient Dragons are far beyond the other races in total development. Their science, philosophy, and religion is based on the One Mind and the Void. An Ancient Dragon came to Earth and guided the development of the planet and ultimately ensouled the World. Working with other races, the Dragon created a new race to populate the world. This was long before the human race. The creation of the human race is a sad tale.

The races of the world go through a repeated pattern of creation, sustainment, and then destruction. Out of the old race a new race is born more highly evolved than the last. The human race though was created out of greed. There came to Earth a high technologically advanced race from the Yang system. They came to make the Earth their own world and to rape it of its resources. The advanced race, who we find described in greek, roman, norse, and other mythologies as the gods or as in the Bible, Jehovah or in the Koran, Allah, created the human race to be mindless slaves. This was so the gods could live like gods. The Ancient Dragon would not permit such an abomination and so it ensouled the human bodies and the human race had its beginning as an ensouled Yin race. The Yang gods were quite upset by this for the human race became a sentient Yin race and had to be treated as such. For some time the gods tried to continue to control man through their technology and set up religions based on worship of the Yang principle and the gods. These religions taught absolute obedience to the gods or God and the worship of the Yang principle. The Yang religion taught the domination of the Earth and its creatures by humankind. The Yang religion taught the hate and sin of the human body and procreation. This always included the subservience of the human woman to the human male for God was male and superior and woman was the seducer and corrupter of man. The leader of the gods was always a male god such as Zeus. They also taught that the Yin principle of the Omniverse was chaos and evil. That the Dark principle was a destructive force out to destroy mankind and the Earth. They personified the Yin principle as Satan, Lucifer, Loki, Pan, Iblis, or Kali and created places of damnation for those who did not worship the Yang principle. All this was done to maintain control over humankind and promote the Yang principles through fear. At some point the Yang gods were required to quit having direct contact with man perhaps when they used nuclear weapons on Sodom and Gomorrah as recorded in the Bible. Whatever the reason, only periodic contact was allowed and that through special religious messengers such as Krishna, Zoroaster, Jesus, and Mohammed. If you examine the major Yang religions you will see a reoccurring theme of an evil servant giving humankind the knowledge of good and evil and humankind turned away from Paradise. These religions always worship the "White Light of God" and place man not woman in so-called dominion of the Earth. Woman, the Yin-Yin Principle in the Omniverse, was placed in deep shame and subservience to man the Yang-Yang principle. Yet on Earth, man is Yin-Yang not Yang-Yang by virtue of the indwelling Night Spirit of the Planet.

Every soul and spirit (terms we'll examine more fully later) of the human race is a fragment of the indwelling Soul and Spirit of the Planet Earth. In essence, the Soul and Spirit of the Planet Earth is God to humankind. That Soul and Spirit is the Ancient Dragon that originally came to Earth and saved the human body from a mindless existence enslaved to the Yang race. The Ancient Dragon is the Creator and Ensouler of this World and of each and every one of us. The Dragon of this World is the Night Force. The Dragon of this world is Yin.

Yin is a primal force established in the Omniverse in parallel with Yang. This planet is a Yin world. The presence of Yang and the worship and practice of the Yang principle in religions such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Mormonism has led to many evils in the world.

It has led to the subservience of women. It has led to humankind following a spiritual path of Yang in direct opposition to its Soul and Spirit's magickal orientation. This has led to much inner confusion by humankind and this world's instability and patterns of destruction and chaos are a direct response to this. The Earth is a very sick body.

Until you achieve a very, very advance point in your evolution, you'll have a physical body of some kind. The Soul of this world has the Earth as its body and humankind is killing it. This so-called dominion by man has poisoned the streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans of the Earth, the Earth's circulatory system. The air, Earth's respiratory system, is poisoned. The soil itself is poisoned, stripped mined, littered, great holes filled with non- biodegradable products. The trees and forests destroyed wantonly, savagely, and soon the oxygen they generate will not be enough to sustain life. Acid rain instead of the clean rains. Underground nuclear testing disrupting the physical and etheric shell of the Earth Body not to speak of the Astral and Higher Body damage done by this intensely Yang energy. Ozone destruction in the upper atmosphere resulting in the loss of protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Wanton destruction of wildlife of which some is inhabited by races of greater advancement than humankind. Just how much longer will man act as a deadly cancer in the Earth's body. At the rate of destruction it will not be much longer before humankind as you know it will cease to exist and that is exactly what the Yang forces in the Omniverse want.

Then they have the right to come and claim the Earth as they did before as recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible and in other ancient myths. Humankind will once more find itself enslaved and bowing before a technologically higher race as it was in the ancient days. This must not happen! This is what Night Magick is all about.

Teaching you the truth about your existence. Placing back into your hands the truth concerning the Yin Primal Force of which you are a part. To give to you the tools to balance yourself and the Earth in Oneness with the Night Spirit. What is Night Magick?

Night Magick is the arts, rites, practices, and teachings of a Night Magician. Night Magick is the lore of a Night Magician. The lore must be learned not only with the eyes and brain but also with the heart. It is a way of life and must be lived to be fully understood. Night Magick is founded on the ancient knowledge and wisdom that preceded the history of the Earth. Though Night Magick is based on ancient teachings it is no less applicable to the modern world. Night Magick is a magickal discipline. Through its rules, instruction, and exercises it provides for you a code of conduct and a way of living that brings to you the greatest possible Yin growth. It is a philosophy. The goal of a Night Magician is the Eternal Pursuit of Wisdom and Knowledge based on the Yin Primal Force. It is a science. For through the study and practice of the lore, you will gain greater knowledge and wisdom. Through Night Magick you will achieve perfection in your physical, emotional, mental, and magickal natures. You will become the sum of all that you can ever be. You will become the Night Oversoul in Consciousness and Action. Night Magick is a lore that will achieve for you your return to the Night. I know this has been fast and furious for you.

For many of you, this is the first time you have been given such information or even thought about what has been so far discussed. I promise you that I will go into greater depths on the subjects I treated briefly and this will help you understand more thoroughly. But I wanted to make sure you understood from the onset the principles Night Magick is based on.

Night Magick is magick based upon the Sacred Principle of Yin. It is based on the Dark Force that flows through your being. If you still have doubts read on and test the knowledge you find here. You are not asked to accept anything in this book on blind faith. You will not be asked to accept anything without first putting it to test and validating the truth. If you find some of the information hard to understand then reflect on it for awhile. Put away the information you find hard to accept for another time of reflection. Place into your mind and soul only those things that you have tried, tested, and found to be truth for yourself. But at all times, keep an open mind. That is all I ask. I think its time now to discuss who is a Night Magician.