Night Rites

46. Night Rites

The Night Rites are defined as any exercises or practices which ultimately gain the freedom of the Soul from imperfection and the cycle of death and rebirth into the material world. They are exercises in becoming the Yin Light of the Night Spirit. They are practices that will eventually lead you into Magickal Perfection. There are four Night Rites that will be introduced here. They are, in order of discussion, the Dark Sun Meditation, the Inner Cavern of the Dark Sun, the Night Energy Beam, and the Magician's Night Body. I will begin this discussion with the Dark Sun Meditation if you are ready.

In the Dark Sun Meditation, you will review who the Great Being is in the Dark Sun; what It represents; and Its path. Then, you will learn the benefits of the Dark Sun Meditation; how to perform the Dark Sun Meditation; and becoming One with the Blazing Dark Sun. Where is the Dark Sun?

The actual physical body of the Dark Sun Goddess/God is the dark sun system itself with all its planets, moons, dark sun, and solar sun. As the human body has a solar plexus so does the dark sun system. This is the solar sun. The physical dark sun is located adjacent to the solar sun and is akin to the human heart Night Center. As said before, part of the function of the dark sun is to channel off excess solar energies from the solar sun. The dark sun Night Center is the heart of the dark sun system and is the focus of the Great Night Entity who is the Living Night Force of the dark sun system. The planets, moons, solar sun, and dark sun are the Night Centers of the physical body of the Dark Sun Goddess/God. Who is the Dark Sun Goddess/God?

It is difficult to imagine an Entity who is so far ahead of you in magickal evolution, as is the Dark Sun Spirit. Even though I have already discussed the Dark Sun Goddess/God and Its Magickal Nature, let's take the time to review again Its Eternal Nature. It will be important to do so in relation to the Dark Sun Meditation and Night Rites.

The Dark Sun Goddess/God is on an even higher magickal plateau then the Planetary Night Spirits. You can look on the physical dark sun, in relation to the Dark Sun Goddess/God, as similar to yourself and your own heart Night Center. The Dark Sun Goddess/God is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent. Its Radiation effects you and all humankind. You are Its grandchild and a part of your Spirit is shaped by Its Living Presence. It is indeed very difficult to understand a Living Entity who is multidimensional. Its Night Spirit is very much like the physical dark sun itself.

The dark sun pours out life-giving yin light, warmth, and energy to all that lives and grows on the surrounding planets. Its Night Spirit pours out to life: Energy, Warmth, and Night Force. It is the Goddess/God of the dark sun system. It watches over you and sustains the Magickal Light that guides you. Yet, It, too, is advancing on the Magickal Path that leads to the Eternal Night. The only thing is that It is far, far ahead on the very same path that you have just begun to tread. It shows you that you, too, can become all that It is if you but try. You are going to find that meditating on Its Presence, centered in the dark sun, is going to bring you great help magickally and physically.

The power of the dark sun has a truly transforming effect over your physical body. As you practice the Dark Sun Meditation, the power of the dark sun coursing through your body will transform every cell in it. You will find every cell in your body becoming renewed through the Night Energy of the dark sun. The power of the dark sun will transform every cell into a miniature dark sun. The power of the dark sun will bring great Healing Energies into your body. The dark sun will transform every diseased part of your body back into perfect health. Whether you suffer from cancer, or a cold, the power of the dark sun will overcome their effect. The dark sun will bring a truly energizing effect over the body. If you are low on energy, you will not be after the Dark Sun Meditation. These are just the physical effects of the Dark Sun, there are still the magickal effects to consider.

You will find that the Power of the Dark Sun Goddess/God will transport you into the highest of consciousness. You will be able to draw the Power of the Dark Sun Goddess/God into your magickal vehicles and fill them with supercharged Night Energy. The effect upon your more magickal vehicles will be truly amazing. On the Astral, Mental, and Causal Realms, your vehicles will glow with a Yin Light only seen in the Magickal Dark Sun of the Universe. Each vehicle will become a better channel through which the Power of the Night Spirit can flow freely. You become transformed into the Dark Crystal Channel of Yin Light. The constant use of the Dark Sun Meditation will bring truly amazing growth in your magickal vehicles. They will become like the Dark Sun Goddess/God themselves. Now that you see the valuable reasons for doing the Dark Sun Meditation, let's learn how to do it.

