Night Healing

47. Night Healing

Earlier I presented the suject of healing through the use of color energy. The type of healing I will present here is infinitely more potent. Night Healing involves the very Healing Power of the Night Spirit. Night Healing is simple to learn but difficult to practice. To practice Night Healing, you are going to have to reach Night Consciousness. Night Consciousness is the key to Night Healing. Before I go much further into Night Healing, let's discuss the subjects you will have to learn which make up Night Healing.

In learning Night Healing, I am going to discuss the Seventh Night Power, Invocation, Meditation, the Night Body, Night Energy Beam, and the Green Flame. Therefore, since there are so many Magickal Tools that you will use in combination with each other, let's start from the beginning using Invocation, Meditation, and the Seventh Night Power. This may seem a review and in a way it is. You have already covered every subject just mentioned, but it is the way that you put them together that brings about Night Healing. You are going to recover each subject lightly, and as you do so, you will be putting them together to form Night Healing.

You begin, as always, by entering your Magician's Study and darkening the room. Then either sit or lie down just so that whatever your choice is, you are as comfortable as possible. You will then relax as much as possible; put the Night Pillar around yourself; and practice Night Breathing for a few minutes. When you are ready, begin with Invocation.

Your invocation, as always, must be directed towards your Oversoul. You are going to visualize your Oversoul at the other end of the silver cord. You are going to use the silver cord as you would use a telegraph line. You are going to first envision what it is that you are going to heal. Is it a person or animal? Is it something internally wrong or external? If it is something wrong and you're not quite sure what it is, that's alright. The Oversoul can heal what's wrong whether you know what's wrong or not. You are going to envision your very simple message traveling up the silver cord and being received by the Oversoul. As you send the message, not only should you envision it, but you should say it aloud. You will remember from the topic on the Power of Sound what saying your message aloud will do. You should say the invocation at least three times. You must keep the invocation simple and concise. A simple invocation might be as follows:

"I am the Night Presence of the Oversoul. I call upon that Presence to pass through me and to (person's name or thing to be healed). The (person or thing) requires the Healing Power of the Night Oversoul to correct the (wrong or name the specific condition). As I am performing the act of Night Healing raise me into your Night Consciousness and let the healing be done. So be it."

Through the power of this invocation you have already begun the Magick of Night Healing. You have begun your ascent into Night Consciousness. Next, you will enter into Meditation.

Your meditation is going to be upon the Healing Oversoul. Let's picture the Healing Oversoul as you have always pictured the Oversoul, only you are going to add an Emerald Green Light around Its Presence. This Emerald Green Light surrounds the Oversoul as does the Yin Light. Feel and know the Healing Power of the Emerald Green Light wherein is contained the Green Flame of Night Healing. Go on and enter directly into the Presence of the Oversoul and become the Oversoul and Emerald Healing Power that surrounds It. Then you are going to take your meditation into the Seventh Night Power.

You are going to do more then just meditate upon the Presence of the Oversoul. You are going to know yourself as the Healing Oversoul. Its Consciousness and yours are One. You are the Healing Oversoul and the Emerald Healing Power. You know, feel, and are the Oversoul. All that the Oversoul is, you are. Its very Nature is revealed before you. Its Power, Energy, and Healing Energy is yours to use for you are the Healing Oversoul. Thus, you have invoked the Seventh Night Power and have become the Emerald Crystal Tool of the Magickal Master. The Emerald Light of the Oversoul pours through your nature and transforms you into the Healing Oversoul. Now, you are ready to take on the Night Body.

As you have entered into Night Consciousness, your very Essence has become radiant and luminescent with the Magickal Yin Light. You have become, again, the Dark Sun of the Oversoul. You are the Dark Goddess/God. You know yourself as the Pure Energy of the Night Spirit. You are no longer a physical being but have become etherial in nature. Again, you invoke the Hymn of the Night:

"I am the Dark Sun that radiates Night Energy in the night. I am filled with Darkness and Energy and all those who gaze on me become the like. I am the Pure Essence of Oversoul in the form of the Dark Sun. I am no longer feeling the material form. I have become transcendent and translucent and know myself as Pure Night Energy. I am not this physical form but a Body of Pure Yin Light. I AM the Night Magician, Eternal in the Light of the Night Spirit. I AM the Night Magician."

You have become the Oversoul. You are totally ready in Consciousness and Form to use the Healing Power of the Night. Thus, you turn to the use of the Night Energy Beam and the Green Night Flame.

To activate and use the Night Energy Beam, you must turn within to the Heart of your Night Being. You are going to envision yourself as a great Silver Night Disk. In front of the Night Disk is the Blazing Sun of the Oversoul. The Night Force begins to concentrate, magnify, and intensify, until you release it in a narrow Beam of Night Energy. Again, you will remember that your Night Consciousness directs the Beam to the receiver. This is the person you are going to heal. Now is the time you are going to invoke the Green Night Flame. From out of the Oversoul comes the Green Flame. It is a Flame of Dazzling Emerald Green. It is the Power of the Night Spirit Healing. The Green Flame brings Healing to all people and all conditions, and thus you invoke: "By the Power of the Presence of the Oversoul within the Night Heart, I am invoking the Green Flame of the Oversoul Healing. I am seeing this Green Flame of the Oversoul Healing filling my Night Being. I AM seeing it before the Great Silver Night Disk becoming concentrated, magnified, and intensified until it glows as an Emerald Green Night."

Thus, by the Oversoul Will, you release the Emerald Green Flame and direct it onto the Night Energy Beam. You are using the Beam as a carrier for the Green Flame of the Night Spirit Healing. There is a twin action taking place in the person being healed. There is the action of the Night Energy in the Beam and also the action of the Green Flame. These Twin Energies of the Oversoul will bring about the desired action of Magickal Healing. The action of the Oversoul Healing is instantaneous, if the Night Healing is carried out in Night Consciousness. This is Night Healing.

You have put together the things that you have been learning and practicing into a very valuable technique for healing. If you have been studying and practicing with constancy and perseverance, then your success at Night Healing will be excellent. Night Healing is the Universal Cure for all ills. You will be able to apply a very similar technique, as used here, in obtaining physical Immortality.