The Mental Realm

30. The Mental Realm

As you travel on the road of Night Magick and endeavor to become a Night Magician, you first had to gain some mastery over your physical and emotional selves. This is a long process and may take many lives to accomplish. But as you begin to achieve that mastery, you will continue down the road towards Night Consciousness. Now you will travel the third portion of the road towards self-mastery. You enter the Realm of Mind.

As you found with the Astral Realm, the Mental Realm is composed of varying levels of vibration. It would be wise to examine, in brief, these different vibrations and their interrelationship. Let's begin with the highest realm and work our way down to the lowest level.

The Void is the highest level that can be reached. It is the level where we are all united in Mind as One. Here, all are One. This is the level of knowing. Here, you do not think for all is known. Here all ideas exist, all things are known, and you as the Spirit are the Knower. This is the level of Pure Mind, the Void Mind, the sum of all. This mind essence interpenetrates all and is accessible to all who are in vibration with it. This is the ultimate level all must someday reach. You must be the Knower. The Godsoul Mind is the next level.

This is the level of original mind. Here all minds are as one yet there is individuality. This is the level of highest individual mind. Here is theorigin of the archetypes of mind. The Oversoul Mind is the next level.

This is the level of the Higher Mind. From out of the Godsoul Mind, ideas that exist become manifest in this world. Here, you find all joined in the Oversoul Mind. There is Oneness in thought and consciousness. The Oversoul Thought first creates, using the ideas drawn from the Godsoul Mind and the mind substance of the Oversoul Realm. Here, you are the Oversoul in Thought and Action, the Creator. Now you enter the physical world of thought and mind.

You may believe you know this world. Actually, your thoughts and consciousness are much more then you realize. You will remember that your emotions were tied into your emotional or Astral Body. Your thoughts and consciousness are the same and make up the Mental Body. It is through your Mental Body that you think and have consciousness on the physical plane. But in order for the physical body to be tied into this Mental Body, there must be a physical link and this is the brain. Many believe that it is the brain that actually does the thinking, but the brain is actually a receiving station. It takes the Mental energies sent to it, by the Mental Body, and translates it into action in the physical body. Your brain is attuned to the wavelength of your Mental Body. Your brain and Mental Body produces an electromagnetic current through its activities, and thus, also produces a Mental Aura which is akin to your Astral Aura. To see these energies, you would have to develop your Night Eye to a greater degree then you had when you saw the Astral energies. I discussed earlier how the Oversoul is directly linked to the physical body via the silver cord into the heart region. The silver cord is also directly linked to the brain region. Thus your thoughts are always monitored and acted upon by your Oversoul. Your Oversoul in order to experience the physical world must build-up physical counterparts to its Magickal Being.

So in the beginning of the Oversoul's physical sojourn, the mind substance of the Mental Body is undeveloped. But as time in this world and the others passes, the physical mind develops and slowly becomes refined. Life after life, you come to this plane trying to develop your physical consciousness into one with your Oversoul consciousness. Although the Oversoul can influence the Mental Body if the Mental Body does not listen then there is little that the Oversoul can do. The majority of the world does not listen to the Oversoul. Therefore the Oversoul withdraws into its own realm and remains there until the Lower Mind calls upon it for assistance and tries to listen and follow its will. This is what you are trying to do. So, as you move farther into this chapter on Air Magick, you will encounter exercises, rites, and the use of your Night Magician's Tools and Weapons, in order to develop your mind. You will take your mind through the tests of self-mastery in order to become a Night Magician. Your first rite in Air Magick will give you the link between the air and your mind.