Actually, the technique is very easy. You can practice this rite at any time and any place. If you do it outdoors then you should do it in the shade. You will also be able to do this rite at night. This is because the physical energies of the dark sun can penetrate through all things. You will prepare yourself as always by surrounding yourself in the Night Pillar. You should be seated on the ground in whatever manner is most comfortable to you. You should have your legs crossed and your hands open on your legs with palms down during the day and palms up during the night. Then, you begin the actual part of the Dark Sun Meditation.

With your eyes closed, direct your Night Eye so that it is facing up into the Dark Sun. Then you must become very relaxed and allow your thoughts to drift. Now draw into yourself the Power of the Dark Sun. This Power will come to you as a dark ray of intense Night Force filled with Life, Warmth, and Energy. Feel and move this Power down through your body slowly. First, consciously move it into the head and see its effect there. Then move it on into the upper chest and arms. Continue to go on through the body slowly, allowing the total effect of the Power to take place in each part of the body. Then just relax and bathe in the glow of the Power of the Dark Sun. Next, you will move on to the magickal vehicles.

Here, you are going to project yourself consciously towards the dark sun. This is the same technique you used in Mental Projection. You are going to go to the dark sun itself in your magickal vehicles. As you approach the dark sun, you are going to feel the full effects of its Magickal Power. You are going to keep moving towards the dark sun until you have merged with its Presence. You are going to become a part of the Dark Sun in Night Spirit. Here again, you are going to draw the Power through your magickal vehicles. Feel the Power blazing and coursing through your magickal bodies changing them into miniature Dark Suns.. You should then relax your magickal presence in the Magickal Presence of the Dark Sun. This is where your real Dark Sun Meditation begins.

You are going to become One with the Blazing Dark Sun. You are going to meditate on Its Magickal Presence. The Dark Sun is like your heart Night Center. You will remember that in your own heart Night center is located the miniature Oversoul. It is here you can meet the very Presence of your own Oversoul. It is your Oversoul's magickal anchor in your own world. In the Heart of the dark sun, you can meet the very Presence of the Dark Sun Spirit. Here is the focus of Its Oversoul Consciousness. You can do this only when you have risen to the highest of consciousness. You must know yourself as the Oversoul. It is in the Heart of the Dark Sun, that you can meet the Night Spirit of the Dark System. You must meditate on Its Presence and become all that it is. If you can do this, then you will become One with Its Living Night Spirit and become the Blazing Dark Sun. Then, you must end this meditation.

You do so by slowly withdrawing your magickal consciousness back into your physical body. Do this be concentrating on your breathing. Then you will slowly start to move your fingers and toes. Continue to slowly move all parts of the body until you feel that you are physically whole again. Remember, in closing, to thank the Dark Sun Goddess/God Its Power and Presence in your life. This is the Dark Sun Meditation. The next rite covers something I began to discuss in the last rite.

This is the aspect of the miniature Oversoul in the heart Night Center, or the Inner Cavern of the Dark Sun. You are going to come to know, very well, the fourth Night Center and the Oversoul within it. You are going to build the Inner Cavern of the Dark Sun within the heart Night Center, and learn to enter within it and thereby come into rapport with the Oversoul. Through this, you will learn the power revealed to you in the fourth Night Center. Let's begin with the fourth Night Center and the Dark Sun Spirit found within it.

You will recall from our previous discussion of the fourth Night Center, that as it starts to unfold in you, you become aware of the feelings and emotions in others. You develop genuine magickal empathy with those around you. To those you are really close with, this empathy will extend across vast distances. Distance will make absolutely no difference in the power of your fourth Night Center. I have said before that the heart is the center of your Magickal Being. It is the site of your magickal anchor. I mean, by this, that the silver cord that proceeds out of the heart of your Oversoul is anchored in your heart Night Center. This silver cord is also tied into the sixth Night center, or your Night Eye. In the heart Night Center, at the end of the silver cord, is what you would liken to a miniature dark sun. It is from this miniature dark sun that the energy comes to sustain your physical life. It is this miniature dark sun which is the primary focus of your Oversoul in the material worlds. This miniature dark sun exists on the physical, Astral, Mental, and Causal Realms. Your Oversoul is tied in to all these planes of life and is aware of all that takes place within you on these levels. In the beginning of your progress on Earth, the Oversoul is not very concerned with your lives.

