Part One - Chapter Six

6. Chapter Six

"Who can tell me if we have heaven, who can say the way it should be, Moonlight holly, the Sappho Comet, Angel's tears below a tree."

- Enya, Lyrics by Roma Ryan
"China Roses" from "The Memory of Trees"

I don't think I have ever really talked about the nature of the enemy. They are more than can be believed. The force of what "we" are is here disrupting the pattern and flow of the things that they are trying to make happen. Not the nature of things, but that flow that they want happening.
There is little we really understand of the level of interference that they bring. They are in our dreams and our thoughts. They know what can cause disruption and they are the very thought of it in it's entirety.

Remember, whenever two or more are together, we are a amplified by the power of the number of us who are together. It is a power that cannot be hidden. I seek to hide in the multitude. But when they come for me and wish to impose their will, I enter the void and strike back.

I have re-learned recently, the power of discordance. We, humans, seek order. It is a comfort. Straight lines of contoured practice. Everything lining up and stacking correctly. All the numbers adding up. All the boxes lined up with the walls. Order.

No not really. It is the triad that is power. Why? Simple, because it amplifies upon itself there is no paired balance to be achieved. The corners don't pair up. They cause the power to be channeled from one to the other to the other to the other, but because there is not a balance of pairs, it continues, it does not stop. A simple pattern of understanding, but how profound if you think about it.

The next remembrance that I have of Phil is with Steve, and we had decided to try some meditations and chants. These are tools of great power, especially when acted upon by a group.

I truly do not know how to convey what happened here. But you have to understand that Phil, Steve, and I had/have known each other for lifetimes beyond time. We know that we act in this life upon a stage, despite the great struggle that occurs to save this planet, we struggle and remember. For us ritual was the acting upon a stage in open consciousness.

We can be silent in meditation as a group, go great distances, observe the same things and go the same places. See together, be together, raise energy together. But to speak in voice. Nope, not possible, failure to the extreme. Nada. Not going to happen.

We tried a simple chant, said together. I think we got out one line before we all broke up. Didn't matter the seriousness of the words or what we wanted to achieve. Nope, it was hysterical. Ok, so we tried a simple OMm... nope. Uproarious laughter permeated the room. It was not going to be.

So what is going on? A serious power of voice amongst three to raise a vibration of energy to achieve a purpose and pattern? Reduced to the tittering laughter that would have come from three young children? There has never really been a good explanation. But let's suffice it to say that we remember too much.

We also now understand that something happened that we did not understand at that time. When we would sit down to do this, the room would cool to chilling depths. I think in retrospect that the laughter was a defense mechanism. They were there in force.

There is something else that you need to know. It is simple.

Light is darkness and darkness is light....

All of our history tells us that the light is what we should seek. It is the light that was Christ. It is the symbolism of that simple comparative that allows confusion to exist. Is it light that brings us to safety? Is it light that we encounter that brings comfort? Is light god?

Well if you have read and understood you know that God is neither light nor darkness. It is. If you were to subvert a population, would you not confuse them with symbolism? And then having done that, hide behind what you have hidden?

It works. It has worked. We feared the darkness of the evil, when it was the light that we embraced that was the evil against which we fight. It was obvious in the extreme when looked at it from a distance, but we failed that exercise early on. Yang is light, Yin is dark. The Earth is dark energy. Earth must be evil right? No, that was the catch. The spark we could not see then we just didn't get it, but eventually we did. It was so obvious in hindsight, but not in foresight. Is that not always so?

Laughter saved us from doing the thing that would have amplified the light. We knew it wrong, but not why. Only our subconscious knew and protected us, and it would not be the last time that this was so.