Night Breathing

14. Night Breathing

Breathing is an important aspect in life and Night Magick. Breathing is essential to life and your well-being. That may seem like an obvious statement since without air you could not live, but actually breathing means more than just taking in air to sustain life. As you will see, breathing correctly and with the knowledge of what it can do for you will propel you far down the magickal road. Incorrect breathing leads to many problems in your life.

Does it seem that you run out of energy well before the day is done? Are you often nervous and irritable for no real apparent reason? Through correct breathing you can eliminate these problems from your life. You will be able to go through each day with boundless energy. Tension, irritability, and nervousness will disappear from your life. What is wrong with the way you breathe?

Stop right now and notice how you are breathing. Do you find that your breathing is shallow? Almost everyone in the world is a lazy breather. Deep breathing is a simple thing to do but in the beginning it will take some effort on your part for it to become a regular practice. Begin by taking a slow, deep breath and as you inhale, not only expand your chest to hold more air but force out your abdomen and feel that air going deep down into your lungs. When you have inhaled as much air as you can, try to take in just a bit more air. Really fill up your lungs. Now that you have inhaled as much air as possible, exhale very slowly and steadily. Bring your expanded abdomen in and force out the air till you are completely empty. At no time should you strain yourself in doing deep breathing. Even though you cannot go around in public being very obvious about this exercise you should, no matter where you are, breathe as deeply, slowly, and rhythmically as possible. You will do this consciously at first but soon this will become a part of your life without thinking of it. Do this and you will have a vibrant, youthful body. Why would an increase in air intake cause this increased vitality?

There is an active, vital, life force that energizes the world around you. In the Eastern languages this essence is called Prana. This Force is active not only on the physical plane but on all planes or dimensions of life. On the physical level, you breathe in the air which contains one aspect of this Force and which then is transmitted throughout your body via the nerve network. When you are feeling nervous, irritable, or tense, this can be due to a lack of this vital Force. The Pranic Force is not just for the physical body.

There are many aspects of the Pranic or what is called in Earth Magick, Earth Force. To utilize the Earth Force, you must learn to draw in this Energy within you. The technique outlined is termed Night Breathing. To begin with, retire to your Magician's Study and sit comfortable with spine erect in your chair. For a few minutes practice deep breathing with your feet on the floor and touching. Your hands should be resting in your lap, palms down at all times. The indrawing of the Earth Force is through the action of the mind rather than the physical act of breathing. As your attention has been on the physical act of breathing let's now move it to the Earth Force surrounding you.

This Force is the Life of the world. Through it you have your well-being. Your mind must remain in a state of complete openness to the Earth Force. Your mind must be completely centered in the Earth Force alone. The mind must be without strain. You must not force the indrawing of the Earth Force. It is breathed into your being through a conscious attunement to it. Feel the Earth Force entering into your body. See it penetrating every cell in your body and causing them to be filled Earth Light. Know that as it fills your physical body with Earth Light and Life that the Earth Force also charges your higher bodies with this same Emerald Light. As you continue to absorb the Earth Force know that you will achieve a Oneness with it. You will lose identity with your physical body and forget physical limitations for in the Earth Force there are no limits. You are the Earth Force, Limitless and Free. Through Night Breathing, you will become filled with the Earth Force. This Force will keep your body in Eternal Youth. You will be free of sickness. You will have abundant energy. Not only does the Earth Force quicken the physical but also the Emotional Body. Your outlook on life will improve. It will raise the vibration of your body so that depression, loneliness, and fear will not have a part in your world. The Night Force transforms the Mental Body. It can give you perfect memory. Your mind and all that it can do will be greatly enhanced. Your memory will be able to search back to when it first was. The Earth Force will help raise your overall Being into Night Consciousness. In addition to the practice of Night Breathing and the use of the Earth Force you must also study and practice the art of the Magician's Meditation.