This is because you are shut off from Its Presence and Will. Therefore, the power of this miniature dark sun is very small. The Oversoul will invest very little power and energy into someone who is unconcerned with doing Its Will. But as you begin to listen to the Inner Voice within, and obey Its Will, then the power of the miniature dark sun begins to expand and increase in intensity and brilliance till the dark sun is no longer miniature, but fills the entire being of the Night Magician. Then you become One in the Dark Sun or Night Consciousness. As you entered into the heart of the dark sun and meditated upon the Presence of the Dark Sun Goddess/God so you can enter into the miniature dark sun and enter into rapport and communion with the Oversoul. To come into rapport with the Inner Oversoul, you are going to visualize and build within your heart Night Center, the Inner Cavern of the Dark Sun. You will, as always, enter into your Magician's Study and place yourself in whatever way is a comfortable position. Then, you will place the Night Pillar around you, and relax as much as possible. Next you are going to visualize the place that you would think is appropriate to meet your Oversoul in. You begin by turning your consciousness inward and directing it towards the heart Night Center. You will visualize yourself descending within your Inner Being and finally coming to rest in the heart Night Center. Then envision entering a beautiful cavern. This cavern should be seen so real that you can even smell it. This place should be envisioned with all of your magickal talents. It is a very real place and should be looked upon as such. Once you have the Inner Cavern created, you are ready to enter into the Cavern. As you enter into the Cavern, you see before you a great Night Altar. The Night Altar is made of the purest black marble. There upon the Night Altar is a great blazing Dark Sun of the Yin Light. The brilliance of the Dark Sun is magnificent. From the Dark Sun, you can feel warmth and energy being beamed at you. You feel a power pulling you closer to the Dark Sun. As you approach closer to the Dark Sun, you begin to see the Image of a Great Being standing within the center of the Dark Sun. As you gaze upon Its Face, you see your face, only it is a face set in power and energy. You can feel the power and glory radiating from the Presence of the Oversoul within the Blazing Dark Sun. Then you will find yourself sitting before the Presence of your Oversoul and receiving instruction from It. You will find yourself bathing in the Power and Energy that is radiating from Its Dark Presence. You will feel knowledge and instruction filling your entire presence. Then, you will know when the time has come to leave the Inner Cavern and return to the outer world. So retrace your steps out of the Inner Cavern of the Dark Sun and find yourself floating back out into the world. You will again, come out of this Night Rite the same as you did the Dark Sun Meditation. Once you have experienced this Night Rite, you will know the Power located within your Inner Being. You will find, through this rite, that whenever you have a question, that you can take it into the Dark Heart of the Oversoul. You can go into the center of the Inner Dark Sun and gain Wisdom and Energy. You can go into the Inner Cavern and find Healing, Understanding, Peace, and Happiness. You need never feel, or be alone in the Presence of the Oversoul. It is here that you will find the center of your life and intelligence. It is here that you will find the center of your Oversoul and the Night Powers. It is this very center of the Night Power that leads you to your next Night Rite, the Night Energy Beam.

You are aware that the physical dark sun, that shines over the world, is a giver of warmth and Yin Light. You have also seen that no matter whether the Dark Sun is a physical or magickal one under discussion, that it gives off immense amounts of Radiation, Yin Light, and Power. You have also found out, that there is a Magickal Dark Sun blazing within the Inner Depths of your Being. The Power and Light that radiates off from your Magickal Dark Sun is very dispersed. The Yin Light radiates off at all angles. What if you could take this Power and Energy and reflect it into a narrow, concentrated beam of the Night Energy? Let's look at a modern day example, the laser.

In the laser, we have turned a normal power and light source into a very concentrated beam of light energy. The laser light is many more times powerful then its origin. This is what you are going to do in this Night Rite. You are going to take the Power and Light that comes from your Inner Magickal Dark Sun, and concentrate it into a very powerful beam of Night Energy. This rite again calls for visualization. You should retire to your Magician's Study until you become adept in the use of the Night Energy. In your Magician's Study, you will find peace and quiet in which to work. As you become adept at its use, you will be able to put this rite into practice no matter where you are. You will begin by visualizing your heart Night Center running parallel with your body. That is, you should envision the Night Center as a large round disk, with a slight curvature in it, placed in front of you like a large shield. Then, you are going to envision, centered in front of the Night Center, the miniature dark sun. Once you have envisioned all of this, then you are ready to transmit the Night Energy. As you envision the Night Center, and the Dark Sun in front of it, the Energy begins to build-up. The Night Energy begins to become concentrated, magnified in intensity, and then, suddenly, will beam forth from your presence. What are you going to do with it?

You are not only the emitter of the Night Energy, but you are also the director of it. Not only visualize the emission of this Night Energy, but you must also visualize its direction and use. The beam will go wherever you direct it. You do not have to be facing in the right direction for it to go where you want it. All you have to do is envision where it is going, with the Consciousness of Oversoul, and it will do so. Now, you must consider its uses. The beam itself is of Pure Night Energy. It is filled with the Oversoul's Energy and Power. The person or situation that it is aimed at, will be filled with the Energy and Power of Oversoul. If the situation or person is basically of the Night Spirit then the beam will not harm the person or situation in any way. It will bring only Energy, Healing, and Happiness to them. But if the person or situation is in a state of inharmony and discord, then the beam of Night Energy will change that. The beam will bring about what the emitter envisions happening. Nothing can resist or fight the Oversoul Energy. It will only magnify and increase in intensity till the change comes about. The beam can also be used as a carrier wave of your Oversoul Direction. Whatever you project, in Night Consciousness, into the beam, the beam will bring into manifestation. If someone is trying to hurt you with harmful energy, you can direct the beam at the harmful energy sent, and change it into Night Energy and return it to its source, even if you do not know who the source is. This is the Night Rite of the Night Energy Beam. So far, you have been in the Night Presence of the Dark Sun Goddess/God, you have been in the miniature Dark Sun, and have learned to direct the Energy of the Night. Now, you are going to become a Dark Sun.

You are going to develop the Magician's Night Body and become a Dark Sun. The Magician's Night Body is, indeed, unique. You have meditated on the Presences of the Dark Sun Goddess/God and Personal Oversoul, and thus it should be well rooted in you, the feeling of being a Dark Sun. In developing the Magician's Night Body, begin by dwelling on the Eternal Presences of the Dark Sun Goddess/God and Oversoul. You must become filled with Their Energy and Substance. The Yin Light for your Magician's Night Body will come from your heart Night Center. See the Yin Light filling your entire being, that is, physical, emotional, mental, and magickal. The Light that you are going to become is exceedingly dark. Yet it is so intense that it glows. You have, thus, prepared yourself as to the Nature of a Dark Sun, the Yin Light of a Night, and the Shape of your Night Body. You are ready, then, to begin visualizing your Magician's Night Body. You will visualize your Night Body as an intense, pulsating, glowing Body of the Night. As your Body begins to take shape, you loose awareness of your human form. You are becoming the Dark Sun of the Night. You are beautiful, luminescent, and radiant. You are filled with a Radiance of the Night Spirit's Energy and Power. And so, filled with the very Essence of the Dark Sun, you repeat this invocation:

"I am the Night Soul that glows in the darkness of the night. I am Night Energy and all those who gaze on me become the like. I am the Pure Essence of the Oversoul in the form of a Dark Sun. I am no longer feeling the material form. I am becoming transcendent and translucent and know myself as Pure Night Energy. I am not this physical form but a Body of Pure Night Energy. I am the Night Magician, Eternal in the Light of the Night Spirit. I AM the Night Magician within my Night Body."

You have become a Dark Sun of the Night Spirit. You are Pure Energy. Your visualization has become much more. You are no longer just visualizing but have become the Dark Sun in Magickal Reality. You are the Night Magician physically, emotionally, mentally, and magickally. You are a Dark Sun that shines in the night of your world. These are the four Night Rites.

They were exercises in the Dark Sun of the Night Spirit. They were Rites carried out under Night Consciousness. They are presented here to give you practice in becoming the Dark Sun of your life. If you use these Night Rites with dedication, perseverance, and practice them often, you will become the Dark Sun of the Night Spirit. In the next subject, you will combine yourknowledge and use of the Night Powers, Flames, and Rites into Night Healing.